Derawan Islands East Kalimantan

Derawan Islands East Kalimantan

Derawan Archipelago is an archipelago located in the province of East Kalimantan in Berau Regency. Derawan Archipelago has 31 of the islands and the famous island only 4 islands namely Derawan Island, Kakaban Island, Maratua Island and Sangalaki Island. The first island we will search the Derawan is East Kalimantan. The first island we will discuss is the Derawan Island Kalimantan.
Derawan Island Indonesia
Derawan Island East Kalimantan (source

Derawan Island Kalimantan

Derawan Island Kalimantan is the easternmost of the Kalimantan Island. Derawan Island Kalimantan is the best diving destination in the world. You can see the charm of the Derawan Islands which is very beautiful and amazing. In Derawan Island Kalimantan 28 dive spots are well known by domestic and foreign tourists. They spent their holidays with diving in the island to see the views of marine life.

Derawan Islands are named for Nautical Tourism Area Marine Park Derawan. Derawan Islands are part of the Sulu Sulawesi-Marine Ecoregions across Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines. Ecoregions are located in the Coral Triangle Region of the world with the highest diversity of coral in the world. The Coral Triangle is also becoming the epicenter of marine life that has a variety of types of marine life. Coral reefs come within these covers 53% of the coral reefs of the world. Even based on research developed, Derawan Islands is one of the most famous Ground Multi Countries Feeding in the world.

Derawan Islands have a panoramic view of the sea with sand white beaches, coconut trees, shadowy and life of local villagers. The island is renowned for its marine tourism, especially diving and snorkeling activities. The waters surrounding the Islands are rich in fish diversity Derawan Archipelago and sea life. Green turtles are also widely found in Derawan Islands. Green turtles are very tame and often show themselves to humans. Wait for the green turtles appears quite fun. The turtles often go to the beach to lay eggs. See the turtle egg-laying directly is an oxymoron.
Green Turttle
Green Turtle (source

Sangalaki Island

Sangalaki Island is the largest habitat for green turtles in Southeast Asia. Sangalaki Island is also a natural area conservation of turtles. Every evening almost 50 turtles toward the beach to lay eggs. With a thick body, the turtles are striving toward the coast for the sake of survival. On this island, there is a WWF (World Wild Foundation) that moves regarding conservation of the turtles. Not allowed to hunt turtles or taking their eggs. There has been a regulation protecting against the turtles from poaching.  

The Sangalaki Island also includes habitat Center Manta Rays in the world. Diving trips in Sangalaki Island are the famous attractions of Manta Rays. About 50 stingrays swim rhythmically as if dancing. The atmosphere on the island is very natural and beautiful. On this island, there is also a Sangalaki Dive Lodge. This resort provides facilities for dive, lodging, accessories store, and restaurant. Sangalaki dive Lodge crowded stunning diving trips and life under its very exotic. Cuttlefish can be found, Blue Ribbon Eels, turtles, manta rays, sharks and dozens of species of Nudibranch, hundreds of species of hard and soft corals that showcase the beauty of the coral reefs and the fish are colorful.

Kakaban Island

Kakaban Island is shaped to resemble the number "9". Part of his the North circular is atolls or coral ring-shaped and has a lagoon. Kakaban Island presents the uniqueness of nature as it is found only on the Islands that are located in the Republic of Palau come within Micronesia, Southeast Pacific Ocean. There is a brackish water lake located in the middle of the Kakaban Island.

Kakaban Lake was designated as a World Natural Heritage Area in 2004 by UNESCO. The island is completely protected from tampering can be done by humans. Tourists and locals are not allowed to stay in the isle. Many researchers came to do research on this Kakaban Lake. There are many new species to be discovered in this stunning, unique Lake.
Kakaban Island
Kakaban Island (source

Mangrove forests adorn the landscape on the island. On the Kakaban Island, there is unique brackish water lake where there are 4 species of jellyfish that does not sting, 8 types of small fish, as well as unique biota-endemic biota. Biota found in the Lake trapped and evolved to adapt. You can do diving to enjoy the beauty of the Lake, watching the Kingdom of jellyfish. Divers have known some of the dive spots around the   Kakaban Island like the Barracuda Point, The Drift, the Cabbage Patch, The Wall, the Blue Light Cave, The Plateau, Rainbow Run, diver's Delight and The North Face. A variation of the various types of these dive sites is desirable for experienced divers.   

Maratua Island

Maratua Island is often known by the name “Tropical Island Paradise ." Because of this atmosphere on the island, Maratuak Beach and it is truly unspoiled led compared to other islands. The dolphins often show up and accompany your ship while heading for the isle of Maratua. Cave adventure performed in caves and swallow bird nest, trekking down the forests are overgrown by trees above the rock. Then climb the Mount Putih (White Mountain) to watch the sunrise and see the Maratua Bay to see the height of the cliff. All of that is a memorable experience in your life.

Derawan Island Accommodation

In Derawan Island there is Derawan Dive Resort, a resort of international standard with adequate facilities. The resort provides on-site cottage for the stay. There are also facilities for diving equipment, snorkeling, banana boat, canoe, Sailboat, restaurant, café, etc. These full services that add satisfaction while on vacation to the Derawan Island. Also, there are also hotels and Inns and homestays in local houses that cost of the rent is cheaper. There are also other supporting facilities, such as restaurants and shops of accessories are also quite complete on this island. Enjoy the panoramic view of the sea, and the beach accompanied by the hospitality of the locals (tribal  Bajau ) is the main attraction of the Derawan Islands.
Derawan Dive Resort
Resorts at Derawan Island 

And on the Maratua Island, there are 2 resorts, namely Maratua Paradise resort and the Nabucco Island Resort. 2 international standard resorts that are ready to provide full facilities and comfort of your holiday. Paradise Resort is located on its own little island, namely the Nabucco Island. Both this island offers cottage to stay, on-site diving equipment, snorkeling, a restaurant, café, etc. On holiday on the island is the right choice for you who expect a lull in the rest.

Best time to visit Derawan

The best time to visit the Derawan Islands is on the March and October because in those months you can enjoy the beach and the beautiful weather and the calm ocean waves.

How to get to Derawan Island

Several options could be considered by tourists to be able to get to the islands of the Derawan archipelago:
Via air transport: For flights heading to the islands of the Derawan archipelago there are many options of flights to Balikpapan, from Balikpapan through two ways, namely via the Berau or passing of Tarakan. Both ways have advantages and disadvantages. The passing of Tarakan advantage is cheaper and choices of flights from Berau through on but for those of you who pass by Tarakan sea-lanes farther to get to Pulau Derawan and not available in the regular speedboat or to the public, so it should hire their own. If you through Tarakan was easier for traveling in groups. Whereas from Berau more comfortable for going alone because there is a lot of car travel toward Tanjung Batu and there is also a public speedboat toward Derawan Island. There are several airlines serving flight Balikpapan towards Berau and vice versa. There is an airline such as Sriwijaya Air, Wings Air, Garuda Indonesia and Kalstar.

Cave Tubing Goa Pindul Jogjakarta

Cave Tubing Goa Pindul Jogjakarta

Goa Pindul (Pindul cave) is one of the traveler sights within the village of Bejiharjo, district Karangmojo, Gunung Kidul Regency. Goa Pindul is a fall down if there is an underground river that extends from the mouth of the cave to the tail of the cave Goa Pindul is one of the favorite locations of Gunungkidul Regency in Yogyakarta, especially among interested by the cave. Goa Pindul is so precise and presents purely using natural strategies that shaped the stalactite and stalagmite courting returned lots of years inside the past. The allure of cave is placed at the underground rivers glide in all of the cave.

Goa Pindul also has stalactite and stalagmites. But the difference is capacity. According to research these stalactites and stalagmite caves already thousands of years old, so it has a substantial form. In Goa Pindul, stalactite and stalagmites blend right in the middle of the cave forms a pillar, sturdy and look great, in length accomplishing up to 5 spans of person's hands. Because of its great length, the stalactites in Goa Pindul fall into the category of the largest 4th in the international. A very exceptional factor may be obtained right here if you could see directly the beauty of stalactites fashioned naturally in Goa Pindul.

Goa Pindul is still active to this day. So if you revisit the next few years, you can see the pillars of stalactites is getting bigger. But feared of this is the greater the diameter of the stalactites, then it might be hard to get it passed, and now the gap is just simply bypassed for one person only.
Goa Pindul Jogjakarta
Inside Goa Pindul Jogjakarta (source

History of Goa Pindul

This story at start people in ancient times named Ki Ageng Pemanahan and Kih Juru Mertani. Both get the assignment to kill the infant who is instructed by Panembahan Senopati Mataram. The baby is the son of Princess Penembahan Senopati.

Ki Ageng and Juru Mertani decided to violate the commandments of Panembahan Senopati that is reluctant to kill the baby. The two men decided to wander towards the East while carrying the baby, on a hilltop. Because the two men have very remarkable supernatural power, in his climb to the Hill collapsed leaving a sizable hole that is below the river water flows. The baby who is ordered to be killed by Panembahan Senopati bathed by Ki Ageng and Ki Juru Mertani River under Hole in the Hill. When processing of bathing the baby, the infant's cheeks abruptly bumps into the partitions of the cave until the bumps. In the Java language, ' means "Pindul." That turned into the historical past at the back of the foundation of the name Goa Pindul.

At the same time as the second version recounts that once upon a time there was a younger guy named Joko Singlunglung who is making the journey to discover his father. The adventure traveled with the aid of him is entirely cumbersome and complete of boundaries, passing thru the wasteland, rivers, up to dark caves. While on his journey tracing a number of the cave the Joko Singlulung head’s bumps into a huge rock in a cave. That is what cave is called as Goa Pindul. Within the Java language, Pindul approach that cheek crack.

Cave Tubing Goa Pindul
Cave Tubing Goa Pindul Activity (source

Things to do in Goa Pindul

Cave Tubing Goa Pindul

Goa Pindul has a length of 350 meters, width up to 5 meters, the distance from the surface of the water with the roof of the cave 4 meters, and a water depth of about 5 to 12 meters. Goa Pindul has three zones are Dim, light and dark zones. It takes around 45 minutes.

Cave tubing is similar to rafting. If rafting is an activity down the flow of the river by boat, then cave tubing is the caving activities using the tires (similar to Lifebuoy). Because the flow of water in Goa Pindul is calm, and do cave tubing in Goa Pindul, this can also be done by the novice or young children even pregnant women. In the middle of Goa, there is a room that is rather large, with a hole in it and the locals call the wells upside down, the sunlight entering through the hole it makes the atmosphere more beautiful. On top of the cave, some holes are often used as vertical entrances by the SAR team members.

The magnificence of Goa Pindul is progressively finished with the trimming along the dividers of the Cave like an artful culmination of conceptual sketches is many invaluable bats are putting embellish the alleyways of the cave. There is like a curtain that is composed of water droplets on the walls of caves.
Stalactites and Stalagmites Goa Pindul
Stalactites and Stalagmites at Goa Pindul (source

River Tubing Kali Oyo

Kali Oyo (Oyo River) is a river this is located no longer far from the vicinity of the Goa Pindul, even nonetheless belongs to a village that is positioned in Bejiharjo. The River along the 1500 meters with the period of one to two hours if you through it. Alongside the river, there are the beautiful cliffs of ordinary karst rocks and natural Gunungkidul. There we can experience the beauty of the river Oyo by using the usage of tires (just like Lifebuoy), as is the case in Goa Pindul. Accompanied by a guide and equipment that keeps us safe and comfortable then do not be afraid to wade through the River to a depth of 7 to 11 meters.

There is a waterfall on the Oyo River was additionally extremely excellent, where site visitors can take a wreck to revel in nature within the area of the Oyo River. Further site visitors also can jump from the threshold of the cliff into the Oyo River.
Kali Oyo Waterfall
Kali Oyo Waterfall (source

Caving Goa Gelatik

Goa Gelatik is positioned in the vicinity of the village of Bejiharjo, Gunungkidul, Karangmojo, it's miles located quite close to the Goa Pindul. The beauty of the cave is complementary to the existence of the village Bejiharjo, at the antiquity of the cave is often used for meditation people to get serenity. Now, this cave has become visitor locations, and nobody else is the usage of for meditation right here.

In this cave, guides will accompany the incoming visitors to the cave. Besides that, the supervisor already presents safety system inclusive of helmets to keep our heads from the collision of the partitions of the cave. There are also shoes for in the cave is a quite slick, so you do not slip, there may also be the oxygen tube merely in a case due to the fact within the cave air enough minimum and a flashlight to light up all through the ride in Goa Gelatik.

How to get Goa Pindul

Goa Pindul is located in Yogyakarta. To get to this place is very easy. If you are using a private vehicle from Yogyakarta, you need to make the journey to the town of Wonosari, Gunungkidul afterward proceeded to the village of Bejiharjo and continue to follow the road until you find the sign of Pindul. This tourist attraction is situated at the end of the road, so it isn't a difficult issue to find this region.

While in case you're using public transportation, the trip will probably be a bit more challenging because public transports heading to Goa Pindul are very limited. From Yogyakarta, you may take a bus heading to Wonosari, and then get off at the Wonosari city or T-junction Grogol. Then continue by Ojek (new motorbike escorted) or using public transport leading to the village of Bejiharjo, the price of approximately Rp 10.000 to Rp 20.000 ($2).

The entrance tickets to Goa Pindul are home tourists to Rp. 35,000 ($3)/person and foreign tourists to Rp. 50,000 ($5)/person and the best time to visit Goa Pindul is in April to October.

Togian Islands Indonesia

Togian Islands Indonesia

Sulawesi Island is known as the island with the gorgeous underwater scenery. One among them is the Togean Islands. The Islands are administratively within the Regency Tojo Una-Una, Central Sulawesi. The Island is usually known by the name as Togian Islands or Togean Islands National Park.

Togian Island Sulawesi

It is hidden away within the Gulf of Tomini, Central Sulawesi; Togian Islands isn't only a paradise for lovers of underwater sports only. Togian Islands could be a national park with two acres of the ocean within the form of ecosystem area 292,000 hectares, and 70,000 hectares of its land mass, a part of the Sulawesi island has clusters of Islands more or less 66 separate islands within the central region of the Gulf of Tomini. The wealth of nature is a paradise for all beings. Togian Islands could be a popular vacation destination for tourists from abroad. Togian islands landscape panorama is really excellent.

Togean National Park contains the wealth of the Coral Triangle. With white sand beaches and amazingly smooth water, Togian Island’s exotic beauty and charm create it one of the key traveler destinations of the area. The islands are a very remote paradise.
Togian Islands
Togian Islands Sulawesi (source

Only a little statistics, the Coral Triangle is a triangular zone of tropical waters of more than 500 types of coral bunches. Regional waters around Sulawesi Island are incorporated into this triangle. The territory of the Coral Triangle is the focal point of the natural abundance of the whole undersea world biodiversity. Furthermore is the primary preservation region on the planet, under the sponsorship of the WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature).

As a significant aspect of The Coral Triangle, the Togian Islands save submerged biodiversity wealth is spectacular. There are 4 sorts of coral reefs in the waters of the Togian Islands to be the particular Coral ring (atoll), Patch Reef, Fringing Reef, and Barrier Reef. Different coral reefs with an assortment of hues you can discover in the ocean. Around 262 types of coral reefs from 19 Families scattered in the waters of the Islands. 7 types of which are endemic species Togian Islands.

There is a great style of fish of various sizes and shades, you can likewise find in the Togian waters. Around 596 types of fish (from 62 Family) can be found, where the fish held up in delightful coral reefs. You can see the butterfly fish (around 35 sorts), Pilot Whales, Manta Rays, Reef Sharks, dark Fish bigeye Trevally (Trochus Niloticus), monster Clams (Tridagna Gigas), Lola (Trachus Niloticus), and Dugong (a kind of Mermaid). Not just that, in case you're fortunate you may also see a turtle species categorized as endangered, for example, Hawksbills (Eretmochelys imbricata) and green turtles (Chelonia Mygas). The turtles frequently stranded on the bank of the Islands to generate.

What's more, there are additionally mangrove backwoods with 33 sorts of mangrove from 26 genera and 21 Family. Apparently, you will discover some kind of flying creature settling around the shoreline. 
Togian Islands
Togian Islands National Park (source

Going to the Togian Islands National Park, you will go too far Islands. From different points, you will locate the timberland air with lavish trees, obviously with the air new and cool. The Togian Islands, the Mainland has additionally turned into a safe house and rearing different creatures. Like deer, Cuscus, Tarsiers, the coconut crab (Birgus latro), and so forth.

Even as you're inside the Togian Islands tourist location, you may carry out the dive with the clear waters to the base of the coral. For folks who do no longer like the global of diving, you could swim in the waters the use of snorkel and enjoy the beauty of underwater with its biota.

Togian Islands Diving

The most famous dives area inside the Togian Islands is on Kadidiri Island. Water waft on this area quite calm and has a beautiful seaside with white sand and a row of rocks by using the beach. As for the dive web sites on the Kadidiri Island, there's a reef wall vertical elongated form from North to South. That is where you'll revel in the stunning perspectives inside the shape of sea life and exquisite coral reefing with colorful. Ocean currents are pleasant with version 5 to 30 meters into the daylight; it makes you glad to play at the base of the water.

For individuals who do not like diving and playing at the bottom of the sea, we are able to walk down the beach while you pamper yourself with activities capture the great perspectives. The citizens are friendly and hospitable nearby lifestyles is a precise and delightful second for us to forget while you travel tours to the Togian Islands and Kadidiri Island.
Kadidiri Island
Kadidiri Island

Togian Islands Accommodation

Within the Togian Islands is available numerous types of accommodation, guesthouse, and cottage. The rate presented could be very varied, all ranging from Rp 200.000 ($18) up to Rp 500.000 ($48)/day. All of the charges are corresponding to the centers that you will get. The more expensive the cost is whole the centers on providing. But, it is able to be inexpensive relying on where your choice. Even supposing the budget you are minimum, then you can live at the home of local citizens freed from charge.
Pier at Togian Islands Indonesi
Pier at Togian Islands

How to Get There

From Palu toward the Togian Islands by street you can visit Ampena thru Poso which is set 375 km, and a tour time of about 10 hours via the road experience through the vehicle. Throughout the experience, we are able to be spoiled with the splendor of the gardens and perspectives of the mountains and the beach at the equator.

Attending to Togean Island is a difficult mission, and ought to not be tried except you have time to spare. There are numerous ways to get to there, every taking at the least some days, but the first step is usually to fly to the Manado global Airport in North Sulawesi. From Manado, seize one of the two times weekly flights to Luwuk, accompanied by an 8-hour bus journey to Ampana, relevant Sulawesi. Ampana is the same old port to the Togian Islands.

As an alternative, one may go via Gorontalo city, which can be reached from Manado by using the bus, chartered vehicle, or plane. From Gorontalo, ferries leave as soon as a week on an arduous 12-hour voyage to Wakai. Once in Wakai, you should take a speedboat to Togian Island. Sanctioned speedboats are likewise accessible from Marisa in North Sulawesi and Bunta in Central Sulawesi.

Pulau Weh Aceh Indonesia

Pulau Weh Aceh Indonesia

Pulau Weh (Weh Island) is an island in the westernmost island of Indonesia and is part of the province of Aceh. Pulau Weh Aceh is one of the famous natural attractions with the beauty of its parks. In Pulau Weh, there is a small town named Sabang. Pulau Weh Aceh is actually a part of Sumatra Island, but at the time of the Pleistocene, Islands is separated by the sea that occurs due to the eruption of the volcano. Pulau Weh still looks very natural and amazing. It's no wonder the Government set Pulau Weh Aceh as one of the tourist destinations nationwide, as evidenced by a significant number of foreign and local tourists traveling to Pulau Weh Aceh for a taste of the beauty of its natural landscape park.

Pulau Weh is small picturesque located Northwest of the island of Sumatra, the Andaman Sea, is a very famous island with their ecosystems. With its predicates, Pulau Weh has an area of 60 km2 of the edge of the isle, both within and outside the isle of Indonesia being set by the Government of the island nature sanctuary. Island 15 kilometers or the equivalent of 10 miles wide around 156.3 km² and is dominated by mountains with the highest peak of the fumarolic volcano, 617 meters tall or around 2024 feet.
Pulau Weh Aceh
Pulau Weh Aceh Indonesia offers Natural Beauty (source

The Origin of the Name of Sabang and Pulau Weh Aceh

There are a few feelings from specialists identifying with the historical backdrop of the rise of the name "Sabang." It is contended the name got from the Sabang in Acehnese "Saban," which implies similarly or without segregation. The word is gotten from the character of the general population who tend to Sabang responsive to newcomers or guests. This character is to some degree unique about the nature of the general population of Aceh are generally have a tendency to be shut against the new individuals they know. Another variant says that the name originates from the Arabic Word "Shabag" which implies the mountain ejected. In the first place, there are still numerous dynamic volcanoes in Sabang, this can even now be seen from the fountain of liquid magma that is in Jaboi and volcanoes in the ocean Pria Laot.

While Pulau Weh is gotten from words in the Acehnese, "Weh" which intends to move, as indicated by a history that flowed at the outset Weh island is a separate element with the isle of Sumatra, which is the unification of the Mainland with the Mainland Ulee Lheue Sabang. Ulee Lheue in Banda Aceh Ulee originates from the word ("Lheueh" = in any case). One day, which a spring of gushing lava emitting and bringing on considered this district separated. And additionally, the islands of Java and Sumatra previously, a different consequence of Mount Krakatau issued. In another adaptation, Pulau Weh is likewise well known for its "We" without the "h." Anybody expect if Pulau Weh for the sake of the island we due to its shape like the letter "W."

Things to do in Pulau Weh

On the Pulau Weh, you can perform a wide variety of water sports activities such as surfing, swimming, fishing, exploring by boat, snorkeling, and diving. Enjoy the natural underwater species of underwater dwellers Pulau Weh is the main attraction at these sights. The diversity of types of fish and the beauty of its reefs, beautiful coral reefs and coral reefs that are still soft from different types, shapes, and colors, the whole forming a cluster of beautiful coral to be enjoyed by the divers.
Pulau Weh Diving
One of Spot Diving at Pulau Weh (source

Iboih Beach

Pulau Weh offers you to benefit from the beauty of Iboih beach. The beach is often also referred to as Teupin Layeau is located in the West of the Pulau Weh. This beach offers a variety of beach beauty that will leave you will be impressed with the beauty of her. The beach with white sand and clear sea water turn blue offers you for snorkeling. Iboih Beach underwater beauty with numerous species of fish and coral reefs those are still very natural. Also, you can also enjoy the beauty of volcanoes under the sea level. With quiet beaches, waves the ramps as well as views of the beautiful beaches and amazing. Iboih beach is the most visited by neither tourists outside nor local tourists. This is because the beach is available in a wide range of underwater treasures that you can enjoy with diving, snorkeling or glass bottom boat. The beach is only about 50 km from the port of Balohan. If you decide to longer enjoy views of the beach, you can hire lodgings such as homestay or cottage. There are many lodging options that you can customize to your budget. But the area is still upholding Islamic values so that visitors are prohibited from using the bikini on the beach.
Iboih Beach Pulau Weh Aceh
Ibioh Beach Pulau Weh (source

Rubiah Island

Rubiah Island located about 350 Meters from Iboih beach or around 23.5 Kilometers West of Pulau Weh. If visitors come here, then you can advance to the Iboih beach then cross to the island of Rubiah. The island has large 26 hectares offers you the beauty of the underwater paradise of marine tourism and other very riveting. Even the Rubiah Island is known as marine parks paradise. This is because the island is like a giant Aquarium containing a wide variety of ornaments on it. The island is a Polynesian paradise under the sea nautical tourism lovers is designed especially for diving. Sea water is owned by the island is very clear and has a visibility level up to 10-15 meters. In shallow waters, you still can watch an assortment of the beauty of the coral reefs such as Coral Batik, Coral Horns, also a colorful fish that swim freely in the crystal clear water.

Pantai Sumur Tiga

Make sure you create while on vacation to the island of Weh for a stopover to the Pantai Sumur Tiga. The beach is located to the East of Pulau Weh. It is called by the Sumur Tiga Warna (Three Wells Beach) because there are three freshwater wells found along its shores. A very stunning beach view. A white sand and sparkling clean plus panorama of the eastern horizon of the sky sunrise coast of Weh will add calmness and peace in your soul. Also, you can enjoy the sunset in Weh Island.
Sunset in Weh island
Sunset at Weh Island (source

Waterfall Pria Laot

This waterfall is located within the forest. For those who want to try different tours other than the beach, you could try visiting the sights on this one. This waterfall is used for those who like the adventure because to go to these sights required for tracking for 15 minutes. However, you will be presented with a view of the lush forest. You can still find a wide variety of wild flora like the lizard of the sea around the road.

Zero Kilometer Monument

This tourist attraction is situated in the western part of the city center. It is just 15 kilometers from the Weh Island Aceh. This memorial 0 Kilometer is a symbol of Sabang island Aceh which is the starting point to calculate the area of Indonesia from Sabang until Merauke. Its location is on top of the heights, making the air in this place is very cool. You can enjoy views of the city and the blue of the sea. A certificate that explains that we have arrived at the western end of Indonesia can also be found at this location. The certificate was issued by the Tourism Office of Sabang. In here you may see the beautiful sunset in Weh Island.
Pulau Weh Aceh
Zero Kilometer Indonesia (source

Best Time to visit Pulau Weh

The best time to visit Pulau Weh is from April until November, because of the time it to coincide with the dry season in Indonesia. You can enjoy the beautiful weather and atmosphere of the hot marine Indonesia.

Pulau Weh accommodation

In general, all Bungalow or Resort is located in Sabang which is located in the coastal area. And there are adjacent to the city center at Sabang. And there is also a nearby marine park Islands Rubiah and as well as in Zero kilometer Monument Indonesia. Regarding price varies greatly, ranging from Rp 200.000 ($18) up to Rp 850.000 ($80). That definitely depends on the facilities provided by each resort.

How to get to Pulau Weh

If you are from Banda Aceh, then you can use the ferry while the morning at the port of Ulee Lheue and will arrive at the coast of the Gapang. Use the ferry will take about 90 minutes, another case if using a speedboat that takes about 45 minutes. If you are from Medan, you must go to Banda Aceh in advance, could take a bus or plane.

Schedule of hours ferry departure from Banda Aceh:

Express Boat (45 min),

Banda Aceh – Sabang: 8 am, 9:30 am, 4 pm

Sabang – Banda Aceh: 8 am, 2.30 pm, 4.30 pm

Ticket price: Rp 65.000 ($6)/person.

Slow Boat (90 min)

Banda Aceh-Sabang: 2 pm (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday) 10.30 am, 4 pm (wed, sat, sun)

Sabang-Banda Aceh: 8 am (daily), 1.30 pm (wed, sat, sun)

Ticket price: Rp 25.000 ($2)/person.

Secret Beach Bali : Pandawa Beach

Secret Beach Bali : Pandawa Beach

Pandawa Beach Kutuh

Bali Island offers a spread of attractions that are longer and lovelier. The diversity of traveler attractions it's obtaining distinctive and enjoyable. After the Kuta Beach was more notable for its location terribly near to the airport, that makes this beach isn't any longer friendly and comfortable for tourists who need to vacation, tourism exploration began was planned. 

Therefore it seems the beaches and remote villages that became a brand new destination tours that offer you a sense of peace with a quieter atmosphere. One among them is Pandawa Beach or Secret Beach Bali in the village Kutuh, sub-district of South Kuta, Badung Regency, therefore also called Kutuh Beach. What this Beach belongs is a small village with the seaweed producers predominately profession as a fisherman. The popularity of the Pandawa Beach as one of Bali's traveler attractions, being one of the places as a destination is necessary once you compile the package holiday in Bali.
Secret Beach Bali
Pandawa Beach with Cliffs Background (source

Pandawa Beach Location 

When coming into the realm of Pandawa Beach, you'll be created amazed by a stunning view in front of you. The sand during this beach is thus white and clean that is combined with a background of Turquoise Ocean. The atmosphere remains quiet, serene, and clean. There isn’t any garbage, and if there's any, those are solely the remnants of seaweed brought by the wave. This beach is incredibly appropriate for swimming as a result of the wave and current isn't so sturdy. Numerous activities will be wiped out this beach may be playing sand or sunbathing. Due to its geographical location to the east of Bali Island, we will see the magnificent sunrise panorama during this beach.

Formerly, Pandawa Beach is a hidden and Secret Beach Bali that was terribly tough to access because of placed within the broad valley and enclosed by the white stone cliff. We tend to should go through a little step down on the cliff with dangerous valley underneath and also the solely native folks will access the beach since they were own day job as fishermen and seaweed farmer. But now, the previous story was modified. Since native folks have the lovely inspiration to create their village, they work along to interrupt the cliff and create the great road and might be accessed by any vehicles. Since the access is made, several guests from a foreign country either private visit this Secret Beach Bali daily.

Secret Beach Bali
Pandawa Beach with Blue Sea Water (source

The call "Pandawa" originates from the Hindu legend of 5 Knights: Yudhistira, Bima, Arjuna, Nakula, and Sahadeva. You may see the statue of those knights and also their mom on your gratitude to the shoreline space. It's trusted that quite a long while past, the people of Kutuh Village survived the Darkish Age by exhuming their technique into a hole to cover. Later, they found a shrouded space behind the bluff and rebuilt their human progress. This story is closely resembling the Mahabharata gallant story (one of the stories of old India) wherever the 5 knights and their mom mammary organ their methodology into Gala-Gala Cave to survive the malice. As a consequence, the administration named the shoreline "Pandawa" as a dedication to their history and conviction.

Pandawa Beach activities:

Sunbathing and Massage

On the beach that has white sand and clear water, it lined the beach umbrellas that shaded beach chairs for sunbathing that chartered the locals with inexpensive enough price Rp 50.000 ($5) to 1 day. Prepare your reading, a quiet beach atmosphere significantly suitable if enjoyed while reading your favorite book. Whereas sunbathing and reading, you'll also call the massager who traveled around the beach. Massage services may you get at this beach, massage rate Rp 70.000 ($7)/hour. Umbrellas are arranged out neatly and are colored white sand seems to accord with the blue ocean water clarity so that it becomes the thing of the picture of interest to photographers who are visiting here. The landscape of the coast is behind cliff also attracted the producers to use the wonder of the Pandawa Beach as the filming set.
Secret Beach Bali
Canoeing Activity at Pandawa Beach (source


For those of you who like to surf, this beach offers beautiful waves for you to undertake is just 10 meters from the seaside. Or only go for a swim or play in the water a relatively mild slope. Cliffs on the coast you'll make shelter while enjoying the wonder and excitement of beach guests who play water accompanied by young coconut ice and roasted corn from native residents.


The popular water sports games are the canoe, canoeing is the choice of the most exciting .games on the Pandawa Beach, just pay Rp 25000 ($2)/hour, you'll play a canoe with a friend who has been equipped with vests. No need to worry along with your safety throughout the canoeing at this beach because the managers and local governments already provide coast guard which can still keep a watch on the rising motion someone who came to play in the water.

Study of cultivating seaweed

Late afternoon, several of the fishermen who return picking up the seaweed is stranded due to washed away by the waves. Within the coastal area is, so there's seaweed cultivation by local fishermen. The original empowerment seaweed is traditionally done only by residents of the village of Kutuh since the 1980s, however, currently, local governments have conducted cooperation in the cultivation of seaweed with other countries like the USA and Denmark.


You can also try paragliding play and enjoy views of the hills and also the coast from the highest of the sky, challenge your adrenaline to seek to do paragliding, don't worry for beginners who wish to ride paragliding are amid mentors who are already experts.
Secret Beach Bali
Pandawa Beach from The Main Road (source

How to get to Pandawa Beach or Secret Bali Beach

The journey from I Gusti Ngurah Rai airport to Pandawa Beach takes just for about one hour. If you use your own vehicle, you'll arrive earlier in the Kuta area. From Kuta/Denpasar is via the road to Garuda Wisnu Kencana. After 1 kilometer from the scene of the Garuda Wisnu Kencana turns left to the path towards Nusa Dua/Bali cliff can take you to the T-junction with signs that direct instructions to the Pandawa Beach.

Pandawa beach entrance fee is little cost. You simply need to pay Rp 2.000 per person for local tourists and Rp 5.000 (less than $1) for foreigners run by the local populations. The value is just too cheap to see the wonder of the white sands of the Secret Beach Bali.

Green Canyon Pangandaran West Java

Green Canyon Pangandaran West Java

Green Canyon Cijulang

Green Canyon is more or less 31km from Pangandaran Beach, placed within the Kertayasa village, district of Cijulang Ciamis West Java, around 45 minutes travel from Pangandaran beach. To reach the location of the Green Canyon West Java, travelers should continue the journey by hiring a boat from the dock of Cukang Taneuh.

Originally known as Cukang Taneuh green canyon, derived from the Sundanese language which means “The Land Bridge." It’s called the land bridge because there is a natural bridge here shaped the nature and function of linking 2 cliffs on top of the stream Cijulang, this bridge is usually used the farmers and native people to cross from one side of the cliff into the side of a cliff to another.

A unique natural creation, with the most features of the stream (Cijulang) and also the canyon-shaped from the ground on each side. For people who love trekking, camping, canoeing, and this tourist attraction may be the first selection. Additionally, the cleanliness of the river being treated and spectacular views on both sides create the area of tourism is turning into a favorite spot for tourists who come back to the Green Canyon West Java.
Green Canyon Pangandaran West Java
The Real Green of Green Canyon Pngandaran (source

The call of the green canyon has been named by way of a French visitor who got here to the location in 1993. It’s aforesaid that the clear green water of the movement and also the superabundant new bryophyte on the cliff had given it its current call and inspired utilizing Grand Canyon in the United States of America.

This shocking destination is truly a stream moving through a hole loaded with beautiful stalactites and stalagmites. It furthermore flanked between 2 slopes with trees and shakes because of the trimmings. The quiet green Tosca stream finishes this site as the remarkable view to go to. Once you reach the original entrance that will be the stopping zone of Green Canyon, you may see a line of wood vessels famously known as "Ketinting" covering up by the stream. The Ketinting can then bring you on a ride down the creek, part the clear green water and making the little wave on every side. To lease The Ketiting, you might be charged Rp 75.000 for around 60 minutes.

Green Canyon Pangandaran Body Rafting

What is Body Rafting? As we all know that "Rafting" is an activity stream and river rapids conquered by using rubber boats. However in our Rafting Body activity following the flow of the river without a vessel, drowning the body follow the movement of the water within the river is that the activity of "Body Rafting."

However, the activity of the body rafting we tend to do new Fun Activity, that means that the flow of the stream that we tend to go through isn't rushing currents and dangerous. With full safety equipment fitted to a life jacket, helmet, this activity is definitely very safe, comfortable and fun to do by anyone. No need to have to swim to be able to participate in the tourism body rafting. The tourists are escorted by our local guide skilled enough to keep comfort and safety throughout activities. The number of any guide tailored to some people within the group. Each 5 to 6 folks are guided and escorted by a guide.
Green Canyon Pangandaran Body Rafting
Body Rafting at Green Canyon Pangandaran (source

Green Canyon Pangandaran Semi Body Rafting

In distinction to "Full Body Rafting," semi body rafting starts with boat rides to the green canyon. When incoming at the location of the green canyon wherever a vessel is not any longer able to go through a small river flow, wherever tourists are starting to jump into the water to experience crystal clear water here. Visitors are guided by an area guide to exploring more into the flow of the river is flanked by 2 beautiful high cliffs. The trip down the water and run on top of the rocks as far as more or less 1 kilometer can send us to the "Kolam Putri" because of the end point spring body activities rafting. Kolam Putri is located beside the cliff as high as about five meters from the surface of the river. It takes an effort to rock climb will see and feel the direct, clear water in this pool. According to the beliefs of the local folks, washing the face in this pool will create your skin more bright and clean face. From here we tend to come back to the starting point where boats stop drop us at the start, and it'll be delivered back to the pier as the finish of the activities semi body rafting.

Swimming and Snorkel diving

The flow of this river is long enough, so the traveler can swim while following the movement of the falls. In addition to a magnificent view of the water surface, the green canyon is paradise for who love diving. Prepare your diving equipment, the incredible underwater view is ready to be searched and enjoyed, complete with numerous fish that swim to and fro in the bottom of the water.

If you prefer the challenges that spur adrenaline, you'll try to jump into the river of stone with a height of five meters or try rock climbing attraction.
You may select to go to this location in the dry season. Due to within the wet season the water can emerge as dirty brown, the movement speedier and furthermore the water will be much higher.
Green Canyon Pangandaran Ketinting
Ketinting at Green Canyon Pangandaran (source

How to get to Green Canyon West Java

In case you're settled outside of West Java then you'll use air transportation or area towards the town of Bandung. From Bandung, the method that to get to Pangandaran is by transport or leased vehicle. If you utilize accessible transportation, from the Pangandaran Terminal, you'll take a minibus made a beeline for Cijulang Terminal. From the terminal Cijulang, the excursion proceeds on Ojek or great bikes escort making a beeline for Ciseureuh dock. You'll lease a boat (Ketinting) amid this dock, there are a few Ketinting offered, to investigate the dazzling green ravine. It takes 30-45 minutes forward and backward to the green gully from this dock. The entryway value ticket in Green Canyon is Rp 12.500 ($1)/individual.

Blue Flame Phenomenon of Ijen Crater

Blue Flame Phenomenon of Ijen Crater

Ijen Crater is part of the Nature Reserve Ijen Tour. Administratively, Ijen Crater is located in the two districts of the Banyuwangi and Bondowoso. Ijen crater is located above the height 2.443 meters above sea level and is part of Mount Ijen; one of the volcanoes is still active in Java Island.
Ijen Crater Caldera
Ijen Crater Caldera

The name of the Ijen has known the world since the advent of two tourists from French Nicolas Hulot and his wife Katia Kraft in 1971. They wrote the story of the enchantment of the Ijen Crater along with the harsh lives of the miner's slabs of sulfur in the magazine Geo, France. Two this becomes the main attraction for tourists and world photographer.

Ijen Crater is a crater that has the most acidic levels in the world. Have the wall of the massive caldera 300-500 meters, while width reaches 5.466 hectares. For the size of his own crater approximately 20 km. The crater has a depth of about 300 meters on the wall of the caldera. Regarding natural attractions of this panorama has an exquisite natural charm. In the morning you will see the scenery of the sunrise which is remarkable. Ijen Crater has a quite extraordinary beauty with the lake of sulfur is green Tosca with a touch of dramatic and beautiful. Lake Ijen has degree zero acid and has the depth of 200 meters. A high acid can dissolve human fingers and clothes.

Ijen Crater Volcano
Ijen Crater Volcano

Things to do in the Ijen Crater Blue Fire

Crater Ijen have the atmosphere of the hill become a special appeal for you to visit Crater Ijen. Not only that the enchantment of the rising sun offered at the Ijen Crater and the most anticipated later from the tourists who came here is to observe the natural phenomenon of the directly ‘’Blue Flame’’ in Ijen Crater that you can enjoy in the early morning until about 05.00 am.

Not only scenery that you can find is natural phenomenon namely the view of the Lake crater green fringe corners. That will hypnotize every visitor who comes around. The visitors who came here also can see the mining process sulfur, not only that houses near Ijen Crater you can visit agrotourism, and here you will be shown how to treat of coffee.

See Blue Flame Phenomenon

Ijen Crater Blue Fire
Ijen Crater Blue Fire (source

Ijen Crater offers an exotic beauty back in the early days. The sulfur liquid that flows from the incessant under the crater glows blue flame poses. This phenomenon occurred just two in the world that Iceland's first and second there in Ijen crater. To enjoy the spectacular views of this nature you should climb Mount Ijen, which started around 2 a.m. at the entrance (Paltuding), by holding her cold mountain air temperature reaches 10 Celsius degree movies, even can reach 2 degrees Celsius. But it will not be felt with an incredible sight that you will go through during the hike.

Traditional Sulfur Mining

Sulfur Miners
Sulfur Miners

Ijen Crater is a crater that is used for sulfur mining territory which is in Banyuwangi Regency, East Java, which is also the largest sulfur mining in Indonesia and still uses traditional ways of processing. Ijen Crater has sulfur that will never run out because it can come out continuously by itself. Sublimates sulfur is beneficial for the needs of the chemical industry, also, can also be used for purification of sugar. In the southeast side of the Ijen Crater, there is fumarole field which is always issuing volcanic gasses with a high enough concentration of sulfur so often creates a very pungent smell.

Generally, the sulfur miners making improvements on foot, down the caldera as far as 3 km to take sulfur. It is not an easy thing to do because they still must dig in advance using the tools potluck. Then the stones are broken down and put in the same large baskets. Sulfur miners can carry stones weighing 100 kg. This is not a burden that is lightweight and easy to do. In addition to anticipating the strong scent of sulfur fumes, they use breathing masks are used as improvised protective.

Coffee Agro

If you depart from Bondowoso, you will pass through the area of Arabica coffee plantation. It's worth stopping by and tries the wise ones are here. You can walk around the estate and see the process of picking up of processing to produce the best coffee with the taste.

How to get to Ijen Crater

For those of you coming from out of town, you can visit this place by using aircraft accommodation can transit in Surabaya's Juanda Airport for International flight path, or it could be a direct transit at the airport Blimbingsari Banyuwangi to the local flight path after that you could use ground transportation.

For the first route that you can go through to make a road trip from Banyuwangi toward Licin sub-district, this is about 15 km. In this path, you can use the motor vehicle or car. From a slick Sub, towards Patulding about 18 km from here, you can rent a jeep type car because the road where considerable winding and uphill. The journey about 1 hour then you will get Patulding which is the entrance to get to Ijen Crater.

Also for those of you who transit in Surabaya, You can pass the route North of Situbondo heading towards Sempol subdistrict Bondowoso through Wonosari and then resumed the journey to Patulding. This route is more easily traversed, and the road is still good so you could use private vehicles without having to rent a jeep. Travel mileage between Situbondo towards Patulding about 93 km. Following up on Patulding, you can walk as far as 3 km to Ijen Crater. This route is very scenic, assembled rows of pine trees and the coffee trees are neatly laid welcome anyone who passed through it.

The price of admission domestic tourists to Ijen crater is Rp. 5.000 (weekdays) and Rp. 7.500 (holidays). As for the foreign tourists, its price is Rp. 100.000 ($10) (weekdays) and Rp. 150.00 ($12) (holidays).
Volcano Blue Flames
Volcano Blue Flames (source

The best time to visit tourist attractions in East Java is during the dry season between July and September. In these months likely not going to rain so the terrain or road climbing relatively safe and you can enjoy the beauty of the Ijen Crater.