Labengki Island Untouched Paradise in Sulawesi

Labengki Island Untouched Paradise in Sulawesi

Labengki Island is located in the village Labengki, District Lasolo, North Konawe, Southeast Sulawesi Province, Indonesia, or about 70 km from the capital city of Kendari. The island consists of several large coral islands and small coral islands so that the island is divided into Pulau Labengki Besar and Pulau Labengki Kecil. Labengki name itself comes from the local language Tolaki "laabenggi" which means an urn because the Labengki Island has a shape resembling a jar when you see from a distance.
Labengki Island Sulawesi
Labengki Island is so Fascinating (source

Things to do in Labengki Island Sulawesi

On The Labengki Island, you can also enjoy the beauty of the coral reefs are incredibly charming and fascinating. Many rows of coral grow naturally surrounding the Labengki Sulawesi. Moreover, on this island, tourists can go climbing hills on small islands, swim, and enjoy the white sand, to get around the island.

Labengki Island offers an exotic charm, calm waters, clear, rocky hills surrounded by green forest and orchids. Biodiversity under the sea is very diverse. There are many beaches with the white sand spread in every area of the Labengki Island. The island with clear water and colorful coral overlay makes the Labengki Island hidden paradise for lovers of diving, snorkeling, fishing, climbers and orchid lovers.

In the area of this island, you can also do fishing activities. This type of fish in the region is very varied, you can get Grouper, Barracuda, Yellow Fin Tuna and Red Snapper fish that you can immediately enjoy the results.

For those of you who have a hobby of enjoying the underwater beauty, on the Labengki Island, there are several diving spots. Besides being able to dive on the island, you can do snorkeling activity. The underwater scenery is very charming and unspoiled, crystal clear sea water turquoise, the waves are calm and beautiful beaches is a paradise with white sand is clean and soft makes Labengki Island as a favorite holiday destination for you to visit.

Besides the charm of nature nautical, Labengki island is also a center for marine research, conservation, and rehabilitation of various species of giant clams or mussels ( Tridacna ) which is the only population of giant clams in the world.The habitat labengki clams also keep unique underwater treasures. In this island of rare and protected animals living on the sidelines of the reef and can be found at a depth of 20 meters. The size of clams in this area could reach 50 centimeters, which is the second largest species of giant clam in the world so this region serves as a breeding species of giant clams in the world.

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The Magnificent Labengki Island
Untouched Paradise (source

Teluk Cinta (Gulf of Love)

There is also an interesting place on the Labengk Island, where there are a lot of many cliffs are arranged on a white sand beach on the island. There is also a landscape that is very popular on the Labengki Island.The scene was named Teluk Cinta (Gulf of Love). 

Because in this bay is very unique, if seen from the air resembles a picture of the heart or love. Therefore, many people who call this place as the Teluk Cinta (Gulf of Love). This love bay you can snorkel, or we can also enjoy the charm of the underwater world with accompanied with various types of fish in it. Even the Teluk Cinta became one of the favorite photo spots for tourists visiting the Labengki Island.

Labengki Island Accommodation

In this island has not provided facilities such as hotels, inns or restaurants. We recommend that you prepare some food and drink for at this tourist spot. Meanwhile, if you want to stay, you can set up a tent in the area around the island. Or you can find lodgings around the center of the city of Kendari.

At this time Kima Marine Wildlife Conservation Tolitoli being pioneered as a Labengki Island Underwater Adventure Destinations. They provide travel packages that include transportation of Tolitoli towards Labengki, diving and snorkeling equipment, guide services, food, and beverage as well as lodging in a modest cottage.

Labengki Island Cottage
Labengki Island Cottage (source

How to get to Labengki Island Sulawesi

Labengki Island is about 70 km from the city of Kendari. From downtown, you can go directly to the Port of Kendari. Most of the ships or boats in the harbor are not available for 24 hours, and the boats do not operate daily. From the port, you can rent a vessel or a boat to get to the island Labengki. The lease rates vary depending on your agreement with the driver and take about four to five hours of travel, depending on the weather.

Labengki Island can also be accessed from the port districts Sawa (North Konawe), and this is one of the best paths for visitors can be profitable with time efficiency. From Sawa to Labengki Island can be taken for 1-2 hours.

Cikaso Waterfall Sukabumi Indonesia

Cikaso Waterfall Sukabumi Indonesia

Breathtaking Cikaso Waterfall Sukabumi
Stunning Curug Cikaso

Curug Cikaso Location

Curug Cikaso (Cikaso Waterfall) isn't really a new nature tourist destination in Sukabumi. A hidden waterfall is already being targeted visitors, including those visiting Ujung Genteng, because the location is not too far away. Nature Waterfalls Curug Cikaso is located in the village of Cibitung, Surade subdistrict, Sukabumi, West Java. And the distance is about 8 Kilometers from the District Surade.

The Beauty of Nature Tourism Curug Cikaso

Curug Cikaso artifacts three waterfalls are close together in one location with the water being so cold, and the water was colored bluish-green and surrounded by shady trees make this waterfall looks very impressive and the main attraction for tourists to visit natural attractions this one, in particular, you.

In Cikaso Curug, you can feel the tranquility in a visit in this area, because the atmosphere in this area is still very natural, plus another with sound in an audible Curug original. Made us feel at one with nature. Also, we can also swim in the pool, but it needs to be oversight of the pool attendants because of Cikaso waterfall pools deep enough and has a depth of about 15 meters.

Cikaso Waterfalls
Curug Asepan and Curung Meong

Cikaso Waterfall has three waterfalls up to 80 meters high, with a width of approximately 100 meters. Three waterfalls are originating from the river where the current is split by rock cliffs, so it is divided into three waterfalls. Each waterfall also has its own name. The leftmost waterfall called Curug Asepan , Curug Meong  in the middle, and the far right is called Curug Aki .

Curug Meong and Curug Asepan have a waterfall that is quite large and cumbersome. Both are also co-existed on the same side of the cliff so that from a distance you could only see two of this waterfall, while the rightmost Curug Aki has a relatively small waterfall. Curuk Aki also flows on the cliff overlooking the East, and apart from two other waterfalls, so that Curug Aki will look hidden if you look at the West.

Curug Cikaso History

Curug Cikaso which in Indonesian means Cikaso waterfall also known as Curug Luhur this is one of the most beautiful waterfalls located in West Java. The waterfall is located in the southern district of Sukabumi, in the surrounding community better known by the name of Curug Cikaso. Because the flow of water contained in Curug Cikaso comes from tributaries Cikaso.

How to get Curug Cikaso

To achieve Cikaso Falls waterfall is quite difficult because it is hidden in the forest area of Sukabumi. From the center of the city of Sukabumi, Cikaso waterfall is about 70 Kilometers by private vehicle, you can reach the Cikaso waterfall about 1.5 hours. You have to cross the area of population and rice fields. For those of you who are adventurous, Curug Cikaso is a perfect tourist destination.

If you start the trip from Jakarta, you will find a T-junction Surade when entering the area of Sukabumi. From here, Curug Cikaso is just about 12 kilometers and many guides that direct you to it, so you're less likely to get lost. For those who come by public transport not to worry, from this T-junction, there are many Ojek services (motorbike escorted is very famous in Indonesia) that will take you to a waterfall that was already well-known.

When you arrive at the entrance to Curug Cikaso, there are two alternatives that you can choose before actually arriving at the waterfall, by foot or rent a boat across the river Cikaso. Both have their own sensations that if you miss.

If you're the type of traveler who had the spirit of high adventure, please choose walking to Curug Cikaso, because you will pass through an area resident, hills, and rice paddies and through some stairs to arrive at the location of the waterfall. The Green scenery along the way will refresh the eyes so the walk for approximately 15 minutes with a relatively steep terrain will not be tiring.
Traditional Boats at Curug Cikaso
Traditional Boats ( source from )

For the second option, you can rent boats and rafts are sold tour guides on-site parking. The price offered for lease is varied, ranging from Rp 80.000 to Rp 120.000 per boat with a capacity of up to 10 people. Only by paying the fare, you'll get a fantastic view, not only of the hills that passed along the journey across the river upstream Cikaso but the sensation of bobbing in the raft traditionally also give a different experience.

Entrance Fee of Curug Cikaso

The ticket price for admission to an area of the Nature Waterfalls Curug Cikaso West Java is pretty low, which is around Rp 3.000 per person.
The Best Tourist Attractions in Makassar

The Best Tourist Attractions in Makassar

Makassar is one of the largest cities in South Sulawesi. Formerly, Makassar named Ujung Pandang. Makassar is located on the Coast of Sulawesi Island and making this the city that is famous for its beaches, namely Losari Beach. But not only Losari Beach is tourist attractions in Makassar, but there are also other interesting places that you must visit when you are in Makassar. Below is a list of tourist attractions in Makassar travelers who frequently visit.

Losari Beach

Losari Beach is an icon of the city of Makassar. The scenery is magnificent sunsets can make the tourists interested in visiting. Additionally, you can also fish, sail by boat and banana boat rides that exist here. Access to here is straightforward, from Sultan Hasanuddin Airport and then headed to the beach is by using public transport or private vehicles.
Losari Beach
Losari Beach

Trans Studio Makassar

Trans Studio Makassar is one of the largest tourist attractions in Indonesia and also in the world. Trans Studio Makassar is also the most interesting sights in Sulawesi. An amusement park located in Jalan HM Dg. Patomo, Metro Tanjung Bunga, and Makassar have a wide variety of rides with different themes, namely Studio Central, Lost City, Cartoon City and also Magic Corner.
Trans Studio Makassar
Trans Studio Makassar

Tanjung Bira

The next tourist attraction in Makassar is Tanjung Bira. The beauty of Tanjung Bira is not only known by domestic tourists in Makassar but foreign tourists also frequent sights on this one. To get to Tanjung Bira, you have to travel a distance of about 200 km from the city of Makassar. However, the range will be paid off with spectacular scenery. The sand is soft, and the water is bright blue is the main attraction of this beach. Facilities those are here already quite complete, such as lodging, restaurants and also the bathroom.
Tanjung Bira Makassar
Tanjung Bira

Hot Spring Lejja

A tourist attraction in Makassar next is a Hot Spring Lejja. The Hot Spring is located in protected forest areas in the district Marioriawa, Soppeng Regency has a Lovely view and the cold air. In the sights of the Airport has five swimming baths with temperature sizes and different depths. The sulfur content in hot water is believed to cure various skin diseases and bone.
Hot Spring Lejja Makassar
Lejja Soppeng (source

Tempe Lake

Tempe Lake is a freshwater lake fish producer in the world. The Tempe lake is located in the western part of Wajo there is the much free house owned by fishermen. Not only that, each dated August 23, at Tempe Lake, will be holding an annual ritual to purify the lake. The ceremony is called Maccera Tappareng. On Tempe Lake also there will be many arts and cultural performances and various competitions.
Tempe Lake Makassar
Tempe Lake (source

Samalona Island

Samalona Island can be reached in approximately 45 minutes by boat from the dock Fort Rotterdam. On the Samalona Island, you can enjoy the natural beauty ranging from white sand and crystal clear water. Samalona Island is an excellent place to do snorkeling and diving activities. Samalona on the island there are also several facilities, such as toilets, rooms, food stalls, and even lodging.
Samalona Island Makassar
Samalona Island (source

Malino Highland

Malino is located at an altitude of 1.050 meters above sea level, making these places become a favorite tourist spot in many each circle. If you are interested in visiting Malino, do not forget to bring a jacket and thick clothing, because the air temperature in Malino is ranged between 10 to 26 degrees Celsius. To get here, you have to travel about 90 km from the city center.  During the trip, you will not get bored because it will pass through limestone scenery and a beautiful pine forest. In this plateau, there are several other interesting places, like Takapala Waterfall, Seribu Tangga Waterfall, tea garden, blue valleys and much more.
Takapala Waterfall Malino
Takapala Waterfall (source

Taka Bonerate National Park

For those of you who loved snorkeling and diving, Taka Bonerate National Park is the best tourist attractions that you must visit. When diving here, you will be accompanied by hundreds of species of fish, turtles and sea turtles. Not only that, but you will also be spoiled with beautiful coral reefs in Taka Bonerate National Park. The best time to visit the Taka Bonerate National Park is between April and May. To be able to dive here, you must obtain prior permission from the National Park Rangers.
Taka Bonerate National Park
Taka Bonerate National Park  (source

Gedong Songo Temple Java

Gedong Songo Temple Java

Candi Gedong Songo (Gedong Songo Temple) is one of the attractions located in the Darun village, precisely the village temple Bandungan District of Semarang regency, Central Java province. The reason is called the Gedong Songo Temple is a term of the Java language that means a building or temple of nine.
Gedong Songo Temple
Gedong Songo Temple

Gedong Songo Temple has a strategic location, precisely at an altitude of 1200 meters above sea level on the slopes of Mount Ungaran Semarang. The tourists from different corners easily able to access the sites, enjoy and feel the scenery and amenities provided in the tourist area around Gedong Songo Temple so that the visitors were satisfied and reluctant to leave Gedong Songo Temple tours.

Besides the natural beauty, the cold air with the breeze can be enjoyed by tourists in the Gedong Songo Temple building for about 19 ° up to 27 ° Celsius from the existing situation capable of making the soul of visitors quiet, peaceful, comfortable and enjoyable.
Gedong Songo Temple has a different layout from one temple to another temple. To get to the temples are the visitors can travel by foot, can also be reached by riding horses, both can be done while enjoying the atmosphere of outstanding natural beauty of the exquisite.

History of Gedong Songo Temple

Historians explain the results of research that Candi Gedong Songo is a heritage building of the Hindus In 1740 AD, the temples were discovered by Sir Thomas Raffels. Gedong which consists of nine buildings of the temple was previously found only amounted to seven so-called the Java language is Gedong Pitu temple.

The mention of the name of Gedong Pitu has long been known and lasted a little over a thousand years. In 1908-1911, Van Stein Callenfels was an archaeologist who came from Holland doing research around Gedong Pitu. Three years in his research he finally discovered two more temples located around the temple pitu. The addition of two Gedong (temples), combined with the seven temples seen by Raffels making the total to nine and officially named Gedong Songo temple until today.

The temple building one with the other temples located in Gedong Songo temple tourist spot has a distance that is not too far so that the visitors quickly cover and surround the nine temples. Each temple of Gedong Songo temple has a history, as well as the uniqueness of different shapes.

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Gedong Songo Accommodation

In the area around the temple, there are campground facilities and thermal baths. There is a horse transport service that you can use to go to the location of the temple or to the site of the thermal baths for a fee of course. Some lodgings and food stalls also can get around the temple area.
Gedong Songo II Temple
Gedong Songo II Temple

How to get to Gedong Songo Temple

To reach the tourist attractions, Gedong Songo can pass through various channels both from Semarang, Solo, and Jogjakarta.

From Semarang, you can walk on track towards Solo or Yogyakarta, on the way you will find a gas station Lemah Abang. In front of which the T-junction and then turn right to take the path to Bandungan, straight road and will find a T-junction in the second. And then take a turn to the left, straight road until you finding a gas station in Palbapang Sumowono and there is T-junction and then retake a right, straight road, and you came in the tourist area of Gedong Songo temple.

If you are in the town of Jogjakarta and Magelang, take the path to Semarang, after arriving in Ambarawa there is a junction located not far from the tourist attractions Ambarawa. At the T-junction take the road to the left and walk straight until you find Bandungan T-junction, retake a left and go right to find a gas station Sumowono then take the straight road directions to the right and you will see the tourist area of Gedong Songo temple.

If you're in the city of Solo to the tourist attractions Gedong Songo temple follows the path to Semarang. After arriving at the terminal Bawen, there is the T-junction take the left path to Ambarawa. From Ambarawa there is T-junction take to the right, straight road to the T-junction Bandungan then turn left and continue until you find a gas station Palbapang Sumowono, there is a T-junction in the road take a right straight then you will come to the tourist area of Gedong Songo temple.
Gedong Songo IV Temple
Gedong Songo IV Temple

Entrance Fee Gedong Songo

For local travelers sized adults or children over 5 years of Rp 6.000 on the weekdays and Rp 7.500 on the weekend. As for foreign tourists is Rp 50.000.

Gili Labak Island Madura

Gili Labak Island Madura

Gili Labak Madura is one of the tourist attractions in Madura which has breathtaking natural scenery. Uninhabited Island is still very natural, beautiful and able to spoil the natural beauty and hypnotic eyes of the tourists. The tiny island that only has an area of 5 hectares is located in the village Kombang, District Talango, Sumenep, Madura, East Java, Indonesia. Gili itself is a term for a small island surrounded by ocean. So Gili as if is floating in the sea.
Crystal Clear Water at Gili Labak
Crytal Clear Water at Gili Labak  (source

The Uniqueness of the Gili Labak Island Madura

Formerly this island called Pulau Tikus (Rat Island). This is because this place was once a rat's nest, but as time goes by, the beauty of this island beyond the name. Therefore, Pulau Tikus (Rat Island) was renamed Gili Labak Island.
The island is the most eastern tip of the Isle of Madura has white sand, clear blue sea and the rustle of the waves was very calm. The stretch of white sand and clear sea water which makes Gili Labak worth visiting. The clear sea water is there to make you able to enjoy the coral reef, and marine life is wonderful. Not only that, the island of Gili Labak is a small island which has an area of 5 hectares so it can be surrounded by walking less than 30 minutes.

Things to do in Gili Labak Madura

Enjoy the charms of the sea Gili Labak on a boat

The first is the enchantment of the sea Gili Labak on a vessel. As you know to get to the island you have to travel by boat. In the journey, of course, you can enjoy a fascinating view and to take photos during the trip. In the distance, you can benefit from the beauty of the island of Gili Labak.
Gili Labak Madura East Java
Gili Labak Madura Island  (source

Having starred with white sand

Naturally if playing on the beach, most favorite activities carried out by the visitors are playing the white sand. Unlike the other beaches, Gili Labak has very soft white sand like baby powder.

Enjoy sunset views

Not only the play of white sand but enjoying the sunset view is also one of the most popular and enjoyable activity. The sunset view in Gili Labak Madura is no less beautiful beaches in Indonesia.

Snorkeling and Diving in Gili Labak Madura

Snorkeling and diving is a mandatory thing to do while on vacation in Gili Labak Madura. When snorkeling you will be able to enjoy the natural beauty of the sea, coral reefs, and other marine life. You can bring equipment from home or rent snorkel equipment there.

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Capture the moment to take pictures

Gili Labak Madura is an attractive tourist spot for those who love photography. During the trip, you can take pictures on a boat. Not only that, if you are interested in visiting these sights do not forget to bring the camera underwater. Since you can take pictures while snorkeling or diving.

Gili Labak Madura Accommodation

The facilities and accommodation that is in place are still considered inadequate. Such as limited clean water, lack of electricity and lodging. If you want to spend the night, you can stay at home residents or camp on the beach. For food and shelter needs are highly recommended well prepared.

Best time to visit Gili Labak Madura

The best time to visit Gili Labak Madura is April to November. This is because in the conditions of the sea are calm.
Gili Labak Sumenep Madura
Gili Labak's White Sand  (source

How to get Gili Labak Island Madura

Before going to Gili Labak island Madura, you need to advance to Sumenep. There are many ways to get there. If you come from Surabaya, you can go Bungurasih terminal. From the bus station of Bungurasih chooses who will go to Madura and usually the last stop in Terminal Sumenep or at the Port Kalianget.

To achieve Gili Labak of Sumenep, there is no regular vehicle. The only way is to hire fishing boats. For the rents is no official benchmark, depending on negotiations between the travelers with ship owners. Regular price approximately Rp 400.000 ($40) for boat capacity of 18 people round-trip. For an average day would be less than it is while on holiday could have been more expensive. After a sea journey of about 2 hours, you can get to the Gili Labak, Madura.

For those who use the aircraft can descend at Juanda airport and proceed to the terminal Bungurasih using Damri bus or taxi.
The simplest way to achieve this island for small groups is to use the many tour packages starting from Surabaya.

Surakarta Sunanate

Surakarta Sunanate

Keraton Kasunanan Surakarta Hadiningrat (Surakarta Sunanate) is the official Palace of Surakarta in Surakarta, Central Java. The Palace was founded by Susuhunan Pakubuwono II in 1744 as a replacement for the Royal Palace of Kartasura, which was destroyed in 1743. Keraton Kasunanan Surakarta Hadiningrat location is one area with the Alun-Alun Utara (North Square) and Klewer Market.

Surakarta Sunanate has officially become part of the Republic of Indonesia since 1945. The complex of buildings of the Palace still serves as the residence of Sri Sunan and his household who still run the Royal tradition until now. The Palace is also one of the main attractions in the city of Surakarta. Part of the palace complex is a museum which houses various collections belonging to Surakarta, including various gifts from Kings of Europe, heirloom replica of Surakarta, and gamelan. Regarding the building of the Palace, this is the best example of traditional Javanese Palace architecture.
Surakarta Sunanate
Surakarta Sunanate Hadiningrat

Establishment of Keraton Kasunanan Surakarta Hadiningrat

Establishment of Surakarta Hadiningrat is the impact of the prolonged conflict that occurs in the Sultanate of Mataram Islam dating from the 16th century AD. The Government of the Sultanate of Mataram Islam early was at Mentaok, then Kota Gede (Yogyakarta). At the time of Amangkurat I (1645 – 1677), precisely the year 1647, the seat of Government was moved to Plered (now in the Bantul Regency).

Later, Amangkurat II (1680-1702), founded a new Kingdom to the East of Yogyakarta, namely in Wonokarto forest which was renamed Kartasura (now in Sukoharjo Regency, Central Java). The construction of the Palace has recently carried out Plered's Palace because of the rebel-controlled and considered inappropriate use as the seat of Government. The new Palace in Kartasura begun in 1679 became known as the Kartasura Sultanate Hadiningrat. In succession, the successor to the throne of Amangkurat II in Kartasura in Surakarta Hadiningrat is Amangkurat III (1703-1708), Pakubuwono I (1704-1710), Amangkurat IV (1719-1726), until with Pakubuwono II (1726-1749).
Javanese and European Architectural
Javanese and European Architectural  (source
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Architecture of Surakarta Hadiningrat Palace

The Kraton (Palace) of Surakarta is one of the exotic in that era. One of the architects of this Palace was Pangeran Mangkubumi (later became Sultan Hamengkubuwono I) which was also the primary architect of the Palace. Therefore it is not surprising if the archetypal spatial both Palaces (Yogyakarta and Surakarta) many have general equations. Surakarta Sunanate, as can be seen now was not constructed simultaneously in 1744-1745, but was built in stages by maintaining an underlying spatial pattern remains the same as the first. Construction and restoration of massively last done by Susuhunan Pakubuwono X in 1893 to 1939. Most of the Palace is nuanced colors white and blue with the architectural style of a mixture of Javanese and European.

The Surakarta Hadiningrat Palace Museum

At the Surakarta Hadiningrat Palace Museum is the most exciting place. The Surakarta Hadiningrat Palace Museum is in Surakarta Sunanate region. In the museum, there is a broad range of collections of historical objects, objects of art and culture related to Surakarta Sunanate. Here you will find a range of ordinary objects of the Kingdom used by the Royal family and also the great family of the first Government until now. There are 13 rooms in Surakarta which exhibit a broad range of collections. This historic collection includes cooking equipment used in the past, weaponry such as Keris, spear, Trident, sword, gun, and old cannons. Traditional art tools such as masks, puppets, and gamelan, desk chair, a carriage with a unique design, etc.
A Carriage with a Unique Design
A Unique Carriage  (source

Kori Kamandungan

One part that can be encountered when it first set foot in this Kasunanan complex is Kori Kamandungan. Kori Kamandungan is a major gateway used by Abdi Dalem. The gate is not open to the public, only certain people who can get into Kasunanan through this door. There are three main doors are very large, the middle door and door to the right and left. Thirdly this door has a different function. The right and left doors open every day and can be used by Abdi Dalem for transitions. While the central part of the door, which is larger than the right door and left, only used during certain events and cannot be utilized by any people.

On the right and left sides Kori Kamandungan there are two large old mirrors. Both of these mirrors, according to Abdi Dalem Kasunanan, have its own function. Both mirrors are accidentally placed on the right and left as a medium for self-introspection and improve the appearance and clothes before meeting with the king.

Kori Kamandungan of Surakarta Sunanate
Kori Kamandungan  (source

Panggung Songgobuwono

There’s a Panggung Songgobuwono in Surakarta Hadiningrat Palace, a tower with octagonal form. A few trust that it's far an area wherein Sri Sunan (a famous call for the king) persevered the tradition of his ancestors to see with the Goddess of South Seas (Kanjeng Ratu Kidul) at least on the anniversary of his coronation.
Panggung Songgobuwono of Surakarta Sunanate
Panggung Songgobuwono  (source

The Entrance fee of the Surakarta Hadiningrat Palace

Surakarta Palace Museum is open from Monday to Thursday 9.00 to 14.00, while Saturday and Sunday 9:00 until 15:00. Admission to the museum is Rp 10,000 on weekdays and 15,000 ($1) on weekends.

There are several things to consider when you visit the Surakarta Hadiningrat Palace. Do not use sunglasses, hats, jackets when inside the museum. Also, you are also advised not to use shorts during a visit to the palace.

Madakaripura Waterfall Probolinggo Indonesia

Madakaripura Waterfall Probolinggo Indonesia

Madakaripura Waterfall is one of the waterfalls in the location of the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. Precisely Madakaripura Waterfall is located in the village of Negororejo, district Lumbang, Probolinggo, East Java. Probolinggo Madakaripura Waterfall is the very best waterfall in Java and has become the second one highest waterfall in Indonesia. Madakaripura Waterfall had an altitude of approximately two hundred meters and surrounded with the aid of area of interest formed cliffs towering that shed water paperwork a curtain on the whole subject of the cliffs like rain. Three cliffs flowed copiously creating the waterfall again. There are about 5 waterfalls in this area, and the main waterfall is positioned on some distance end of a room formed like a circle with a diameter of about 25 meters.
The Main Madakaripura Waterfalls
The Main Madakaripura Waterfall  (source

At the back of the main falls, there's a cave wherein it is challenging to reap it due to the fact they have to skip through a pool of water protecting a place of 25 square meters of a current proper under the waterfall. The depth of the pond is about 7 meters and had a go with the flow of water is very heavy.

Madakaripura waterfall in Probolinggo usually visited by tourists who will visit Mount Bromo, this is due to the location being in the travel lane area of Mount Bromo. But the thing that you should notice in this tourist attraction is visiting hour visits do not exceed 14.00. This is due to the weather in this waterfall tourist sites are moist and frequent rain.

Madakaripura Waterfall History

In step with local citizens, the call of Madakaripura manner, ' the ultimate vicinity ' that is taken from a tale in antiquity, purportedly Patih Gajah Mada spent the relaxation of his lifestyles through meditating in this waterfall (in a cave in the main waterfalls). He's doing this because it feels failed in uniting the country. This story is supported by using the lifestyles of Gajah Mada's statue within the parking region.
Madakaripura Waterfall
Three Beautiful Madakaripura Waterfalls  (source

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Things to do in Madakaripura Waterfall

Many of the tourists who visit here just to enjoy a very enchanting natural view, surrounded by walls that form a cliff made of attractions in Probolinggo this one is interesting and may relieve stress because of routine work. During the journey from the post admission to the attractions of Madakaripura waterfall, you will see the awe-inspiring natural scenery and the sound of water and the chirping birds that still wild will make you like in the wild.

For those of you who love photography, this location can be a fascinating object, starting from the entrance of the arrival to the atmosphere in a waterfall like in the tube. But you should always be alert because if there is a flood or a landslide, you'll be trapped in the bottom of the tube. To anticipate the things officials will close the Madakaripura waterfall tourist area of Madakaripura waterfall when the situation is expected to occur by landslide or flooding.
Madakaripura Waterfall
The Circle with Diameter about 25 meters  (source

Madakaripura Waterfall Accommodation

Not only has the exotic, but Madakaripura Waterfall also featured a variety of facilities that support the comfort of the visitors. Services include: food stalls, bathrooms are clean, the mosque and the parking lot. And there is also rental services umbrella for you who forget not to bring an umbrella.

How to get to Madakaripura Waterfall

It is about 5 kilometers from the cross the highway to Mt. Bromo or approximately 45 minutes travel time from the tourist sites of Mount Bromo in the direction of Probolinggo (North).  If you depart from Probolinggo is about 30 kilometers. Location of Madakaripura waterfall can be reached by private vehicle or rental car (from Probolinggo car hire Rp 400.000 ($40) round trip + driver) with meandering road conditions and has already paved but slightly narrow.

If the journey is coming from the direction of Probolinggo and then once in the village of Sukapura will found a T-junction marked by a big sign. If you turn to the left in the direction of Mount Bromo and you move on to the right towards the Madakaripura Waterfall locations. The distance from the junction is still about 4 kilometers until arriving at the entrance of the place of the falls. Earlier still found the T-junction again before coming to the door and take the turn to the right. Arriving at the gate and into the parking area, the journey continues by walking approximately 1 km towards Madakaripura waterfall locations.
Madakaripura Waterfall entrance fee is Rp 10.000 ($1)/person.

To go to Madakaripura waterfall we recommend the usage of the offerings of a guide, this is due to the fact the direction to get there it is quite dark. At this region are common floods and landslides. This guide is commonly the local residents may be found in the parking area. Even for the ones of you who need the services of a guide while enjoying the splendor of Madakaripura Waterfall, you could pay Rp 50.000 ($5) for the services of a guide.

Watu Karung Beach Pacitan Indonesia

Watu Karung Beach Pacitan Indonesia

Watu Karung Beach is located in the village of Watu Karung, district Pringkuku, Pacitan Regency, East Java province. Pacitan is one of the cities in the southwestern tip of the province of East Java that is surrounded by mountains and has attractions that are fascinating to visit. Watu Karung Beach has incredible natural beauty with crystal clear sea water, and it has a large rock in the middle of the sea. The beach at Pacitan is a beach which faces the ocean with Indonesia or South seas with high waves.
Watu Karung Surf
Watu Karung Pacitan with The Great Waves  (source

The Charm of the Watu Karung Beach

Watu Karung Beach or local people call it the’’ WK’’ Beach. Watu Karung Beach is located not far from the Srau Beach which is approximately 45 minutes away. Because not many people know the existence of this beach makes Watu Karung Beach is still quiet and maintained its sustainability. Although the Watu Karung Beach is not so spacious, Watu Karung Beach has picturesque scenery, at Watu Karung Beach you can see views of the large coral rock lined and slightly speckled with green plants. The pure white sand beach is still free from rubbish to make the scenery that is so refreshing. Sea water green areas and clear waters make corals and marine life that are directly visible without having to dive.

Directly facing the beach with this Indian Ocean make this beach has waves so big. For surf lovers, find the beach that has a massive wave and stable is the happiness of its own let alone if the spot is not yet well known by many people. Watu Karung Beach offers world-class waves for lovers of surfing, waves in Watu Karung Beach is able to reach a height of 4 meters. The waves are very gentle no wonder world-class surfers as world champion Bruce Irons interested in trying surfing in the Watu Karung Beach. Thanks to Bruce and his was surfing in Watu Karung Beach made the cover of one of the leading international magazine Waves, there are so many surf lovers very interested and then come to this beautiful place.
Watu Karung Beach Pacitan
Rocks at Watu Karung Beach  (source

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Things to do in Watu Karung beach

In addition to the activity of surfing, at Watu Karung Beach will also find fishing activity. Visitors can also rent a fishing boat for a fishing trip in the middle of the ocean or can also utilize the cliffs lining the shores of Watu Karung Beach for fishing. Not far from the beach there is also a dock full of fishermen boats there are fish sales and offering the catch from the fishermen. The perfect time to enjoy the scenery in Watu Karung Beach in the afternoon, which is that often, times the water receded and left some marine life as well as a great rock in a few holes of coral. For those of you who love photography, Watu Karung Beach is very beautifully made object photo at the time of the evening when the Sunset.
Fishermen Boats of Watu Karung Pacitan
Fisherman Boats at Watu Karung Beach (source

Watu Karung Accommodation

For those of you who want to spend the night on the beach, you can hire some lodging in Watu Karung Beach such as homestay and resorts lining not far from the Watu Karung Beach. There are 24 resorts and homestays in the Watu Karung Beach with rates varying from Rp 100.000 ($10) to Rp 5.000.0000 ($50) per night. Building resorts and homestay in this coastal area generally have the Java architecture.

How to get to Watu Karung Beach

With the greater name of Watu Karung Beach, especially the surf lovers, then it is no wonder that more and more now want to come to this place and want to feel the beauty and the sound waves at Watu Karung Beach. Access to Watu Karung Beach itself has not been too easy because it is still limited to public transport that operates towards this area. So if you want to visit Watu Karung Beach, I recommend using private vehicles or rent vehicles is an option that can be taken. Using private vehicles headed to Watu Karung Beach need vigilance and caution because the access road to this place has not been so good, the way that will pass is tiny and narrow, so many holes. Also during the trip which will be taken approximately up to 40 kilometers and there will be lots of sharp turns and a very steep uphill path.
Pacitan Surf
A Surfer is Enjoying Wave at Watu Karang Beach  (source

To go to Watu Karung Beach the easiest routes you traveled through the Jalan Raya Pacitan-Solo in going through the bus. Arriving at the fork in the village of Dadapan if you are from the town of Pacitan. And then please take the left lane and if you are from the direction of Solo, please turn to the right or see signposts the way. And please continue the journey up to the village of Candi then you will find a signpost with a two-way street up on who is the line to the Srau Beach while the direction is the downward path heading to the Watu Karung Beach.
The entrance fee of the Watu Karung Beach is Rp 5.000 ($1)/person.

Plaosan Temple Central Java

Plaosan Temple Central Java

Plaosan Temple is located in Bugisan Village, Prambanan, Klaten Regency. It is about 1.5 km to the East of the Sewu TempleThis temple is a historic building complex is divided into 2, particularly, the complex of Plaosan Lor Temple (Lor method North in Javanese) and the Plaosan Kidul Temple complex (Kidul in Javanese approach South). Sculpture in Plaosan Temple could be very soft and designated, just like that determined in Borobudur Temple, Sewu Temple, and Sari Temple. Plaosan Temple, it is located not far from the Prambanan Temple complex. The distance between the Plaosan Temple and Prambanan Temple is about 2 kilometers to the East. Although the location of Plaosan temple near the Prambanan Temple is the largest Hindu temple in Indonesia, the two temples are very different and are not interconnected. Plaosan Temple is a Buddhist temple.
Plaosan Temple
The Grandeur of Plaosan Temple Central Java

History of Plaosan Temple

Statues Guard Plaosan Temple Java
Statues Guard of Plaosan Temple (source

Plaosan Temple which is that this Buddhist temple through experts probably built in the course of the rule of Rakai Pikatan from the Hindu kingdom of Mataram. Specifically, at the start of the 9th of the professionals who support the opinion, this is De Casparis who hold the substance of the Inscription Cri Kahulunan (842 M). Inside the inscription stated that Candi Plaosan Lor became constructed through Queen Sri Kahulunan, with the aid of her husband. In line with De Casparis, Sri Kahulunan changed into the title of Pramodhawardani, daughter of King Samarattungga of the Wangsa of Syailendra. The Princess, who embraced Buddhism, married to Rakai Pikatan from Wangsa of Sanjaya, who transformed to Hinduism.
The alternative opinion at the improvement of Plaosan Temple is that the temple was built before the rule of Rakai Pikatan. According to Anggraeni goddess, who's the Sri Kahulunan was the mom of Rakai Garung that ruled Mataram before Rakai Pikatan. Because it's far predicted for the duration of the state of Rakai Pikatan is too short to be able to build the Temple of Plaosan Temple. Rakai Pikatan builds ancillary temples after the development of the main temple.

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Candi Plaosan Lor (The North Plaosan Temple)

Candi Plaosan Lor is an extensive complex of enshrinement. In front of Plaosan Lor complex, there are two pairs of a Dvarapala statues face each other, the pair is located at the entrance to the North and a pair at the entry of the South. In the North, there is a square-shaped stone terrace surrounded by a row of the stone base. Allegedly the stone patio is the place to put offerings. It was said above the garden building was made of wood, whereas above each of the base was there a statue of Dhyani Buddha.
In the center of the compound of Plaosan Lor, two buildings have two levels which are the main temple. Both of the buildings facing the West and each is surrounded by a stone fence. Stonewall lining each of the main temples is surrounded by ancillary temples formerly numbered 174 consisting of 58 smaller temples squared square base, and 116 buildings of the stupa.
Plaosan Lor Temple
Plaosan Lor Temple

On the West side of the stone fences that surround each of the main building, there is a gateway of Paduraksa Gate, with a roof that is decorated with a row of small Crown. On the ceiling of the Paduraksa gate has a square shape with Crown across it.
Each of the main temple buildings stands on the foot as high as about 60 cm. Along the outer wall of the second main temple decorated with reliefs depicting men and women who are standing in size resembling a human size. The reliefs on the wall of a temple in the South described the men and on the North of the temple depict women.

Candi Plaosan Kidul (The South Plaosan Temple)

Plaosan Kidul Temple

The South Plaosan Temple is located in the South of the Plaosan Lor Temple, separated by a highway. 

When in the complex Palosan Lor Temple both main temples are still standing with a magnificent, unfortunately in the South Plaosan Temple complex whose main temple is already a ruin. The Temple still standing are just a few ancillary temples.

Things to do in Plaosan Temple

Ethnic Tourism: observing the expression of the culture and lifestyle of the community, pay a visit to the home of the local population, see local traditional art, ceremonial or religious rituals.
Environmental Tourism: emphasis on attractions that are prepared by nature, Getting Back to Nature such as photography, tracking and so on.

Historical Tourism is the tourism activities visit places which have the value of the uniqueness of the history. In this case, the Plaosan Temple is included in it. Given the potential and historical value owned by Plaosan Temple.
Recreational Tourism: tourist activities that aim to relax such as Sightseeing, bicycling, etc.

How to get Plaosan Temple

Public Transport

From Jogjakarta, please ride Trans Jogja bus or buses heading for Yogyakarta-Solo and get off at Prambanan Temple. From Prambanan Temple, you can ride Ojek taxi (Popular motorbike escorted in Indonesia) leading to Plaosan Temple.

Private Vehicle

From Jogjakarta, you can follow the road Solo to get to the Sub-District of Prambanan in Central Java. When you find the third traffic light (the left side of the post office and if South to Prambanan Station) turn left heading towards Manisrenggo (Klaten). Then just follow the road until you see the intersection where the ancient Relics Preservation Office in Central Java is on the left side of the road or West. Please check out toward the East or right because that's where the Plaosan Temple is located.
The Ruin of Plaosan Temple
The Ruin of Plaosan Temple (source

Plaosan Temple Entrance Fee

The ticket price for visitors to Plaosan Temple for both domestic as well as foreign tourists is Rp 5.000 ($1)/person. And you will be asked to fill out a guest book when entering the area of Plaosan Temple.