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Papuma Beach Jember Tourism

Papuma Beach Jember Tourism

Papuma Beach Jember - Papuma Beach is about 45 km to downtown Jember. This beach location is precisely in the village Lojejer, entered in the District Wuluhan, Jember, East Java.
Jember is one of the cities in East Java. Although the city is small, who would have thought it has many exotic beaches that should not be missed. Recently Papuma beach is one of the more famous beaches because it is often used as a favorite tourist destination for a vacation. Papuma Beach is also called the White Beach Malikan. Here's a little information about Papuma Beach Jember East Java Which has a beautiful view.

Papuma Beach Jember

The Beauty of Papuma Beach

Before entering the area of Papuma Beach, visitors are treated to a panorama of teak forests; the teak wood is the main road to get to this beach. The wood is called Maliki Forest which still has a wealth of fauna and flora typical of Indonesia. The management has provided a special way for tourists to go to Papuma beach, so no need to be afraid to pass the road in this forest.

Papuma Beach is also known by the name of Tanjung Papuma beach because of its landward position jutting into the sea resembling a headland. Papuma beach scene is gorgeous with a treat mix between white sand and coral rocks that spread on the beach.

Seven massive corals towering on the beach are characteristic of Papuma beaches. Its large size makes the corals resemble an island. The seven corals have their respective names namely the island of Krishna, Batara Guru island, Narada island, Nusa Barong island, and Kajang island and the island of Beetle because of its shape resembles a Frog.

Papuma Jember

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When the waves begin to recede, visitors can feel the sensation of standing on the rocks and exposure to the wind that touches the face. However, still have to be careful because the rocks are rough and steep so that you can hurt if not careful.  When the sea recedes, you can also see the fish chasing lively under the reef.

The sea water in this beach is quite calm, so many fishermen who dock to rest and get off the ship at around 11:00 until 13:00 noon. Also, usually, the fishermen also bring catch fish that you can buy to be burned directly on the beach with friends. You can also bring the fish to the stalls around the beach for cooking.

This tourist spot is a very suitable location visited by the photographer because it can capture the landscape photos of the sturdy corals that loom on the beach. Not only that, but it can also be the location of pre-wedding photos because of the many interesting spots.

How to Get to Papuma Beach Tour

If you are from outside East Java, then you can use the services of airlines or trains. For those of you who go with friends, it is advisable to rent a private car from the city of Surabaya, because public transportation can not access Papuma Beach. The car must also have a prime performance because the field to the beach is quite steep and not recommended to use a small car or city car.

Papuma Beach's Road

Firstly visitors must arrive in the town of Surabaya. From Surabaya, you can take a route to the town of Sidoarjo and follow the directions to Pasuruan city. Then, from Pasuruan, you take the path to the town of Probolinggo - Lumajang - Jember. And then when you arrive in Jember just follow the instructions to get to Papuma Beach.

Blue Bay Banyuwangi

Blue Bay Banyuwangi

Teluk Biru Banyuwangi or often called Blue Bay Banyuwangi is a marine tourism park that has the beauty of water and stunning sea floor panorama. The atmosphere in this bay is still very natural, both sea water and its location.

Blue Bay Tour Banyuwangi is located in Alas Purwo National Park. The exact position is at Resort Sembulungan. This area is a place known as a fishing area by tourists and their own Muncar community. So, sometimes, Blue Bay Beach is also called the tour of Blue Bay Beach Muncar Banyuwangi. Muncar added the word here because the local fishermen are actively looking for fish.
Blue Bay Banyuwangi ( Source image from )

Indeed, its name is not as famous as Green Bay where it is first known among tourists, but because its beauty is almost as good as other tourist destinations in Banyuwangi and most likely if the place will become a favorite place for visitors who want to explore Banyuwangi tourist destination. The difference if Green Bay is famous for its green water, then Blue Bay Banyuwangi more to the beauty of marine biota with clear blue turquoise water due to the primary color of the water, so it is suitable for snorkeling & diving.

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Some Activities when visiting the Blue Bay Banyuwangi

Banyuwangi Blue Bay tourist area is a suitable place for you who like diving. No doubt, here is the diverse marine life with aquatic vegetation, such as coral reefs, algae, fish, which are highly protected. Muncar fishermen come together to make this place like a coral reef transplant area. Nevertheless, Muncar fishermen still rely on this site as a means of fishing for fish. The blue bay is famous for its readily available fish.

If you like fishing, you can bring fishing gear and net from home. Because of this bay other than as a tourist spot, Blue Bay is also a gathering place for many fish. Not a few fishermen who managed to bring home many fish from this Sea every day.

In addition to enjoying the panorama around the bay, every tourist who visits also has the opportunity to see the beauty of Sunrise at dawn. Given the location of the Blue Bay is a little far, and long travel time, tourists must leave at 02.00 am to see the sunrise.
Blue Bay Clear Turquoise Water ( Source image from )

How to get Blue Bay Banyuwangi

The only way to get to the Blue Bay is by sea. There is no road access you can reach to get here. The Blue Bay Banyuwangi is still located in Muncar sub-district, Banyuwangi district, East Java. Trips to the Blue Bay should be conducted between October and May, because the wind direction from the Strait of Bali is very influential, so it is quite dangerous if you travel by boat other than those two months.

You can start the journey to Blue Bay through Muncar Village fish port in one hour from Banyuwangi city. The muncar fish port is the second largest fish port in Indonesia. From this port, the journey can only continue using traditional fishing boats to Blue Bay Banyuwangi in less than two and a half hours. Only take a long time, but do not worry. During the trip, you will be pampered with beautiful views of the sea. The mound of green land that gradually becomes closer to a different sensation when sailing.

Before known as Teluk Biru (Blue Bay), this place is more familiar to the residents by the name of Selanggrong. If you want to sail to this beach with people who will find fish, you should say that you want to go tour to Selanggrong because the name of Blue Bay Beach is less well known by the local people.

Gili Labak Island Madura

Gili Labak Island Madura

Gili Labak Madura is one of the tourist attractions in Madura which has breathtaking natural scenery. Uninhabited Island is still very natural, beautiful and able to spoil the natural beauty and hypnotic eyes of the tourists. The tiny island that only has an area of 5 hectares is located in the village Kombang, District Talango, Sumenep, Madura, East Java, Indonesia. Gili itself is a term for a small island surrounded by ocean. So Gili as if is floating in the sea.
Crystal Clear Water at Gili Labak
Crytal Clear Water at Gili Labak  (source

The Uniqueness of the Gili Labak Island Madura

Formerly this island called Pulau Tikus (Rat Island). This is because this place was once a rat's nest, but as time goes by, the beauty of this island beyond the name. Therefore, Pulau Tikus (Rat Island) was renamed Gili Labak Island.
The island is the most eastern tip of the Isle of Madura has white sand, clear blue sea and the rustle of the waves was very calm. The stretch of white sand and clear sea water which makes Gili Labak worth visiting. The clear sea water is there to make you able to enjoy the coral reef, and marine life is wonderful. Not only that, the island of Gili Labak is a small island which has an area of 5 hectares so it can be surrounded by walking less than 30 minutes.

Things to do in Gili Labak Madura

Enjoy the charms of the sea Gili Labak on a boat

The first is the enchantment of the sea Gili Labak on a vessel. As you know to get to the island you have to travel by boat. In the journey, of course, you can enjoy a fascinating view and to take photos during the trip. In the distance, you can benefit from the beauty of the island of Gili Labak.
Gili Labak Madura East Java
Gili Labak Madura Island  (source

Having starred with white sand

Naturally if playing on the beach, most favorite activities carried out by the visitors are playing the white sand. Unlike the other beaches, Gili Labak has very soft white sand like baby powder.

Enjoy sunset views

Not only the play of white sand but enjoying the sunset view is also one of the most popular and enjoyable activity. The sunset view in Gili Labak Madura is no less beautiful beaches in Indonesia.

Snorkeling and Diving in Gili Labak Madura

Snorkeling and diving is a mandatory thing to do while on vacation in Gili Labak Madura. When snorkeling you will be able to enjoy the natural beauty of the sea, coral reefs, and other marine life. You can bring equipment from home or rent snorkel equipment there.

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Capture the moment to take pictures

Gili Labak Madura is an attractive tourist spot for those who love photography. During the trip, you can take pictures on a boat. Not only that, if you are interested in visiting these sights do not forget to bring the camera underwater. Since you can take pictures while snorkeling or diving.

Gili Labak Madura Accommodation

The facilities and accommodation that is in place are still considered inadequate. Such as limited clean water, lack of electricity and lodging. If you want to spend the night, you can stay at home residents or camp on the beach. For food and shelter needs are highly recommended well prepared.

Best time to visit Gili Labak Madura

The best time to visit Gili Labak Madura is April to November. This is because in the conditions of the sea are calm.
Gili Labak Sumenep Madura
Gili Labak's White Sand  (source

How to get Gili Labak Island Madura

Before going to Gili Labak island Madura, you need to advance to Sumenep. There are many ways to get there. If you come from Surabaya, you can go Bungurasih terminal. From the bus station of Bungurasih chooses who will go to Madura and usually the last stop in Terminal Sumenep or at the Port Kalianget.

To achieve Gili Labak of Sumenep, there is no regular vehicle. The only way is to hire fishing boats. For the rents is no official benchmark, depending on negotiations between the travelers with ship owners. Regular price approximately Rp 400.000 ($40) for boat capacity of 18 people round-trip. For an average day would be less than it is while on holiday could have been more expensive. After a sea journey of about 2 hours, you can get to the Gili Labak, Madura.

For those who use the aircraft can descend at Juanda airport and proceed to the terminal Bungurasih using Damri bus or taxi.
The simplest way to achieve this island for small groups is to use the many tour packages starting from Surabaya.

Madakaripura Waterfall Probolinggo Indonesia

Madakaripura Waterfall Probolinggo Indonesia

Madakaripura Waterfall is one of the waterfalls in the location of the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. Precisely Madakaripura Waterfall is located in the village of Negororejo, district Lumbang, Probolinggo, East Java. Probolinggo Madakaripura Waterfall is the very best waterfall in Java and has become the second one highest waterfall in Indonesia. Madakaripura Waterfall had an altitude of approximately two hundred meters and surrounded with the aid of area of interest formed cliffs towering that shed water paperwork a curtain on the whole subject of the cliffs like rain. Three cliffs flowed copiously creating the waterfall again. There are about 5 waterfalls in this area, and the main waterfall is positioned on some distance end of a room formed like a circle with a diameter of about 25 meters.
The Main Madakaripura Waterfalls
The Main Madakaripura Waterfall  (source

At the back of the main falls, there's a cave wherein it is challenging to reap it due to the fact they have to skip through a pool of water protecting a place of 25 square meters of a current proper under the waterfall. The depth of the pond is about 7 meters and had a go with the flow of water is very heavy.

Madakaripura waterfall in Probolinggo usually visited by tourists who will visit Mount Bromo, this is due to the location being in the travel lane area of Mount Bromo. But the thing that you should notice in this tourist attraction is visiting hour visits do not exceed 14.00. This is due to the weather in this waterfall tourist sites are moist and frequent rain.

Madakaripura Waterfall History

In step with local citizens, the call of Madakaripura manner, ' the ultimate vicinity ' that is taken from a tale in antiquity, purportedly Patih Gajah Mada spent the relaxation of his lifestyles through meditating in this waterfall (in a cave in the main waterfalls). He's doing this because it feels failed in uniting the country. This story is supported by using the lifestyles of Gajah Mada's statue within the parking region.
Madakaripura Waterfall
Three Beautiful Madakaripura Waterfalls  (source

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Things to do in Madakaripura Waterfall

Many of the tourists who visit here just to enjoy a very enchanting natural view, surrounded by walls that form a cliff made of attractions in Probolinggo this one is interesting and may relieve stress because of routine work. During the journey from the post admission to the attractions of Madakaripura waterfall, you will see the awe-inspiring natural scenery and the sound of water and the chirping birds that still wild will make you like in the wild.

For those of you who love photography, this location can be a fascinating object, starting from the entrance of the arrival to the atmosphere in a waterfall like in the tube. But you should always be alert because if there is a flood or a landslide, you'll be trapped in the bottom of the tube. To anticipate the things officials will close the Madakaripura waterfall tourist area of Madakaripura waterfall when the situation is expected to occur by landslide or flooding.
Madakaripura Waterfall
The Circle with Diameter about 25 meters  (source

Madakaripura Waterfall Accommodation

Not only has the exotic, but Madakaripura Waterfall also featured a variety of facilities that support the comfort of the visitors. Services include: food stalls, bathrooms are clean, the mosque and the parking lot. And there is also rental services umbrella for you who forget not to bring an umbrella.

How to get to Madakaripura Waterfall

It is about 5 kilometers from the cross the highway to Mt. Bromo or approximately 45 minutes travel time from the tourist sites of Mount Bromo in the direction of Probolinggo (North).  If you depart from Probolinggo is about 30 kilometers. Location of Madakaripura waterfall can be reached by private vehicle or rental car (from Probolinggo car hire Rp 400.000 ($40) round trip + driver) with meandering road conditions and has already paved but slightly narrow.

If the journey is coming from the direction of Probolinggo and then once in the village of Sukapura will found a T-junction marked by a big sign. If you turn to the left in the direction of Mount Bromo and you move on to the right towards the Madakaripura Waterfall locations. The distance from the junction is still about 4 kilometers until arriving at the entrance of the place of the falls. Earlier still found the T-junction again before coming to the door and take the turn to the right. Arriving at the gate and into the parking area, the journey continues by walking approximately 1 km towards Madakaripura waterfall locations.
Madakaripura Waterfall entrance fee is Rp 10.000 ($1)/person.

To go to Madakaripura waterfall we recommend the usage of the offerings of a guide, this is due to the fact the direction to get there it is quite dark. At this region are common floods and landslides. This guide is commonly the local residents may be found in the parking area. Even for the ones of you who need the services of a guide while enjoying the splendor of Madakaripura Waterfall, you could pay Rp 50.000 ($5) for the services of a guide.

Watu Karung Beach Pacitan Indonesia

Watu Karung Beach Pacitan Indonesia

Watu Karung Beach is located in the village of Watu Karung, district Pringkuku, Pacitan Regency, East Java province. Pacitan is one of the cities in the southwestern tip of the province of East Java that is surrounded by mountains and has attractions that are fascinating to visit. Watu Karung Beach has incredible natural beauty with crystal clear sea water, and it has a large rock in the middle of the sea. The beach at Pacitan is a beach which faces the ocean with Indonesia or South seas with high waves.
Watu Karung Surf
Watu Karung Pacitan with The Great Waves  (source

The Charm of the Watu Karung Beach

Watu Karung Beach or local people call it the’’ WK’’ Beach. Watu Karung Beach is located not far from the Srau Beach which is approximately 45 minutes away. Because not many people know the existence of this beach makes Watu Karung Beach is still quiet and maintained its sustainability. Although the Watu Karung Beach is not so spacious, Watu Karung Beach has picturesque scenery, at Watu Karung Beach you can see views of the large coral rock lined and slightly speckled with green plants. The pure white sand beach is still free from rubbish to make the scenery that is so refreshing. Sea water green areas and clear waters make corals and marine life that are directly visible without having to dive.

Directly facing the beach with this Indian Ocean make this beach has waves so big. For surf lovers, find the beach that has a massive wave and stable is the happiness of its own let alone if the spot is not yet well known by many people. Watu Karung Beach offers world-class waves for lovers of surfing, waves in Watu Karung Beach is able to reach a height of 4 meters. The waves are very gentle no wonder world-class surfers as world champion Bruce Irons interested in trying surfing in the Watu Karung Beach. Thanks to Bruce and his was surfing in Watu Karung Beach made the cover of one of the leading international magazine Waves, there are so many surf lovers very interested and then come to this beautiful place.
Watu Karung Beach Pacitan
Rocks at Watu Karung Beach  (source

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Things to do in Watu Karung beach

In addition to the activity of surfing, at Watu Karung Beach will also find fishing activity. Visitors can also rent a fishing boat for a fishing trip in the middle of the ocean or can also utilize the cliffs lining the shores of Watu Karung Beach for fishing. Not far from the beach there is also a dock full of fishermen boats there are fish sales and offering the catch from the fishermen. The perfect time to enjoy the scenery in Watu Karung Beach in the afternoon, which is that often, times the water receded and left some marine life as well as a great rock in a few holes of coral. For those of you who love photography, Watu Karung Beach is very beautifully made object photo at the time of the evening when the Sunset.
Fishermen Boats of Watu Karung Pacitan
Fisherman Boats at Watu Karung Beach (source

Watu Karung Accommodation

For those of you who want to spend the night on the beach, you can hire some lodging in Watu Karung Beach such as homestay and resorts lining not far from the Watu Karung Beach. There are 24 resorts and homestays in the Watu Karung Beach with rates varying from Rp 100.000 ($10) to Rp 5.000.0000 ($50) per night. Building resorts and homestay in this coastal area generally have the Java architecture.

How to get to Watu Karung Beach

With the greater name of Watu Karung Beach, especially the surf lovers, then it is no wonder that more and more now want to come to this place and want to feel the beauty and the sound waves at Watu Karung Beach. Access to Watu Karung Beach itself has not been too easy because it is still limited to public transport that operates towards this area. So if you want to visit Watu Karung Beach, I recommend using private vehicles or rent vehicles is an option that can be taken. Using private vehicles headed to Watu Karung Beach need vigilance and caution because the access road to this place has not been so good, the way that will pass is tiny and narrow, so many holes. Also during the trip which will be taken approximately up to 40 kilometers and there will be lots of sharp turns and a very steep uphill path.
Pacitan Surf
A Surfer is Enjoying Wave at Watu Karang Beach  (source

To go to Watu Karung Beach the easiest routes you traveled through the Jalan Raya Pacitan-Solo in going through the bus. Arriving at the fork in the village of Dadapan if you are from the town of Pacitan. And then please take the left lane and if you are from the direction of Solo, please turn to the right or see signposts the way. And please continue the journey up to the village of Candi then you will find a signpost with a two-way street up on who is the line to the Srau Beach while the direction is the downward path heading to the Watu Karung Beach.
The entrance fee of the Watu Karung Beach is Rp 5.000 ($1)/person.

Blue Flame Phenomenon of Ijen Crater

Blue Flame Phenomenon of Ijen Crater

Ijen Crater is part of the Nature Reserve Ijen Tour. Administratively, Ijen Crater is located in the two districts of the Banyuwangi and Bondowoso. Ijen crater is located above the height 2.443 meters above sea level and is part of Mount Ijen; one of the volcanoes is still active in Java Island.
Ijen Crater Caldera
Ijen Crater Caldera

The name of the Ijen has known the world since the advent of two tourists from French Nicolas Hulot and his wife Katia Kraft in 1971. They wrote the story of the enchantment of the Ijen Crater along with the harsh lives of the miner's slabs of sulfur in the magazine Geo, France. Two this becomes the main attraction for tourists and world photographer.

Ijen Crater is a crater that has the most acidic levels in the world. Have the wall of the massive caldera 300-500 meters, while width reaches 5.466 hectares. For the size of his own crater approximately 20 km. The crater has a depth of about 300 meters on the wall of the caldera. Regarding natural attractions of this panorama has an exquisite natural charm. In the morning you will see the scenery of the sunrise which is remarkable. Ijen Crater has a quite extraordinary beauty with the lake of sulfur is green Tosca with a touch of dramatic and beautiful. Lake Ijen has degree zero acid and has the depth of 200 meters. A high acid can dissolve human fingers and clothes.

Ijen Crater Volcano
Ijen Crater Volcano

Things to do in the Ijen Crater Blue Fire

Crater Ijen have the atmosphere of the hill become a special appeal for you to visit Crater Ijen. Not only that the enchantment of the rising sun offered at the Ijen Crater and the most anticipated later from the tourists who came here is to observe the natural phenomenon of the directly ‘’Blue Flame’’ in Ijen Crater that you can enjoy in the early morning until about 05.00 am.

Not only scenery that you can find is natural phenomenon namely the view of the Lake crater green fringe corners. That will hypnotize every visitor who comes around. The visitors who came here also can see the mining process sulfur, not only that houses near Ijen Crater you can visit agrotourism, and here you will be shown how to treat of coffee.

See Blue Flame Phenomenon

Ijen Crater Blue Fire
Ijen Crater Blue Fire (source

Ijen Crater offers an exotic beauty back in the early days. The sulfur liquid that flows from the incessant under the crater glows blue flame poses. This phenomenon occurred just two in the world that Iceland's first and second there in Ijen crater. To enjoy the spectacular views of this nature you should climb Mount Ijen, which started around 2 a.m. at the entrance (Paltuding), by holding her cold mountain air temperature reaches 10 Celsius degree movies, even can reach 2 degrees Celsius. But it will not be felt with an incredible sight that you will go through during the hike.

Traditional Sulfur Mining

Sulfur Miners
Sulfur Miners

Ijen Crater is a crater that is used for sulfur mining territory which is in Banyuwangi Regency, East Java, which is also the largest sulfur mining in Indonesia and still uses traditional ways of processing. Ijen Crater has sulfur that will never run out because it can come out continuously by itself. Sublimates sulfur is beneficial for the needs of the chemical industry, also, can also be used for purification of sugar. In the southeast side of the Ijen Crater, there is fumarole field which is always issuing volcanic gasses with a high enough concentration of sulfur so often creates a very pungent smell.

Generally, the sulfur miners making improvements on foot, down the caldera as far as 3 km to take sulfur. It is not an easy thing to do because they still must dig in advance using the tools potluck. Then the stones are broken down and put in the same large baskets. Sulfur miners can carry stones weighing 100 kg. This is not a burden that is lightweight and easy to do. In addition to anticipating the strong scent of sulfur fumes, they use breathing masks are used as improvised protective.

Coffee Agro

If you depart from Bondowoso, you will pass through the area of Arabica coffee plantation. It's worth stopping by and tries the wise ones are here. You can walk around the estate and see the process of picking up of processing to produce the best coffee with the taste.

How to get to Ijen Crater

For those of you coming from out of town, you can visit this place by using aircraft accommodation can transit in Surabaya's Juanda Airport for International flight path, or it could be a direct transit at the airport Blimbingsari Banyuwangi to the local flight path after that you could use ground transportation.

For the first route that you can go through to make a road trip from Banyuwangi toward Licin sub-district, this is about 15 km. In this path, you can use the motor vehicle or car. From a slick Sub, towards Patulding about 18 km from here, you can rent a jeep type car because the road where considerable winding and uphill. The journey about 1 hour then you will get Patulding which is the entrance to get to Ijen Crater.

Also for those of you who transit in Surabaya, You can pass the route North of Situbondo heading towards Sempol subdistrict Bondowoso through Wonosari and then resumed the journey to Patulding. This route is more easily traversed, and the road is still good so you could use private vehicles without having to rent a jeep. Travel mileage between Situbondo towards Patulding about 93 km. Following up on Patulding, you can walk as far as 3 km to Ijen Crater. This route is very scenic, assembled rows of pine trees and the coffee trees are neatly laid welcome anyone who passed through it.

The price of admission domestic tourists to Ijen crater is Rp. 5.000 (weekdays) and Rp. 7.500 (holidays). As for the foreign tourists, its price is Rp. 100.000 ($10) (weekdays) and Rp. 150.00 ($12) (holidays).
Volcano Blue Flames
Volcano Blue Flames (source

The best time to visit tourist attractions in East Java is during the dry season between July and September. In these months likely not going to rain so the terrain or road climbing relatively safe and you can enjoy the beauty of the Ijen Crater.

National Park : Wonderful of Africa Van Java

National Park : Wonderful of Africa Van Java

Baluran National Park Review

Baluran National Park or more also well-known by her nickname, Africa Van Java is a natural preservation area that has the original ecosystem managed with the zoning system, that is used for analysis purposes, science, education, support the cultivation, tourism, and recreation. The name of Baluran National Park taken from the name of a mountain placed in this area, namely Mount Baluran.
Baluran National Park Java
Baluran National Park from The Sky (source

Baluran national park or also called Little Africa in Java, there are some natural destinations that you can visit. Baluran National Park may be a forest preservation area that extends concerning 25.000 ha on the north coast of East Java. It placed in Sumberwaru village, Banyuwangi district, Situbondo, exactly on the east border of Java Island. The guests that return to Baluran national park can expertise the exotic panorama of Savannah and Mount Baluran that is an inactive volcano and colonized by exotic Baluran National Park animals like deer, peacocks, wild chickens, wild pigs some species of monkeys and new bulls as the protected animals within the area. Moreover, you'll enjoy the superb scenery of the forest and do the expedition activities within the wildlife and feel the magic of the woods. In Baluran National Park here is that the surround of coral reef, fish, and mangrove.

Some plants that grow within the area of Baluran National Park belongs are unique, that's able to survive with its greenish though the soil is incredibly dry. There are many kinds of plants that may be found within the Park embody Widoro Baluran buko, Mimba, and tree Leucorrhoea. Plants of this nature are planted capable of growing even a barren place although.

Baluran National Park incorporates a climate that's still normal, i.e. ranges between 27 º C to 30 ºc. As for the air humidity level reached 77%. The magnitude of the air humidity levels due to the influence by wind gusts.

At the center of a tourist location, Baluran National Park has also provided a special place for people who wish to camp. In the area of the field there are restroom facilities and even if the place was barren, to get clean water isn't involved.

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Savannah Bekol

Savannah Bekol as one of the natural attractions of the mainstay Baluran has an area of approximately 300 ha which has the widest expanse of natural savannah in Java, with the background of Mount Baluran makes guests feel like they're in Africa.

If wishing to see views of the savannah Bekol overall, guests will climb to the Tower's point of view and can get a gorgeous view. With binoculars, visitors will see Savannah Bekol from the top of the Tower whereas seeing Bama Beach and Mount Baluran. And you will see the animal attractions each day especially within the morning and the afternoon. The existence of the plant Acacia Nilotica that invades Savannah, in its development has an important function as a source of animal feed herbivore at the time of the dry season.

This place is about 12 kilometer from the doorway to Baluran, and guests will reach it by driving a motorbike or car. On the road to Bekol, guests will encounter a Peacock (Pavo muticus), jungle fowl (Gallus SP.), and entirely different kinds of birds. Additionally, to enjoying the scenery, tourists may also do fun activities whereas challenging like Hiking, Trekking, Bird watching, and wildlife Observation in Savannah Bekol.
Savannah Bekol
Savannah Bekol

Evergreen Forest

Evergreen forests are trace amounts of the green forest is also a part of Baluran national park. This is a really unique jungle, wherever the area is overgrown by growing green plants that never dried all year. Additionally, in this area, there is a whole range of gorgeous butterflies and Partridge.
Evergreen Forests
Evergreen Forest (source

Bama Beach

Bama Beach with white sand is located close to 3 kilometers from the Savannah Beko and surrounded by mangrove forests as habitat for various species of birds and primates. Here guests will enjoy the gorgeous sunrise and gray macaques who were fishing using his tail on the beach in the morning. Additionally, to gray macaques (Macaca fascicular), round Bama Beach guests will find wildlife Lutung (Trachypitecus auratus), monitor Biawak/lizard (Varanus Salvator), and various types of birds. Additionally to the gorgeous scenery, the Bama Beach has stunning underwater views. A variety of coral and fish will be found here. Bama Beach crowded during the vacation season.
Bama Beach
Bama Beach Baluran National Park

Besides enjoying the sunrise on the Bama Beach, you'll be able to walk around Baluran National Park using boats for rent on the beach. With sailing toward the coast the deeper, you can snorkel while enjoying the diversity of marine life.

The Best Time to visit Baluran National Park 

Actually, every season offers full views and a unique sensation. The best views of the savannah are present during the dry season, whereas the flowers look lovely within the type within the rainy season. Although difficult to predict the monsoon cycle, in General, the rainy season in Baluran from November to April, during the dry season from May to October.

How to get to Baluran National Park

Access is straightforward with ground vehicles from several major cities, due to the existence of a rural Turnpike connecting Surabaya, Bali, and Banyuwangi. We recommend that you just use a car or rented. The closest route which may be utilized is from the city of Banyuwangi. The path from the Banyuwangi city center towards Batangan (the distance is about 35 kilometers) and continued heading to Bekol with it takes about 45 minutes. From Bekol will go on to Banyuputih. Baluran national park is reached via the West and East. Distance to Surabaya Baluran national park about 255 kilometers and the distance from the center of Situbondo to Baluran is 60 kilometers, and if departing from the West, it will be through a relatively long. However, you may see the sights on this magnificent forest, so it feels good although the journey is quite long.
Baluran National Park Animals
Java Deer at Baluran National Park (source

Entrance Fee Baluran National Park

Weekday (Monday-Saturday)

Domestic tourists: Rp. 5.000/person

Foreign tourists: Rp. 150.000 ($12)/person

Motor: Rp. 5.000

Car: Rp. 10.000

Weekend (Sunday)

Domestic tourists: Rp. 7.500/person

Foreign tourists: Rp. 225.000 ($17)/person

Motor: Rp. 7.500

Car: Rp. 15.000

In Baluran National Park there's simple lodging at a price of approximately Rp. 250.000 ($19)/night and they additionally provide meals which will be reserved before arrival.

G-land Surf Camp Banyuwangi Indonesia

G-land Surf Camp Banyuwangi Indonesia

Sunrise of Java aka Banyuwangi is Regency placed at the eastern end of Java Island. Because the regions bordering the Indian Ocean, Banyuwangi has several beaches which will be visited by tourists. One in every of the beaches of Banyuwangi is G-Land or more popular the name of the Pantai Plengkung among the local people.

G land Surf Camp Reviews

The beach is located on the eastern tip of the island of Java is one of the Surfers Paradise. Additionally called G-Land, you'll be able to feel the joy of riding the waves roll spectacular beaches. The waves are high, massive, and extends that Beach Plengkung is known as one of the beaches with the largest waves in the world. Plengkung Beach recognized because of the best surfing spot in Southeast Asia and also the waves as well as one of the best seven waves in the world.

The waves in this place very are excellent and consistent is that the results of the influence of the currents of the Antarctic, washed by the Indian Ocean. With the right corner of the Bay, the waves generated are excellent. The peak of the waves reportedly will reach 4 to 8 meters with a length of two kilometers, and features a wave seven formations of the composition; it's very challenging for the surf lovers to do it.
G-land Surf Camp
The Waves are so Perfect at the Beach into a Dream World Surfers (source
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The waves on the beach are divided into three levels namely Kong Waves (the waves reached a height of 6-8 meters), Speed Waves (5-6 m), and many Track Waves (3-4 m). Waves of the last level (many tracks) beginner surfers are usually used to hone their skills. Besides the Plengkung Beach, the waves of it only exist in Hawaii, Australia, and South Africa. The famed beach of Plengkung a wave to the foreign traveler doesn’t at any time is found. This giant wave appears only in April and October only (especially August) each year. In this Beach Surf Contest ever held international Quicksilver professional surfing Championship in 1995 through 1997 also as DA Hui professional surfing World Championship Series III years ' 2003.

The beach of Plengkung facing on to the Indian Ocean and is located in the East Bay of Grajagan is such popular surfers who usually come from abroad. It’s not surprising if the beach Plengkung more famous abroad than domestically. The majority of tourists come from the U. S., Brazil, and Australia. From foreign surfers who admire the wonder of the waves on the coast of Plengkung a roll, this then appears the term G-Land for Beach Plengkung. Therefore for foreign tourists, they'd recognize G-Land instead of the beaches of Plengkung.
Pantai Plengkung (Plengkung Beach)
Pantai Plengkung is Well Known as G-land Surf Camp

Behind the term, G-Land for the beach Plengkung turns has several versions. The letter "G" in G-Land apparently stands for many things, namely: from the word "Grajagan,” specifically the Bay of Grajagan. Taken from the word "Green" because of its location on the edge of the green tropical forest. The atmosphere around the coast of Plengkung is green wood because it's enclosed by expanses of tropical beach forest and lowland forests that are still green, thus if the views and immortalized in photos from a distance, then it might appear to be colored green. 

Taken from the word "Great" because the waves were so huge, long and full of challenges. There’s additionally a mention, Plengkung was known as G-Land because of its lovely curved almost like the letter G. The position and the location of the beaches that are creating waves as high as up to eight meters will be shaped, that makes it favored surfing lovers. Guests may also enjoy extensive views of the gorgeous natural Beaches Plengkung from completely different angles. Officers give a tower shortly from the beach to envision the wonder of Plengkung from a height.

G land Surf Camp Banyuwangi
G land Surf Camp (source

G land Surf Camp History 

Plengkung beach is assumed together of the first effective aquatics originated from the story of the expedition from foreign surfers. In 1972, there are eight groups of surfers from the US who do the expedition to Plengkung. 

The team divided into 2 groups. There the traveler goes off by using a ship that harnesses the ocean routes, whereas five fully different passengers using a connector. Five of the traveler by road runs all the manner all the way down to the village of Grajakan, then they proceed to use surfboards on coastal waters Plengkung that is regarding twenty metric long measure. Presently three surfers through ocean routes experiencing interference. They have a terribly big struggle to successfully perform his vision. On the approach, they lack clean water so it should land on the beaches of Plengkung. 

Finally the surfer's third stop and discerned of base camp to travel searching out the usefulness of Plengkung beach as an area to surf. To look at the value of the spot they lived in the base camp for ten days.

G land Accommodation and Activities

Other fun activities may be done, like Alas Purwo National Park trekking, snorkeling, fishing, diving, caving, or view captive turtles. For lovers of photography, Beach view at Plengkung additionally pricey to miss. On the coast of Plengkung, we may see a very magnificent sunset. Several travelers are waiting for this moment. Plengkung beach equipped with a reasonably complete, starting from Bar, Restaurant, bungalows, Jangle Camp, etc. surfboard rentals are available. Of these facilities are offered in the kind of u.s. dollars.
G-land Surf Camp Sunrise
Sunrise at Pantai Plengkung or Plengkung Beach (source

How to get to G land

By road will use public transportation from Banyuwangi, guests will ride the bus to Kalipahit (about sixty km), from Kalipahit taxi ride continuing with towards a Pasar Anyar that is about four kilometers away, from here guests may take an automobile pickup heading Pos Pancur (distance is approx. 15 kilometers). Up in the Pos Pancur, both non-public vehicles and public should be placed and isn't to proceed to the coast of Plengkung. From the Pos, Pancur guests have 2 decisions to achieve the coast of Plengkung. Walking distance to the beach nine-kilometer Plengkung or rent special vehicles provided by the supplier of the Alas Purwo National Park.

The journey to the coast of Plengkung so quite significant and wish to be the additional effort because the trail isn't smooth and the paved road. It's given the situation of the beach of Plengkung in national parks, aren't allowed to change the contours of the landscape.

With the condition, that guest is not permitted to bring vehicles onto the beach of Plengkung. Otherwise, the route to the beach automobile transport Plengkung modified pickups to load passengers. One way will haul about 10 people with a value of around Rp 250.000 ($20) round trip. Any range of traveler fares is the same because it calculated for one trip. Therefore enjoying the scenery, we tend to suggest guests to the beaches of Plengkung comes before 12.00-noon point in time because the vehicles dropping off only until 5 pm.

For ocean trails, guests will use speedboat/fishing boat from the Grajagan Island (40 km) south of Banyuwangi toward the Grajagan village, from the port of Grajagan if motorboat travels (1 hour) or fishing boat (2 hours) directly reaches the G-Land Beach. These ocean routes may also be reached from Bali using the speed boat that is usually a foreign traveler.