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Nemberala Beach Rote Island Indonesia

Nemberala Beach Rote Island Indonesia

Rote Island (Pulau Rote), it is an island located in the southern tip of Indonesia is in East Nusa Tenggara. On this island, there may be the seaside with a beautiful panorama and world-magnificence waves that always hunted by surfers. In addition to the natural scenery and marine tourism became the main attraction. One of them is the Nemberala Beach that has charm stunning beach with sea waves that make surfers want to conquer it.
World-Class Waves Nemberala Beach
World - Class Wave at Nemberala Beach, Rote Island (

The expanse of pristine white sand beaches blue sea water and provide fresh nuance. Many trees are growing on the shores increasingly making this area was cool. Not only that the waves on the beach are also suitable for surfing. If you are interested, you can do snorkeling at this beach.

Nemberala Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches and famous for the waves in the village of Boa, District West Rote, Rote Ndao regency, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. The beach has also been named as the winner of Pesona Indonesia Award 2016 in the category of Most Popular Surfing Spot in 2016.

The beach is touted to have similarities with the beautiful beaches of Kuta beach in Bali. The rote island has white sand is clean and natural as well as the waves are quite challenging for the lovers of surfing. Many surfers come to this beach to challenge the waves from the Nemberala Beach. The wave at the beach is international so no wonder a lot of tourists come to visit this Nemberala Beach. Even in August through October, waves on the Nemberala Beach can achieve a peak of seven meters. It's awe-inspiring, is not it?

Many wave hunters are coming from everywhere in the world who wants to visit Indonesia because of this beach. The Nemberala Beach has come to be one of the attractions that can hypnotize them to challenge one of the exceptional waves in Indonesia.

Reefs and Corals in Rote Island
Reefs and Corals in Rote Island (

Things to in Nemberala Beach

In Nemberala Beach of Rote Island, there are many matters you may do like swimming, fishing, and surfing also lots of extra water sports activities. Fishing is one of the maximum popular games considering that the ocean around the seaside has numerous species of fish. The most common species of fish you could locate in the sea include marlin, Spanish mackerel, canine teeth tuna, yellow fin tuna, sailfish trevalli, sea perch, grouper, and wahoo.

Some other thrilling hobby is snorkeling or diving. You can experience stunning underwater life in this seaside, such as colorful stay corals, small reef fish, and large pelagics as well as beautiful sea shells nonetheless alive with their tenants and an incidental octopus. Different activities include village trip, island hopping, and surfing. The island hopping method you can go to other islands nearby which include Do’o, N’Doa, and Donna.
The Nemberala Beach Resorts
The Nemberala Beach Resort (

Nemberala Beach Accommodation

You may discover a high priced hotel close to the seaside. The resort affords complete facilities for site visitors. You can stay in the resort equipped with beautiful bedrooms and air conditioner. The resort also presents delicious menu, ranging from nearby to the global list. Additionally, the resort has a beautiful view because it's far constructed close to the beach. You could enjoy the scene of Nemberala Beach in Rote Island from the resort and pay attention the sound of the waves hitting the rock alongside the shoreline. This is a high-quality experience.

How to get The Nemberala Beach

Access way to the Nemberala Beach, Rote Island, East Nusa Tenggara, from Kupang city, can be reached by air and sea. If through the air, you can use the plane from El Tari Airport, Kupang to Rote Lekunik airport.

While using the sea lanes you can use the ferry from Port Dolok, anchored in the port of Kupang and Pantai Baru, Rote takes about three to four hours, or you can use a speedboat from Port Tenau, Kupang takes about one to two hours toward to The Nemberala Beach.

Pink Beach Komodo Island Indonesia

Pink Beach Komodo Island Indonesia

Pink Beach Komodo Island
Excellent Pink Sand (source

Indonesia Pink Beach Location 

On a visit to a beach of white sand, it would be okay. However, have you ever thought there's unthinkable in a beach that has pink sand? Perhaps you never thought this beach, however really there are in Indonesia. Pink Beach that's the designation for a beach located within the Komodo National Park.

This beach is known as after the Pink Beach as a result of this beach has pink sand. However the local people like better to call it the Red Beach, and whereas foreigners prefer to call it the Pink Beach. The sand-colored pink and also very soft it will appear more clearly when sand-swept waves.

Interestingly pink beach on the Komodo Island is one amongst 7 pink beaches in the world that has pink sand. Additionally to the Pink Beach on the Komodo island, there are still 6 beaches have sand colored pink are scattered over the world. These beaches include Pink Beach on the Harbor Island Bananas, Pink Beach in Santa Cruz Island the Philippines, Pink Beach Bermuda, Budelli Island in Italia, Bonaire in the Dutch Caribbean Island and Balos lagoon in Greece. The activities of Diving or snorkel diving were the correct selection when you came to Pink Beach on the Komodo Island.

So far nobody knows obviously where the originality of the color pinks lovely sand. However, there are some opinions that the pink color comes from the red-colored coral fragments of the dead that several found on this beach. There is other options mention a color on a Pink sand beach is due to the presence of microscopic animals known as Foraminifera, which produces red or pink lightweight on coral reefs.

Not only the gorgeous beach, but the conditions of life underneath the ocean on the coast of this one also saves beauty and richness those appeals to travel diving in. At the Pink Beach itself, lots of marine life feature all 1500 species of fish, 250 species of coral reefs, and more or less 75 species of sponge. That’s why; a snorkel diving or diving is that the activity not to be missed for granted by the tourists when visiting this stunning beach. Currents on the beach are known for is powerful enough. It is because of the existence of a tropical sea-water encounter from the North and South of the sea water.

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Pink Beach Komodo Island Indonesia
That's Beautiful Crystal Clear Water (source

Things to do in Pink Beach

At the Pink Beach, you'll be able to perform numerous traveler activities include enjoying the natural scenery around, swimming, sunbathing, relaxing on the beach, diving, snorkeling, and additionally enjoying a gorgeous view of the sunset.

Snorkeling and diving are two activities that are needed by the tourists when visiting a lovely beach. Bottom view it’s beautiful this can be a sight that can't be missed. Even simply snorkeling close to the beach you'll be able to pamper the senses of vision, especially if you dive deeper into it again. The best time to dive here is from April until December due to its reefs in good condition and suitable for drift diving or snorkel diving. The diving depth of recommendations 12 to 28 meters, wherever you'll be able to find many different types of flora and fauna of the ocean, to get your diving and snorkel diving equipment will be rented in Labuhan Bajo.

When you do the tourist activities on this beach, you've got to be always carefully, because this beach is the original habitat of the Komodo dragon. Mind when you see this animal one round the coast because komodo dragons are wild animals that at any time may be dangerous. Therefore, I like to recommend that you just rent the services of experienced guides whereas visiting this beach
Pink Beach Indonesia
Pink Beach Komodo Island Indonesia 

How to get to the Pink Beach

Uninhabited beaches and quiet it is rent a ship or speedboat from Labuan Bajo. Travel would usually be heading to Rinca Island and then to the Komodo island before. From Labuan Bajo will head to Dock of Loh Buaya on the islands of Rinca takes more or less 45 minutes. On these islands, you'll be able to see the Komodo dragon directly that a worldwide in their native habitat by selecting a particular trekking trail.

From the dock Loh Liang, it's a dock on the island of Komodo; it takes around half-hour away by boat to line foot in Pink Beach, the beach that this unique sand color. If you are interested in trekking through the coral cliffs and mangrove forests, it takes approximately 4 hours on foot before finally arriving at the Pink Beach.
Pink Beach Komodo Island Boat
Pink Beach Boat (source

Also accessible in Labuan Bajo ships LOB (Live Aboard) is sometimes hired by the divers who will simultaneously serve as an area to remain during browse charm, Flores. The ship also can be your transportation choices to reach Labuan Bajo, there is a flight from Denpasar airport could be a small aircraft with a Komodo dragon for about 1 hour. From Komodo airfield towards the port of Labuan Bajo takes more or less 10-15 minutes. You’ll be able to rent a car to get to the harbor.

Remember the Pink Beach was unpopulated beaches and is somewhat isolated, for the needs of lodging and other accommodations will be found at Labuan Bajo. If you wish to stay in Kampung Komodo dragons, you'll be able to ask it to the native people or a guide. There is home stays in houses however in fact with simple facilities, as well as the supply of a simple meal.

Private Paradise Island : Nihiwatu Beach Sumba

Private Paradise Island : Nihiwatu Beach Sumba

Nihiwatu Beach Sumba
Enjoying A Private Island of Nihiwatu Beach (source

Indonesia could be a country rich in area waters. The sectors that fashioned the Islands enable every province features a beach close to the area. Therefore it is not surprising if Indonesia has several beaches, charming and become my most favorite place in the world. One amongst the beaches that become favorites of foreign tourists is that the beaches that are in West Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) are the Nihiwatu Beach. This beach has terribly massive waves that tempt surfers to try the waves violently on the beach. The region of West Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara province (NTT) turned out to save lots of the beach belonging to the 100 world's best beaches, this beach named Nihiwatu Beach. 

The beach was graded 17th out of 100 the best beaches in the world and also the one only beach in Indonesia who was elected because of the best beach in Asia. Unfortunately, although it entered the ranks of the first stunning beaches within the world turned out their beauty isn't better-known by many people. The beach appearance so excellent even if it takes a reasonably long time to be able to reach the location and you'll see the clear ocean water, sand beaches are clean, and also the atmosphere once the sun sets that look so lovely once you get Nihiwatu Beach.

Nihiwatu Resort Reviews

Sumba Nihiwatu Beach location placed within the direction of 30 kilometers from the city of Waikabubak, West Sumba District, province of East Nusa Tenggara (NTT). This place is perfect for people who wish to enjoy the atmosphere and also the quiet, lovely beaches because additionally to far away from the hustle of the town, these places don't seem to be several industrial plants. Nihiwatu Beach is managed by an international resort referred to as Nihiwatu Resort. Not everybody will freely enter the location of this beach, pounced. Nihiwatu Resort guests only are allowed. If you would like to enjoy the gorgeous beaches of Nihiwatu, definitely had to book rooms for a stay at Nihiwatu Resort first.

Nihiwatu Resort was composed of villas overlooking the ocean. Some of the existing bungalows consist of three large bedrooms, designed on a hill and are equipped with a private swimming pool that directly overlooks the ocean. Similarly, with it’s deliberately designed overlooking the beach with a model of the building open. The architecture and ornamentation of the building that existed during this resort could be a combination of traditional and modern style. Additionally, to providing its beauty, during this resort, you'll get information about Sumba Island culture. To be able to enjoy the facilities you have got to spend money that's not a little. Nihiwatu Resort rates are around Rp 5.000.000 ($385) per night. Even with the minimum stay for five nights. The value is so fantastic for enjoying the wonder of the Nihiwatu Beach.
Nihiwatu Resort
The Nihiwatu Resort (source

Nihiwatu Surf

Nihiwatu Beach is incredibly suitable for people who have a hobby of water sport. Although it's one among the dangerous games, surfing remains asked for by several. The challenge level is kind of high as well as cleverness in applying the technique, becoming the attraction of this water games. To try and do surfing, guests should be lined up in advance. This is often because the surfing activity is limited only to those 10 surfers. Whereas waiting in line, the guests may also enjoy the beautiful beaches, fresh air, the wind was blowing, as well as white sand that characterizes the atmosphere of the beach. Additionally to surfing, guests will perform different activities like diving, fishing, sailing boat, etc.

Nihiwatu Beach Sumba
Quite and Peaceful Nihiwatu Beach Sumba (source

The wave in this place is one among the world’s quickest and most fish are Spain mackerel, wahoo, and trevally. Little doubt if Nihiwatu Beach is one among the best surf beaches in Indonesia. Nihiwatu Beach in Indonesia even managed to beat the great panoramic thing about Hanalei Bay in Hawaii. It makes this resort won the award for best hotel in Indonesia in 2012. Although the Nihiwatu resort's owner is a foreign citizen, however, their staffs are locals and that they maintain with the proper hygiene of the beach and facilities offered.

Nihiwatu Beach has natural white sand and features a long coastline of concerning 2.5-kilometer Nihiwatu Beach charm, so little doubt. There are lots of surfers from abroad who are fascinated with the surf beaches of Nihiwatu. They dubbed him with God's Left. Not several Indonesians know about the existence of this beach because the distance fare is way enough.

Nihiwatu Beach features a beauty which will mesmerize anyone who came up there. The landscape is incredibly lovely, especially at a time once the Sun begins to line. Enjoy the gorgeous sunset whereas riding is an extraordinary experience which will you guys feel if visiting Nihiwatu Beach.

In this beautiful beach, you'll not only benefit from the wonder of nature. However, you'll additionally contribute directly to turtle conservation efforts. You’ll participate in the activities of the release of turtles on the beach or see turtles are laying eggs at nighttime. Resorts Manager here was deliberately inserting turtle conservation as a part of a travel destination to the Nihiwatu Beach.

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Nihiwatu Beach Sumba Resort
Luxury Nihiwatu Resort (source

How to get to Nihiwatu Beach

Nihiwatu Beach to visit, you'll be able to take the road from Ngurah Rai airport, Denpasar, Bali and flying to Tambolaka airfield using Aviastar, Transnusa Air Wings, or Merpati. From Tambolaka airport you'll rent a car to continue your journey to the beaches of Nihiwatu with mileage of concerning 2-3 hours. As for the rent-a-car rates you have to pay around Rp. 300,000- Rp. 400,000 ($38). If you would prefer to visit Nihiwatu Beach or Nihiwatu Resort the best months is between April-December of every year.
Indonesia Volcano Destinations : Mount Kelimutu Flores

Indonesia Volcano Destinations : Mount Kelimutu Flores

Mount Kelimutu Three Lakes
Mount Kelimutu Three Lake from Google Map

Mount Kelimutu Three Lakes

Kelimutu Lake enclosed within the area of Kelimutu National Park, a national park, the smallest of the six national parks that exist within the area of Bali and Nusa Tenggara. These sights are on the highest of Mount Kelimutu with 1,639 altitude meters or 5,377 feet above sea level. Kelimutu Lake consists of three ' puddle ' or the crater with a unique color. The third broad Lake is more or less 1,051,000 square meters with a water volume 1,292 million cubic meters. The boundary between Lake is a single narrow rock wall of a landslide. The wall is extremely steep slope angle of seventy degrees. The peak of the barrier of the Lake ranges from 50 up to 150 meters.

In addition to known as Lake Kelimutu, traveler attractions are also called three colored Lakes. A natural phenomenon that is very wonderful because three craters with proximity, however, have entirely different water color. The color of the water of the Lake is mostly red, white and blue, however, will transform into a green, black and Brown, or different color variations. Uniquely, once researchers attempt to take this because of the lake water samples, the water is clear with no color.

Kelimutu Lake is one among the famous lake, not only in Indonesia but however also in foreign countries. The color of the water is ever-changing, and it's additionally the place that is at the highest of Mount offers an exotic beauty which will never be forgotten by tourists who come back to this location. The name of Kelimutu may be a portmanteau of "Keli" that Means Mountain and also the word "Mutu" which means to boil. According to fundamental belief, the color on the Lake Kelimutu means that every color contains a mighty force of nature.

Three Lakes is separated by a steep rock cliff that's easily a landslide. Therefore tourists are expected to take care of a secure distance whereas flying within the area around the Lake. The right time to visit these sights is between the months of June to August because rain tends to not get off so the field should reach will be more secure.

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3 Coloured Lakes
Kelimutu Lakes who Always be a Mystery

These three lakes of different colors on top of Mount Kelimutu name severally. Locals believe that it's the abode of souls of those who died. The west most Lake (far) that's named "Tiwu Ata Mbupu" which means "Lake of souls of parents who have died." Placed in the middle of a Lake named Lake "Tiwu Nuwa Muri Koo Fai" which means "Lake for the souls of young people who have died." And placed on the east side was given the name "Tiwu Ata Polo" which means "Lake to the souls who once life continuously doing evil.”  It's the first Lake reached by tourists. The name Tiwu itself in native language means that Lake. From the Three Lakes, that is most often changes color is Tiwu Nuwa Muri Koo Fai. 

According to the locals, this can be possible because the soul that occupies the Lake remains young and so labile have an effect on changes the color of the water of the Lake.
If you would like to get the most practical view of the Lake Kelimutu, went climbing between the hours of 2-3 a.m. from Moni that is the nearest village to the location of the Lake. Arriving at the Summit, you'll be able to see a view of the sunrise over Lake Kelimutu is marvelous. Do not forget to set up cameras to capture the natural beauty around the three colored lakes.

Kelimutu National Park has a facility and a mini jungle inside which you may be capable of seeing a variety of the plant life and fauna of Flores Island. The ability includes seventy-eight varieties of timber, collectively with many which are endemic to Flores just like the Uta onga, turuwara, and arngoni. You’ll actually have the opportunity to check some adorable creatures endemic to Flores Island, like Hainald’s Rat, also as a few prone animals just like the Javan Rusa and pink jungle hen.
Kelimutu National Park
Kelimutu National Park Flores

History of the Kelimutu Lake

The beginning of the far-famed lakes of Kelimutu was at about 1915 when it had been first discovered by a national of Netherlands, Van Such Telen. Moreover, Lake Kelimutu wider famous across the world when in 1912 y. Bouman explains in fascinating how Lake Kelimutu has the uniqueness and extraordinary beauty Since then, foreign tourists began arriving and growing a lot. In addition to tourists, who visited the Lake Kelimutu are the scientists from different countries who want to do scientific research.

Although the results of the analysis scientists believe the Lake Kelimutu color differences because of natural phenomena, not so with the locals. The native people are convinced it's the haven of individuals who have died.
Mount Kelimutu Lakes
The Road to Kelimutu Lakes (source

How to get to Kelimutu

Mount Kelimutu is positioned in the center of Flores, Indonesia and is kind of forty miles from the city of Ende and fifty-two miles from the metropolis of Maumere. Each Ende and Maumere has small airports with flights to and from major hubs in Indonesia. Whether or not you reach Ende or Maumere, your destination is going to be to the town of Moni, a city located simplest nine miles from the lakes and also the same old base for touring Kelimutu. 

From Maumere, the experience to Moni can take around 3 to four hours. For Ende, the experience to Moni takes around one to two hours. Reaching to the lakes will be an entirely little journey in itself. You’ll preliminary take the go up Mount Kelimutu then walk taking walks for 1.5 kilometers till you get to the foot of the 127 steps resulting in the edge of the crater. It’s virtually well worth the walk and additionally, the climb after you’re on the summit, you’ll have a magnificent, view of the Kelimutu lakes.

Flores Island Indonesia : Wae Rebo Village

Flores Island Indonesia : Wae Rebo Village

Wae Rebo Traditional Village

Wae Rebo Flores is exclusive and exotic. Indonesia may be a country that's made in ethnic culture and natural beauty. However, that creates us a lot of astonished is that the various traveler attractions, State-owned Indonesia.

We are able to realize places that are terribly lovely within the whole of Indonesia. One in all them is Eastern Indonesia, the associate awful heap of commercial enterprise potential as various as Wae Rebo as an instance, a village settled within the exotic islands of Flores.
Wae Rebo Village
Wae Rebo Village (source

How to get to Wae Rebo

Wae Rebo can be a village that's inside the Kec. Satarmese Barat, Kab. Manggarai, NTT. The location of this village is really remote and isolated thanks to its location behind the forest. To be able to reach the village nearest to the Wae Rebo, you would like to down the forests on the 10 metric linear units.

There are some ways to which you would like to travel reach Wae Rebo. First, you've got a need to travel from Labuan Bajo headed for Ruteng. Then continue your journey using a taxi to urge to the Dintor. Dintor can be a village of the last which will be accessed by practice the vehicle before you obtain on the Wae Rebo. Travel practice this taxi can take up to a combination of, 5 hours. Transportation wasn't like usually is around Rp 175,000/person. But the worth you line up of it following the journey traveled, down a steep hill, passing through the forest, furthermore as a result of the beach.

The second selection, you may use automobile trucks of wood from Ruteng as at the start of the terminal, therefore across the Mena Ds. Cancar, then to Pela, Todo, and Dintor. Usually Otto Wood departs from final time afternoon trip that takes relating to 3-4 hours.

Then the third technique is to use the boat. You’ve got the need to traverse a route with via Labuan Bajo heading south towards the coastal village of Nangalili. Boat rental rates around Rp 450,000. The way to the shortage of a schedule for traditional craft, it's higher to rent a ship beforehand. The boat trip takes you to the island Mules it's going to take relating to a combination of hours. Upon arrival at the Dintor, proceed to Denge practice taxi, Rp 12,000 and fewer period of time for twenty 5 minutes.

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Wae Rebo Traditional Village
The Traditional Houses at Wae Rebo Flores

The fourth technique is by Ascension or hiking. Hiking could also be reached by taking route between native homestay and SDK village. On the tactic, you'll expertise 3 places to rest, i.e. the stream Wae race his technique less than one hour from Denge. Once trekking for relating to one hour, you'll notice the second retreat, specifically Pocoroko.

Pocoroko is that the foremost very important for the villagers and in the addition guests global organization agency would like to make a phone or send a text message from their mobile phones, as a result of inside the Wae Rebo no mobile signal. Once from Pocoroko, you reach the third post, that of Nampe Bakok, that takes around 45 minutes journey. From this, lovely views of Capitol Hill, you may fancy before you reach Wae Rebo.

When you visit Wae Rebo, you not solely see the authentic Manggaraian housing however additionally had the chance to participate in the lifestyle of native folks.

Most of the people are operating in their gardens from the morning till dawn, some square measure busy with the harvest and process of occasional beans. Not solely that, you'll additionally realize the ladies in Wae Rebo who do the regular Songket weaving activities, though this is often not a weave of the most activities of the inhabitants of Wae woman Rebo.

If you would like to be able to feel the lodge in and Mbaru Niang enjoyed dinner and meeting with community Wae Rebo directly. Throughout his keep in Niang Mbaru, you will sleep on mats of plaited pandanus leaf complete alongside the heat of a family who lived there.

Komodo National Park Indonesia

Komodo National Park Indonesia

Komodo Island is found in Kepulauan Nusa Tenggara. The island is located on the inside of between the islands of Sumbawa and Flores Islands exactly on the eastern island of Sumbawa and separated by the Strait of Sape.

Komodo Island could be a little island that occupies the most a part of the Komodo parkland. Komodo Island belongs to the province of East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), Komodo, Manggarai Regency West. The island is that the westernmost boundary of the province of East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) quickly deckle-edged on West Nusa Tenggara (NTB). 

Komodo parkland not solely within the island of Komodo however conjointly includes different islands similar to Rinca, Padar and enclosed within the main island of the original surround of the Varanus komodoensis. Additionally, there are still several different little islands – Islands within the Komodo National Park. Total space of Komodo parkland covers a vicinity of 2.321 km² lands whereas Ocean and air.
Komodo Dragon
Komodo Dragon Endangered Animal

Komodo Dragon

From the name, you'll describe what quite tours on the island of Komodo. In fact, this place is living off the komodo dragons. The island is that the environment of native animals of Komodo. There are thousands of animal breeds here alive and komodo dragons.

Komodo dragon in Latin "Varanus Komodeonensis" could be a species of rare and nearly extinct the environment of those animals. They will board the tract (savanna), white sand beaches, and therefore the rain forest. It’s a lizard-like craniate animal. However, the distinction is that the size of a really giant and length will reach up to three meters. 

Giant lizard adult weight ranges from one hundred twenty to two hundred pounds. Are you able to imagine however massive it's? The giant lizard encompasses a body form just like the old animals, sharp nails; the tongue is forked and likes to stay his tongue. Giant lizard belongs to the class of animal predators.

However, to not worry as a result of it still belongs to the patient and predators aren't active hunters only needing one bite of the giant lizard to paralyze prey. But they're not greedy, they obtained won't be prey once depleted. They might eat it till among days. 

Every traveler that comes is amid "Park Rangers" designation charmer on the area people. Therefore no have to be compelled to worry and afraid as a result of you'll be maintained and is directed by the handler.

You merely adhere to the directions given by the associate degree knowledgeable driver. The giant lizard is so a species susceptible to extinction. This enormous reptile was an old animal protected. The government sought-after the best protection in animals of Komodo, given these animals area unit an essential quality for the country Republic of Indonesia, even for the globe.

Komodo Island
Komodo National Park 

Komodo Island Diving

The Komodo Park is additionally known for having a great underwater beauty. Lovely cool down there with adorned the different reef fishes that build sweet is also not keep mentioning greeting. You’ll dive and revel in the material resource of the ocean on the island.

Komodo National Park is that the best diving spots in the world. 380 species coral reefs, algae garnish, seventy-three varieties of sponges, yet as thousands of species of fish area unit looking ahead to you. Not solely that, you may additionally meet with numerous types of sharks and rays, young turtles, five species of whales, and nine varieties of dolphins are cute. 

The natural heritage is incredibly awful. Almost about hour of the coverage of the Komodo Park is that the exotic waters. It’s a depth of regarding one hundred meters. The water temperature within about twenty-four to thirty degrees Celsius with saltiness thirty-five ppt. Such a lot natural charm area unit offered in Komodo park.

Additionally to the old animal will meet with the monitor lizard in its natural home ground, and revel in the engaging read of its life, you may be surprised by the view of the island. As a result of here, there's a transition zone line of Wallace. 

There are about 250 species of flora there's the Komodo Park. Additionally, there are more or less one hundred bird species that area unit lovely and full voice, yet as sixty sorts of animals. Natural mix with the vegetation turns adds to the standard of the setting in Komodo National Park's various flora and fauna, therefore, all-mains.
Komodo Island Diving
Marine Life in Komodo National Park

How to get to Komodo Island

For those of you who need to go to Komodo Park should use transport solely, as a result of the coverage isn't adequate. There are 2 ways that to get there, that is with the employment of air and ground transportation. And if you use ground transportation, from Surabaya, certainly you must 1st towards the town of Banyuwangi. On to the port of Ketapang, Banyuwangi and ferries are able to take you towards Gilimanuk Harbor, and it takes approximately one hour away by the ocean. Travel should be resumed to drive from Ubung terminal, Bali.

Arriving in Bali, you'll drive from Ubung terminal on to the port of Padangbai. Then you'll be delivered towards the harbor Lembar to Lombok and still use the ferry. On this trip can take four hours. Once reaching the port Lembar to Lombok. You will need to twiddling my thumbs as a result of should continue once more towards Mandalika terminal in Mataram, with two hours of the period to and from the port of Kayangan, Lombok, with journey time 2.5 hours by crossing the Straits of Alas. between Lombok and Nusa Tenggara Barat (NTB).

Port Pototano is that the start line that you simply got to go. As a result of this can be a new gate within the city of Sumbawa, Nusa Tenggara Barat (NTB). Then proceed towards terminal Dara, Bima. When arriving there, additional to the port of Sape. You’ve got to wait and see a little longer as a result of you'll get to the island of Komodo. From the port of Sape, you would like to rent a ship to urge to the Komodo Park.
Komodo Island
Komodo National Park World Heritage Site (source