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Top 7 Must Visit Places in Solo

Top 7 Must Visit Places in Solo

The Solo City or Surakarta is a strategically located town in the province of Central Java, Indonesia. Because Solo City has a strategic location and is in the middle of the land, the city of Solo is always crowded with people on their way to another city for transit. In addition to transit, Solo City also has attractive tourist spots. Here's a list of the best tourist attractions in Solo City Indonesia:

1. Pasar Klewer

Pasar Klewer
Pasar Klewer (

Pasar Klewer (Klewer Market) is the center of textile and clothing in the city of Solo. The market is synonymous with solo city offers a variety of fabrics and various clothing, especially batik. Pasar Klewer is not only as an economic hub, but also a shopping destination and landmark for the city of Surakarta.

Klewer Market initiated since the Japanese colonial period, where many people are hawking fabrics and garments by way of hanging on the shoulders. Because wares dangling irregular or "kleweran". From the word "kleweran" the name Pasar Klewer is taken. Klewer Market has undergone several refurbishment markets, to adapt to market developments.

Klewer Market is located at the west gate of Keraton Surakarta and south of the Masjid Agung (Grand Mosque). In addition to a cloth merchant, around Pasar Klewer there are also typical foods vendors are also a culinary destination.

Surakarta Sunanate or Keraton Surakarta Hadiningrat

Keraton Surakarta (Surakarta Sunanate) is a symbol and a forerunner of Surakarta or more famous Solo City. Keraton Surakarta or the official name Surakarta Sunanate is a historic place that should not be missed when visiting the Surakarta. Built in stages since the first was established in 1744 by Sunan Pakubowono II, made the Keraton Surakarta an exotic locale also save a lot of historical value.

Physically Keraton Surakarta has much in common with the Sultan Palace Yogyakarta in terms of spatial archetype, because one of the architects was the Prince Mangkubumi or Sultan Hamengkubuwana I, which is also the main architect of the palace of Yogyakarta. The similarity of the spatial pattern is most evident in the location of the square at the north and south of the palace.

Keraton Surakarta experienced a golden age during the reign of Sunan Pakubowono X in the years 1893-1939. Keraton Surakarta undertakes massive restoration, with a mixture of architectural styles between Java and Europe in shades of white and blue.
Keraton Surakarta is located right in the city center, adjacent to several of Solo city landmarks, such as City Hall, Pasar Klewer, and Pasar Gede. There are many various means of transportation can be used to reach this location, especially the traditional transportation like rickshaws and horse cart.

3. Ngarsopuro

Ngarsopuro Surakarta
Ngarsopuro Surakarta (

The Solo city is synonymous with unique places that must be visited by people from local and foreign tourists. One area of interest to visit is the integrated area Ngarsopuro. Ngarsopuro is located in Diponegoro street right in front (south) Mangkunegaran.

Ngarsopuro is a pedestrian area with artistically styled and comfortable to use as a hangout for young people. In 2009, Ngarsuporo which is a range of electronic shops Surakarta successfully conjured up by the Government to be more beautiful and interesting to visit.

In the area of Ngarsopuro become crowded in the afternoon until the evening to society community gathering on street furniture supplied. Ngarsopuro increasingly visible ethnic and unique with paintings on display, street lights installed in a bird cage, sculptures Loroblonyo and others.

4. Radya Pustaka Museum

Radya Pustaka Museum
Radya Pustaka Museum (

The museum is located near Sriwedari Park is one of the old museum, even the oldest in Indonesia. It founded by KRA Sosrodiningrat IV during the reign Pakubuwono IX. Precisely in one room in the palace Kepatihan on October 28, 1890. In 1913 moved to its current location, at Jalan Slamet Riyadi. Previously, the museum building was the residence of Johannes Busselaar, a citizen of the Netherlands, which was later bought by Sri Susuhunan Pakubowono and serve as the location of the new museum.

In addition, a renowned cultural figure, Go Tik Swan or also known as KRT. Hardjonagoro, which is known as the creator of the archipelago batik motif, also contributed greatly to the development of this museum.

There are a lot of historic objects that is a collection of the Radya Pustaka Museum that provides valuable information, although it was marred by the theft. Surely this is a special note for the manager. There is a collection of objects the museum several gifts from the guests of state, for example, some porcelain gift from Napoleon Bonaparte to Sri Susuhunan Pakubuwana IV.

Radya Pustaka Museum could be an option for those of you who want to travel to see the city of Solo in the past. The location is easily accessible and adequate transportation options and of course can be a plus to visit there.

5. Kampung Batik Laweyan

Kampung Batik Laweyan
Kampung Batik Laweyan (

Kampung Batik Laweyan is a center of batik in Solo. Laweyan is one of the old villages in the city of Solo, who is now also the name of the village and sub-district in the city of Solo. This village has existed since the 14th century to the royal era Pajang. Laweyan derived from the word "Lawe" which means the thread of cotton spun because at that time the place is the center of cloth manufacture. Until now Laweyan reputed to be a center of batik and fabric, especially in the city of Solo.

When entering the village Laweyan as if entering the old town with views of the old architecture that still stands. Many houses in Laweyan built with a touch of European architecture is magnificent and sturdiness. This house the residence of the batik merchants in antiquity. Their wealth surpassed even the nobles, so no wonder they can build their own castles.

In addition, there are ancient houses belonging to merchants, many historic sites in the village Laweyan, such as the Museum Samanhudi. Samanhudi is one of the leaders of the national movement. Not just enjoy the history and beauty of the building. In Kampung Batik Laweyan, you can buy all kinds of batik products, fabrics, clothes and handicrafts, as many stores batik in this village.

6. Mangkunegaran

Magkunegaran Surakarta
Mangkunegaran Surakarta 

Mangkunegaran or Puro Mangkunegaran in the Javanese pronunciation is one of the palaces in the city of Solo, although it is smaller than the Surakarta Sunanate, but its beauty is still visible today. As mentioned in various sources, Mangkunegaran built after the Treaty of Salatiga in 1757. Just as Kraton Surakarta, Mangkunegaran also changing the architecture of the building, which can be seen from mixing European style in some parts of the building. It is estimated Mangkunegaran current form was built by KGPAA MANGKUNEGARA II who ruled between the years 1804-1866.

In this place, visitors are invited to browse through the traces of history and heritage that is amazing, because, in addition to the beautiful buildings, Mangkunegaran also keeps a collection of books and literature. Everything is arranged in Rekso Library (Rekso Pustoko, in Javanese pronunciation) built by KGPAA Mangkunegoro IV, to keep the treasures of science that flourished in Mangkunegaran.

Mangkunegaran is located in the center of the city of Solo, making it easy to reach by various means of transport. It is precisely located at Jl. Ronggo Warsito, Jl. Kartini, Jl. Students and Jl. Teuku Umar.

7. Museum Batik Danar Hadi

Museum Batik Danar Hadi
Museum BAtik Danar Hadi (

Batik is an important cultural heritage to be preserved. Even UNESCO has confirmed batik as world cultural heritage. Danar Hadi is one of the famous batik producers in the city of Surakarta. Besides the production of batik and product innovation, Danar Hadi also preserves valuable cultural this by setting up a museum, the Museum of Ancient Batik Danar Hadi.

There are a variety of patterns, motifs and batik cloth from all over Indonesia in the collection of Ancient Danar Hadi Batik Museum. The collections even reach 10000 pieces of batik cloth, so that the museum is recognized by MURI (Indonesian record museum) as a museum that has the largest collection of batik cloth.

Opened in 2002, the museum holds a variety of patterns and motifs of batik cloth along with the values of its history. Dutch batik cloth is one of the important collections of Ancient Danar Hadi Batik Museum. This fabric is influenced by the variety of patterns and colors typical of Europe, brought by the Europeans in the Dutch colonial period. In addition, there is the motif Djawa Hokokai.

Type of batik fabric is influenced by the variety of patterns and colors typical of Japan, which at that time occupied Indonesia. The combination of this cultural pattern is making batik cloth Djawa Hokokai more unique and beautiful.

Ancient Danar Hadi Batik Museum, in addition to being a place to store the fabrics are priceless, also provide historical and cultural information for all visitors.
The Best Tourist Attractions in Makassar

The Best Tourist Attractions in Makassar

Makassar is one of the largest cities in South Sulawesi. Formerly, Makassar named Ujung Pandang. Makassar is located on the Coast of Sulawesi Island and making this the city that is famous for its beaches, namely Losari Beach. But not only Losari Beach is tourist attractions in Makassar, there are also other interesting places that you must visit when you are in Makassar. Below is a list of tourist attractions in Makassar travelers who frequently visit.

Losari Beach

Losari Beach is an icon of the city of Makassar. The scenery is very beautiful sunsets can make the tourists interested in visiting. Additionally, you can also fish, sail by boat and banana boat rides that exist here. Access to here is very easy, from Sultan Hasanuddin Airport and then headed to the beach is by using public transport or private vehicles.
Losari Beach
Losari Beach

Trans Studio Makassar

Trans Studio Makassar is one of the largest tourist attractions in Indonesia and also in the world. Trans Studio Makassar is also the most interesting sights in Sulawesi. An amusement park located in Jalan HM Dg. Patomo, Metro Tanjung Bunga, and Makassar has a wide variety of rides with different themes, namely Studio Central, Lost City, Cartoon City and also Magic Corner.
Trans Studio Makassar
Trans Studio Makassar

Tanjung Bira

The next tourist attraction in Makassar is Tanjung Bira. The beauty of Tanjung Bira is not only known by domestic tourists in Makassar but foreign tourists also frequent sights on this one. To get to Tanjung Bira, you have to travel a distance of about 200 km from the city of Makassar. However, the distance will be paid off with spectacular scenery. The sand is soft and the water is clear blue is the main attraction of this beach. Facilities those are here already quite complete, such as lodging, restaurants and also the bathroom.
Tanjung Bira Makassar
Tanjung Bira

Hot Spring Lejja

A tourist attraction in Makassar next is a Hot Spring Lejja. The Hot Spring is located in protected forest areas in the district Marioriawa, Soppeng Regency has a Lovely view and the cool air. In the sights of the Airport has five swimming baths with temperature sizes and different depths. The sulfur content in hot water is believed to cure various skin diseases and bone.
Hot Spring Lejja Makassar
Lejja Soppeng (source

Tempe Lake

Tempe Lake is a freshwater lake fish producer in the world. The Tempe lake is located in the western part of Wajo there are many floating house owned by fishermen. Not only that, each dated August 23, at Tempe Lake will be held an annual ritual to purify the lake. The ritual is called Maccera Tappareng. On Tempe Lake also there will be many arts and cultural performances and various competitions.
Tempe Lake Makassar
Tempe Lake (source

Samalona Island

Samalona Island can be reached in approximately 45 minutes by boat from the dock Fort Rotterdam. On the Samalona Island, you can enjoy the natural beauty ranging from white sand and crystal clear water. Samalona Island is a wonderful place to do snorkeling and diving activities. Samalona on the island there is also several facilities, such as toilets, rooms, food stalls, and even lodging.
Samalona Island Makassar
Samalona Island (source

Malino Highland

Malino is located at an altitude of 1.050 meters above sea level, making these places become a favorite tourist spot in many each circle. If you are interested in visiting Malino, do not forget to bring a jacket and thick clothing, because the air temperature in Malino is ranged between 10 to 26 degrees Celsius. To get here you have to travel about 90 km from the city center.  During the trip, you will not get bored because it will pass through limestone scenery and a beautiful pine forest. In this plateau, there are several other interesting places, like Takapala Waterfall, Seribu Tangga Waterfall, tea garden, blue valleys and much more.
Takapala Waterfall Malino
Takapala Waterfall (source

Taka Bonerate National Park

For those of you who loved snorkeling and diving, Taka Bonerate National Park is the best tourist attractions that you must visit. When diving here, you will be accompanied by hundreds of species of fish, turtles and sea turtles. Not only that, you will also be spoiled with beautiful coral reefs in Taka Bonerate National Park. The best time to visit the Taka Bonerate National Park is between April and May. To be able to dive here, you must obtain prior permission from the National Park Rangers.
Taka Bonerate National Park
Taka Bonerate National Park  (source

The Most Popular Bali Destinations

The Most Popular Bali Destinations

Bali Island is an island placed within the country of Indonesia and most illustrious in the majority over the world. The island includes a natural beauty and unique culture that remains worn to the present day. additionally friendly of the population additionally became characteristic of the island of the island, and may make us comfortable visit destinations that square measure nicknamed the Pulau Dewata.

The culture in the island will so be same to possess been preserved from generation to generation, not as a result of the various tourists who visit it, however, a commitment from residents of the island can still maintain the culture so became the hallmark of the island itself.

Bali Destinations
Pura Tanah Lot Bali Indonesia

Bali Points of Interest

As the most known sights in the land, and features a resort that combined with the wonder of its beaches, and sparkling nightlife, creating the island of Bali because the world's best traveler spots (World's Best Island) Travel magazine version in 2009. And in 2010 was additionally awarded the amount 2 better of Travel 2010 Leasure magazine version.

The nickname of Bali itself, there are many that recognize Bali because the island of the gods, the island paradise, and others describe him as an island of thousand temples. The charm of the most extraordinary natural sort of an abundant rice field and supply a way of peace and tranquility, high volcanoes and looking out nearer and greater, further because the great thing about the beaches and an incredible stretch of sand create a particular craving toward the left.
Beautiful Beach in Bali
The Magnificent Beach in Bali

Bali Attractions

Bali additionally referred to as works of art. Several works of art made from the locals who are definitely terribly fascinating and unique. Sometimes that works of art are on display in a gallery that's found within the traveler space of Pulau Dewata Island. Additionally to the works of art of Bali stores a wealth of dance and dramatic, still as rituals are terribly various. 

The culinary world is extremely various. Therefore if you're visiting the island on this one, then you'll notice a large type of dishes typical dishes of Bali. Most of the folks of Bali Island embraced the assumption or faith of Hinduism, and it might be same the Balinese are terribly devout within their religion; most of them dedicated his life in the ancient ceremony, which aims to keep up world peace. No wonder if the island keeps its individualism that makes a surprise to those people who haven't come back to understand Bali.

Bali is additionally a hangout for tourists who come back from everywhere the world, starting from people who will come back to get pleasure from the sweetness of the mountains, lakes, people who are available in and will get pleasure from the beauty of the beach and water sport on the waves.
Pura Taman Ayu Bali
Pura Taman Ayu Bali

How to get to Bali

Exploring attractions in Pulau Dewata Bali it takes unbelievable detail. In order, you become a lot of economical and time-saving cash. that's as a result of the big variety of traveler destinations in Bali while island vacation to our time is incredibly short. The bulk of travelers pays their time to go to tourist in Bali between 4-7 days, and even then not all traveler destinations we have a tendency to visit. Below can describe an efficient route for those of you who will visit traveler spots in Bali.
Kecak Dance Bali
Kecak Ramayana Dance Bali

To travel to the island of the island isn't difficult. you'll do the journey towards the island submit to air, land, and ocean also. If you travel island Island submit to the air, you'll directly land at Ngurah Rai International airport, and if you pass the path of the ocean and also the land, you'll do the crossing of the submit to the port of Ketapang to Gilimanuk that tourists from the West, and also the port of Padang Bai to the East of the island by using the Ferry boat.

Arriving in Bali you'll select lodging in Kuta Beach area. Why? as a result of there are several hotel kind choices, starting from an occasional value to the most valuable, also because of its strategic location and close to the various attractions in Bali.