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Ngurtafur Beach Maluku Indonesia

Ngurtafur Beach Maluku Indonesia

Ngurtafur Beach Maluku
Ngurtafur's White Sand Beach (image:Beautiful Indonesia)

The Maluku is a province that offers much natural beauty places. One of the attractions is the Ngurtafur Beach located in Kei Islands, Southeast Maluku. Indonesia. The Kei Islands is a group of islands located between the Seram Sea, the Banda Sea, and the Sea Arafuru. The islands are divided into two, namely Pulau Kei Besar and Pulau Kei Kecil.

This beach has a natural splendor this is pretty uncommon. in addition, this beach additionally has capabilities that aren't found on different beaches is a mattress of sand is white and has a period of about two kilometers off the Warbal island toward the ocean with a width of more or less 7 meters.

When you're at the beach, you will feel strolling inside the center of the widespread ocean, but in truth, you're taking walks on quality white sand that divides the seaside into two aspects. Not most effective that, the sea water at the Ngurtafur Beach could be very clean and beautiful.

On the beach there are also belimbing turtles is well-known with “tabob” by the local people. This type of turtle is covered and has a captive across the coast that is controlled with the aid of the WWF. In fact, if fortunate you could meet with a flock of birds Australian pelicans migrating to the Maluku from their house in Australia and Papua New Guinea. Attractions flock of pelicans is a special treat once you set foot at the Ngurtafur beach.
Ngurtafur Beach's White Sand
At Ngurtafur Beach, You feel walk in middle ocean (

Things to do in Ngurtafur Beach

On this beach you can do a variety of tourist activities such as relaxing on the beach, swim, enjoy the scenery around, sunbathing, and snorkeling. Underwater surroundings provided with the aid of Ngurtafur seashore itself is very beautiful or even the coral reef on the seashore can be seen at once from the boat.

Best Time to Visit Ngurtafur Beach and Accommodation

Now not many people knowing Ngurtafur seaside. The exceptional time to go to this beach is on April-may additionally and October-December in each year. This is due to appropriate weather and calm waves are maximum to be had for the one's months. Do not forget to deliver your personal meal if you want to head Ngurtafur seashore because no any eating place nor meals supplier are available here.

And if you want to stay, then no need to worry, because on this beach there are plenty of available hotels surrounding Ngurtafur Beach. You can choose the type of lodging to your liking. There is also the inn directly overlooking the beach. For the cost of staying around the coast range in price between Rp 150,000 to Rp 200,000 / night (prices can change at -time depending on the season).
Australian Pelicans
Australian Pelicans at Ngurtafur Beach Maluku (image:flickr)

How to get to Ngurtafur Beach

Surely you have to fly to the airport Pattimura, Ambon, the City of Maluku. And then from the airport, take a flight to Dumatubun Langgur Airports with the journey more or less one and a half hours. On arrival at Langgur, please continue the trip to Tual. To be able to reach the Ngurtafur Beach, you can rent a speedboat at the Debut Port. The ship transport capacity of 15 persons with the cost of rent for a round trip approximately Rp 700.000 to Rp 1.000.000. It will take is about one and a half hours.

Other access may use a boat directly from the Yos Sudarso Port, Ambon. Mileage traveled to the Tual Port about 18 hours. Before heading to the Tual, the ship will transit in the Banda Naira port. On arrival in Tual, you may continue you trip to Ngurtafur Beach by speedboat for one and a half hours.

Nemberala Beach Rote Island Indonesia

Nemberala Beach Rote Island Indonesia

Rote Island (Pulau Rote), it is an island located in the southern tip of Indonesia is in East Nusa Tenggara. On this island, there may be the seaside with a beautiful panorama and world-magnificence waves that always hunted by surfers. In addition to the natural panorama and marine tourism became the main attraction. One of them is the Nemberala Beach that has charm very beautiful beach with sea waves that make surfers want to conquer it.
World-Class Waves Nemberala Beach
World - Class Wave at Nemberala Beach, Rote Island (

The expanse of pristine white sand beaches blue sea water and provide fresh nuance. There are many trees growing on the shores increasingly making this area was cool. Not only that the waves on the beach are also suitable for surfing. If you are interested, you can do snorkeling at this beach.

Nemberala Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches and famous for the waves in the village of Boa, District West Rote, Rote Ndao regency, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. The beach has also been named as the winner of Pesona Indonesia Award 2016 in the category of Most Popular Surfing Spot in 2016.

The beach is touted to have similarities with the beautiful beaches of Kuta beach in Bali. Rote island has white sand is clean and natural as well as the waves are quite challenging for the lovers of surfing. There are many surfers who come to this beach to challenge the waves from the Nemberala Beach. The wave at the beach is international so no wonder a lot of tourists come to visit this Nemberala Beach. Even in August through October, waves on the Nemberala Beach can achieve a peak of seven meters. It's very impressive, is not it?

There are many wave hunters coming from everywhere in the world who wants to visit Indonesia because of this beach. The Nemberala Beach has come to be one of the attractions that can hypnotize them to challenge one of the exceptional waves in Indonesia.
Reefs and Corals in Rote Island
Reefs and Corals in Rote Island (

Things to in Nemberala Beach

In Nemberala Beach of Rote Island, there are many matters you may do like swimming, fishing, and surfing also lots of extra water sports activities. Fishing is one of the maximum popular sports considering that the ocean around the seaside has numerous species of fish. The most common species of fish you could locate in the ocean include marlin, spanish mackerel, canine teeth tuna, yellow fin tuna, sailfish trevalli, sea perch, grouper, and wahoo.

Some other thrilling hobby is snorkeling or diving. You can experience stunning underwater life in this seaside, such as colorful stay corals, small reef fish, and large pelagics as well as stunning sea shells nonetheless alive with their tenants and an incidental octopus. Different activities include village trip, island hopping, and surfing. The island hopping method you can go to other islands nearby which include Do’o, N’Doa, and Donna.
The Nemberala Beach Resorts
The Nemberala Beach Resort (

Nemberala Beach Accommodation

You may discover a high priced hotel close to the seaside. The resort affords entire facilities for site visitors. You can stay in the resort equipped with nice bedrooms and air conditioner. The resort also presents delicious menu, ranging from nearby to worldwide menu. Additionally, the resort has a beautiful view on the grounds that it's far constructed close to the beach. You could enjoy the scene of Nemberala Beach in Rote Island from the resort and pay attention the sound of the waves hitting the rock alongside the shoreline. This is a high-quality experience.

How to get The Nemberala Beach

Access way to the Nemberala Beach, Rote Island, East Nusa Tenggara, from Kupang city, can be reached by air and sea. If through the air, you can use the plane from El Tari Airport, Kupang to Rote Lekunik airport.

While using the sea lanes you can use the ferry from Port Dolok, anchored in the port of Kupang and Pantai Baru, Rote takes about three to four hours or you can use a speedboat from Port Tenau, Kupang takes about one to two hours toword to The Nemberala Beach.

Watu Karung Beach Pacitan Indonesia

Watu Karung Beach Pacitan Indonesia

Watu Karung Beach is located in the village of Watu Karung, district Pringkuku, Pacitan Regency, East Java province. Pacitan is one of the cities in the southwestern tip of the province of East Java that is surrounded by mountains and has attractions that are fascinating to visit. Watu Karung Beach has amazing natural beauty with crystal clear sea water and it has a large rock in the middle of the sea. The beach at Pacitan is a beach which faces the ocean with Indonesia or South seas with great waves.
Watu Karung Surf
Watu Karung Pacitan with The Great Waves  (source

The Charm of the Watu Karung Beach

Watu Karung Beach or local people call it the’’ WK’’ Beach. Watu Karung Beach is located not far from the Srau Beach which is approximately 45 minutes away. Because not many people know the existence of this beach makes Watu Karung Beach is still quiet and maintained its sustainability. Although the Watu Karung Beach is not so spacious, Watu Karung Beach has picturesque scenery, at Watu Karung Beach you can see views of the large coral rock lined and slightly speckled with green plants. The pure white sand beach is still free from rubbish to make the scenery that is so refreshing. Sea water green areas and clear waters make corals and marine life that are directly visible without having to dive.

Directly facing the beach with this Indian Ocean make this beach has waves so big. For surf lovers, find the beach that has a huge wave and stable is the happiness of its own let alone if the spot is not yet well known by many people. Watu Karung Beach offers world-class waves for lovers of surfing, waves in Watu Karung Beach is able to reach a height of 4 meters. The waves are very nice no wonder world-class surfers as world champion Bruce Irons interested in trying surfing in the Watu Karung Beach. Thanks to Bruce and his was surfing in Watu Karung Beach made the cover of one of the leading international magazine Waves, there are so many surf lovers very interested and then come to this beautiful place.
Watu Karung Beach Pacitan
Rocks at Watu Karung Beach  (source

Things to do in Watu Karung beach

In addition to the activity of surfing, at Watu Karung Beach will also find fishing activity. Visitors can also rent a fishing boat for a fishing trip in the middle of the ocean or can also utilize the cliffs lining the shores of Watu Karung Beach for fishing. Not far from the beach there is also a dock full of fishermen boats there are fish sales and offering the catch from the fishermen. The perfect time to enjoy the scenery in Watu Karung Beach in the afternoon, which is that often, times the water receded and left some marine life as well as a great rock in a few holes of coral. For those of you who love photography, Watu Karung Beach is very beautifully made object photo at the time of the evening when the Sunset.
Fishermen Boats of Watu Karung Pacitan
Fisherman Boats at Watu Karung Beach (source

Watu Karung Accommodation

For those of you who want to spend the night on the beach, you can hire some lodging in Watu Karung Beach such as homestay and resorts lining not far from the Watu Karung Beach. There are 24 resorts and homestays in the Watu Karung Beach with rates varying from Rp 100.000 ($10) to Rp 5.000.0000 ($50) per night. Building resorts and homestay in this coastal area generally have the Java architecture.

How to get to Watu Karung Beach

With the greater name of Watu Karung Beach, especially the surf lovers, then it is no wonder that more and more now want to come to this place and want to feel the beauty and the good waves at Watu Karung Beach. Access to Watu Karung Beach itself has not been too easy because it is still limited to public transport that operates towards this area. So if you want to visit Watu Karung Beach I recommend to use private vehicles or rent vehicles is an option that can be taken. Using private vehicles headed to Watu Karung Beach need vigilance and caution because the access road to this place has not been so good, the way that will pass is very small and narrow, so many holes. In addition during the trip which will be taken approximately up to 40 kilometers and there will be lots of sharp turns and a very steep uphill path.
Pacitan Surf
A Surfer is Enjoying Wave at Watu Karang Beach  (source

To go to Watu Karung Beach the easiest routes you traveled through the Jalan Raya Pacitan-Solo in going through the bus, arriving at the fork in the village of Dadapan if you are from the town of Pacitan, then please take the left lane and if you are from the direction of Solo please turn to the right or see signposts the way and please continue the journey up to the village of Candi then you will find a signpost with a two-way street up on who is line to the Srau Beach while the direction is downward path heading to the Watu Karung Beach.
The entrance fee of the Watu Karung Beach is Rp 5.000 ($1)/person.

Sulamadaha Beach in Ternate Maluku Indonesia

Sulamadaha Beach in Ternate Maluku Indonesia

The Ternate Island, an island in eastern Indonesia is very famous for its beaches and natural scenery. It is a bit of an idea of beauty that is owned by a beautiful island called Ternate Island. Ternate Island surrounded by a sea of beautiful and fascinating. Ternate is already reasonably fit in the ranks of the location name in Indonesia you should try to visit and can be used as your vacation destination agenda together with the family.

There are such a lot of lovely vicinity options on the island of Ternate, one of the tourist attractions which can be worth traveling is a great beach known as Sulamadaha Beach. The splendor of Sulamadaha Beach regularly preached by way of many overseas media and is regularly determined on the internet as an area that might make every person interested and enraptured with its beauty.
Sulamadaha Beach
Beautiful Scenery with Mountain Background (source

Sulamadaha Beach is the seaside this is still very extraordinary natural placed on Ternate Island, North Maluku province. This beach is called the Beach Glass.  The Beach Glass is suitable for the seashore because the Sulamadaha beach is a beach with crystal clear sea water, crystal clear water as glass. whilst you see the boat/ship above its water, you will be bowled over to look it because the delivery looks like soaring. The water is so clean as glass which may be very clean.

Things to do in Sulamadaha Beach

Sulamadaha Beach has beautiful natural shades, although no white sandy beaches. Sulanadaha Beach has many species and marine life which is very mesmerizing, pristine coral reefs in the sea waters, free of garbage and pollution. You can perform a wide variety of water sports activities such as diving and snorkeling.

In addition to the stunning Sulamadaha Beach, on the opposite coast of Hiri Island is clearly visible which is shaped like a hill that emerges from the surface of the sea water? You can cross over to the Hiri Island off the coast of Sulamadaha with motorboat hire with rental fees of Rp 20.000. Travel by motorboat will be fleeting because the natural beauty under the sea in this beach can be clearly visible from the boat. If you intend to hike the hills on the Hiri Island, we recommend that you prepare yourself with supplies, and adequate supplies, such as tents, shoes, food, and so on.
Crystal Clear Water Sulamadaha Beach
Amazing Clear Water at Sulamadaha Beach (source

 To the left of the West from the coast of Sulamadaha, there is a Bay named Saomadaha Bay in the shape of a truncated pyramid. The beach is located in the Gulf of Saomadah has white sand, and at the base of its waters there is a marine park so you can do the activity of snorkeling and diving. If you like to dive, unfortunately, you have to bring your own equipment. Because on this beach, there is no rental equipment for snorkeling and diving.

Best Time to Visit Sulamadaha Beach

The perfect time to visit the Sulamadaha Beach is in the dry season from April to September. In the months that you can enjoy the blue sky and the beauty of Sulamadaha Beach water. If you want to choose a holiday mood quiet and deserted, please avoid holiday season. Because on the holiday season, this beach will be crowded with visitors.
 Sulamadaha Beach
Sulamadaha Beach Boats (source

How to get Sulamadaha Beach

If you want to try to enjoy the beauty of the beach of Sulamadaha, then you just need to drive a car or motorcycle to reach the Sulamadaha Beach. The Sulamadaha Beach is located only approximately 14 kilometers from the Centre of Ternate city you could use public transport or a taxi ride will take approximately 1 hours heading into this Sulamadaha Beach area.

For those of you from outside Maluku can choose direct flights to Ternate, usually, aircraft will transit shortly in Makassar or Manado, before continuing the flight to an airport Sultan Babullah, Ternate.

little note for those of you who want to try crossing towards the Hiri Island is right across from the beach of Sulamadaha, then you could use a canoe or boat is widely available around the beach Sulamadaha. For the price of a boat that can take you to the Hiri Island ranged in the price of Rp 20.000/person.

Liang Beach Ambon Indonesia

Liang Beach Ambon Indonesia

The city of Ambon, one of the cities which are located in the eastern region of Indonesia has many charms of nature. Moreover, the beauty of the marine tourism him will make your tour experience in Ambon would not be forgotten. Not only the Ora Beach is popular in Ambon City, but there is also the Liang Beach who also has the beauty that so perfect as well as the other beautiful beaches in Ambon. The Liang Beach is one of the favorite beaches for domestic tourists and foreign tourists.

Beautiful Sparkling White Sand Liang Beach Ambon

The Liang Beach or also called Hunimua Beach is one of the recommended marine tourism places in Ambon. The Liang Beach is located in the village of Liang, Salahutu Sub-district, Central Maluku, Maluku Province. This beach was once crowned by UNDP to the UNITED NATIONS as the most beautiful beach in Indonesia in 1990. The Liang Beach waves not too large, so anyone can relax or play water with comfortable and quiet. Due to the clear water of the Liang Beach, you can see coral fragments that exist in the sea.

When you enter the Liang Beach attractions, you will be welcomed by a sparkling white sand is presented to daylight, appearing to be the passageway to the amazing of blue ocean water degrees. It is extremely enticing to go for a swim or simply play water. The sparkling white sand under the Sun seems to be the door to the beauty of the sea water gradation ready waiting to enshrine. If you are a hobby of photography you can develop your hobbies here because every corner of the beach is very beautiful for the enshrined. On the shore, there are the leafy trees, which you can take advantage of to rest for a moment. On the beach are not many available water sports facilities such as in Bali or Lombok Island. But the Liang Beach natural beauty is not inferior to the beaches in other islands.
Liang Beach Ambon
Liang Beach Ambon

Best Time to Visit Liang Beach Ambon

The Liang Beach which has a length of approximately 1 kilometer is always crowded during the holidays. So for those of you who do not like the hustle and like to be alone should avoid on holidays. The ideal time to go to the seaside of Liang when sea shade and now not windy, keep away from journeying whilst the wind is West or East wind because at that time the sea uneven and made the murky shore. Choose quiet months like September-November or April-may additionally in the event that they want to pay a visit to the Liang Beach Ambon.
Crystal Clear Water Liang Beach
Breathtaking Liang Beach Ambon (source

Due to its location adjacent to Liang Beach with others, you can plan a trip to the Natsepa Beach and Suli Beach on the same day. If you intend to stay, lodging Natsepa Beach just around the only option for the beach of Liang is not available. However, if you still insist on staying on the beach, simply set up a tent and ask for permission from the local guard. Or, you could try to rent rooms in local houses around the coast of the Liang Beach.

Liang Beach Accommodation

Like other attractions in Ambon that minimal facilities, beach Liang also impressed look very simple and Liang Beaches need more serious handling of local government so that the optimal development of the beach as an object of tourism in Ambon, moreover, this beach has been crowned as one of the most beautiful beaches in Indonesia. This beach is handling should be like other famous nautical tourism in Indonesia.
The Most Beautiful Beach in Indonesia
Liang Beach with Sperkling White Sand

How to get to Liang Beach

The Liang beach is only approximately 35 kilometers from the Center of the city of Ambon and takes approximately one hour. Access to the beach is indeed quite difficult because of Liang although public transportation is available but very limited in number. Then only operate at certain hours. Now, with the presence of Trans Amboina Hunimua route, tourists can freely visit the beaches of Liang with only Rp 8.500/person.  You can also use the services of a Taxi from the center of Ambon to Liang and costs Rp 50.000 ($5)/person.

If you are traveling with family or groups of highly advised to use your own vehicle or renting public transportation for sightseeing Ambon because other than cheap, also because you can visit more places without worrying about the limitations of transport. One car can usually be rented with Rp 150.000 to Rp 200.000 ($20) a day and can accommodate up to 10 people. The price of admission to the Liang Beach Ambon is Rp 15.000 ($1)/person.