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Argapura Majalengka West Java

Argapura Majalengka West Java

Terracing Panyaweuyan Argapura

Argapura Majalengka. Subdistrict Argapura located in eastern Majalengka and Kuningan Regency is an area on the slopes of Mount Ciremai. Subdistrict Argapura also an area of farms and plantations.

Ciremai Mountain is the highest mountain in West Java. Regional geographical condition as it makes the area into agricultural areas and plantations, as well as many stores potential tourism interest.

In the area of the District Argapura, there is a very beautiful place and the main attraction for tourists who want to enjoy the natural beauty of the green. Field staircase steps around the slopes of Mount Ciremai add beauty feast for the eyes. The beautiful sight is better known as Terracing Panyaweuyan Argapura.
Terraciring Payaweuyan Argapura
The Beautiful Terraciring Panyaweuyan Argapura Majalengka (image:

Terracing Panyaweuyan Argapura, administratively located in the village Argamukti Argapura District of Majalengka, West Java province. Now, Terracing Panyaweuyan which is an agro-tourism destination.

Most of the District of Majalengka Argapura an area of steep hills with altitudes between 400-2000 meters above sea level, and the slope of the land ranges from 25% to 40%.
Following the contours of the sloping ground, then some of the lands used as staircase steps, creating terraced rice fields that can be used for agriculture and plantations. Some of the featured agricultural products that can be found in the region, such as scallion, rice, sweet potatoes, onions, and so on.

In the agricultural area, Panyaweuyan could be a paradise for photography or the tourists who want to enjoy the scenery cannot be found elsewhere. Each holiday location Terracing Panyaweuyan Argapura visited by many photographers and tourists both local and from outside Majalengka.

One note for the visitors Argapura Majalengka, please enjoy the scenery of Panyaweuyan Argapura, but not to damage by trampling crops that were there just for the sake to take pictures of this beautiful place.
Argapura Majalengka West Java
Sunrise at Argapura Majalengka (image:

Panyaweuyan Argapura is a place where visitors can see some of the mountains are located in areas that are adjacent to Majalengka. The best time to enjoy all the beauty that is in Terracing Panyaweuyan is the morning, since at half past six in the morning until 8 am. You will be hypnotized by the beauty of nature in Argapura Majalengka.

How to get to Argapura Majalengka

The distance from Jakarta to Majalengka is approximately 200 km.
If in normal times can be reached within 4 or 5 hours by road. No route by air, sea or rail there, because Majalengka has no airport, the sea, and the train station. If using a private vehicle from Jakarta and its surroundings can be reached via three routes, via Bandung, Subang or Cirebon / Indramayu.

If you want to try to enjoy the panoramic beauty of the area Terracing Panyaweuyan, from Majalengka you can search for Terminal Maja after that to follow the path that leads to Argalingga get Sadasari-Sukasari T-junction turn right. Cilongkrang after the bridge turn left or can ask directions to Teja Permana / Cibunut or Cibuluh.

The road condition is quite good just a bit cramped, so when you've entered the agricultural area is better to use a motorcycle or by foot. If you are like cycling, please try using a bike to this place. The best time to enjoy natural scenery in Panyaweuyan Argapura is the rainy season, due to natural conditions greens.

The Extraordinary of Kawah Putih Bandung Indonesia

The Extraordinary of Kawah Putih Bandung Indonesia

Kawah Putih Bandung
The Scenery is so Beautiful in Kawah Putih Bandung

Kawah Putih Bandung (White Crater), including one of the popular tourist spots in Bandung that you must visit. Here, you'll find a view of the Crater Lake that contains sulfur, making them have very attractive shades to be immortalized through the camera.

Kawah Putih is the most famous tourist attraction in Bandung. Kawah Putih is located in Ciwidey, Bandung, West Java, more or less 50 kilometers south of the downtown of Bandung. Because of its location in Ciwidey, it is often called by the name Kawah Putih Ciwidey. Kawah Putih is a lake fashioned by using the eruption of Mount Patuha. Real to its name, the area in this spot is white because of mixing the elemental sulfur.

Kawah Putih (White Crater) is located in a mountainous region have a height of over 2.400 meters above ocean level. With the elevation, the temperature in the Kawah Putih Bandung is approximately 9 degrees Celsius to 23 degrees Celsius.

The History of Kawah Putih Bandung

The tale of the history of the White crater started out in the 10th century in which there has been a wonderful explosion via Patuha. After this eruption, there are lots of people expect that this region is a haunted region for every bird flew past the area will die. After some time, belief in haunted this location began to fade, until eventually in 1837 there has been a German botanist came to the location to behavior studies.

A researcher named Dr. Franz Wilhelm Junghuhn are very inquisitive about the desolate mountain place which isn't even a fowl flying over it so he went to the village to look for records. At that time, all of the facts he got was cited that the region haunted and inhabited with the aid of spirits.

For Dr. Franz Wilhelm Junghuhn, the local community statement became not reasonable. due to the fact he did no longer agree with those tales, he went into the jungle to find out what is in there. Lengthy story quick, subsequently Dr. Franz Wilhelm Junghuhn effectively reached the summit of the mountain, and from the pinnacle, he saw there was a stunning white lake with a pungent odor of sulfur.

Seeing that then, the life of Kawah Putih Ciwidey became popular and started from 1987, the government advanced this vicinity as a vacationer spot that offers a completely unique experience of seeing the lake which could alternate coloration.

Kawah Putih on the Slopes of Mount Patuha

Things to do in Kawah Putih

What do to in Kawah Putih? You can perform the following activities:

Enjoying of Hot Spring in Kawah Putih

In Kawah Putih area there are three hot springs: Patuha, Cimanggu, and Walini. Each hot spring has its own feature. And in Walini hot spring there are some swimming pools complete with hot water firstly from the mountain. There are a variety of benefits you may get from the recent spring. First, the water carries precise mineral which is ideal for your pores and skin, then the new water additionally helps to enjoyable your muscle. Playing hot spring is a must to do in Kawah Putih.

Exploring the Tea Plantation

After you have enjoyed the hot spring, you can proceed with your experience by exploring the tea plantation, you simply stroll around taking after the little way of the tea estate or seeing the general population culling the tea take off.

Take a Photo

That is the most popular activity in Kawah Putih. In reality, kawah putih is a fantastic sulphuric lake. So it has beautiful surroundings view with foggy slope, and green water. So, the primary element to do and seem in your thoughts is to take a photo of it. This sulphuric lake that encompassing by evergreen scene ought to be recorded by camera or video and this is an excellent spot.
The splendor of Kawah Putih additionally makes it a favorite location for people who enjoy images. This region has been referred to as one of the preferred website for photographic consultation, inclusive of pre-wedding. There also are expert photographers that traveling Kawah Putih, in particular, hunting for this spectacular scenery.

Thick Fog in Kawah Putih Bandung
Thick fog in Kawah Putih Bandung

Kawah Putih Accommodation

Within a radius of 1 kilometer to 10 kilometers from Kawah Putih in Ciwidey, there are many accommodation options, from hotels, villas, up to the resort and guest house. To get lodging, maybe you should make bookings in advance to get an empty room, especially during the holiday season. You can contact the hotel directly or search online at Kawah Putih Bandung.

Kawah Putih Entrance Fee

Kawah Putih Bandung also included one of the tourist attractions in Bandung, which is quite cheap. The admission price of the Kawah Putih Bandung on weekdays and weekends is Rp. 18.000 ($2)/person. The ticket is valid for all domestic travelers. As for foreign tourists tariff is Rp 50.000 ($5)/person.

Travel Transportation Rates (Ontang Anting)

The fare is Rp 15.000 ($2)/person for the round trip and the car will escort any visitor of the gate (which was parked in the parking lot below) to the location of the crater. The term Ontang Anting taken from Sundanese language that means fro. The most extreme limit for 1 Ontang Anting is 12 individuals, but do not worry if you do not get a place because there are many Ontang Anting operating in the area.
Kawah Putih Bandung tourist attractions are open daily from 7 am until 5 pm.

Kawah Putih Bandung from Google Map
Kawah Putih Bandung from Google Map

How to get Kawah Putih Bandung

The trip to Kawah Putih from Jakarta using private vehicles, you just need to utilize the highway paths Cipularang and way out through the highway stall of Kopo. From that point, you need to go to Soreang and drive toward the south Ciwidey.

On the off chance that you utilize open transportation, you can ride open transportation from the transport station of Leuwi Panjang making a beeline for the Ciwidey transport station. From the Ciwidey transport station, you can utilize open transportation to the Situ Patenggang and down before the doors of Kawah Putih Bandung.

Batur Volcano and Lake Batur Kintamani Bali

Batur Volcano and Lake Batur Kintamani Bali

For those of you who love adventure activities, sightseeing in Mount Batur is a perfect choice. You can imagine, the attractions located in the Kintamani Bali offers natural scenery that is truly amazing.  Mount Batur volcano Caldera located in the Kintamani Bangli Regency, Bali is located at an altitude of 1000 to 2172 meters above sea level. This area has a cold weather with an average temperature of between 15 to 20 degrees Celsius. The appeal of this place is the crater, Caldera, and Lake Batur.  Mount Batur volcano erupted several times.  Mount Batur volcano eruption was first recorded in 1804 and the last one was in 2000.

In case you are planning on mountain climbing to the pinnacle of Mount Batur, you may see a very stunning view of the crater and the lovely dawn on Mount Batur. The mountain of Bali has 3 volcanic craters, specifically crater Batur I, Batur II and Batur III. Mount Batur has a widespread Caldera, which amounted to 13.8 x 10 kilometers and is one of the most important and maximum stunning Caldera in the international.
 Mount Batur volcano Kintamani Bali
Mount Volcano Batur Kintamani

Lake Batur

Lake Batur is the largest lake on the island of Bali. Lake Batur is located on the slopes of Mount Batur which is an ancient caldera formed by the thunder of Mount Batur erupted thousands of years ago. Lake Batur forms a Crescent Moon with blue color under normal conditions. Because of the uniqueness of place, UNESCO establishes this place as Global Geopark Network. Lake Batur is located at an altitude of about 1050 meters above sea level cause the cold weather during the day and cooler at night, about 21 degrees Celsius. The surface area of the Lake is around 16 square kilometers and a depth of about 60 meters. This very natural lake water because it comes from rainwater and seepage of water from existing forests in the mountains. Water from the Lake Batur is currently still used for farming and irrigation for the surrounding communities.

Activities that can be conducted at Lake Batur, among others, the rounds use the gondola or a boat supplied by local people. In addition, you can also circle around the Lake Batur is using a boat, and you can also do fishing in this Lake. The Lake also provides rental of fishing tools. To view the beautiful Sunrise you can do activities to climbing Mount Batur and Mount Batur trekking as well. Trekking & Hiking in Mount Batur is one of the most popular activities for visitors.
Toya Bungkah Village Bali
Toya Bungkah Village Bali (source

The largest village is on the banks of Lake Batur is the village of Toya Bungkah. Toya Bungkah is a starting point for tourists who will climb to the top of Mount Batur. The village also has several hot springs are channeled to the outdoor public baths. Surrounding communities believe that these hot springs can cure various diseases of the skin.

If you want to see the beauty of Lake Batur in Kintamani Bali as a whole, you can go to the village of Penelokan. The village is situated on a higher plain than at Lake Batur Kintamani, so very lovely views of the Lake and mount Batur which stands foursquare can be seen clearly with a holistic view.

Lake Batur Accommodation

facilities around the Mount Batur and Lake Batur are also quite adequate. There are lots of hotels or homestay cheap to luxury can be found easily in this area, particularly in the region of Kintamani Bali. At Lake Batur also there are many restaurants serving typical regional food Bali or Western food. And you can enjoy the natural beauty of Mount Batur and Lake Batur from the restaurant that you visit.
Floating Restaurant of Batur Lake
Floating Restaurants of Batur Lake (source

How to get to Batur Lake

Mountain and Lake Batur is located approximately 65 kilometers from the city of Denpasar. From Ngurah Rai airport, this place can be reached in less than 2 hours drive through Gianyar. In case you are from Singaraja, the access to this place to pass the village of Kubutambahan with a travel time of approximately 1.5 hours.

To go to the location of Lake Batur Kintamani can be done with various types of transport. The easiest way, of course, is to utilize the services of existing travel agent in Bali Island. While if you want to go there independently, you can use the services of a rental car or motorcycle. To rent a car, the cost ranges between Rp 400.000 to 500.000 ($40-$50) a day and to rent a motorcycle, rent rates more or less Rp 100.000 ($10) a day.

Simply a pleasant reminder to word visitors must usually exercise warning while touring to the Lake Batur Kintamani is because the road to the Lake Batur pretty winding and it's miles a path complete of climbs.

Blue Flame Phenomenon of Ijen Crater

Blue Flame Phenomenon of Ijen Crater

Ijen Crater is part of the Nature Reserve Ijen Tour. Administratively, Ijen Crater is located in the two districts of the Banyuwangi and Bondowoso. Ijen crater is located above the height 2.443 meters above sea level and is part of Mount Ijen; one of the volcanoes is still active in Java Island.
Ijen Crater Caldera
Ijen Crater Caldera

The name of the Ijen has known the world since the advent of two tourists from French Nicolas Hulot and his wife Katia Kraft in 1971. They wrote the story of the enchantment of the Ijen Crater along with the harsh lives of the miner's slabs of sulfur in the magazine Geo, France. Two this becomes the main attraction for tourists and world photographer.

Ijen Crater is a crater that has the most acidic levels in the world. Have the wall of the high caldera 300-500 meters, while width reaches 5.466 hectares. For the size of his own crater approximately 20 km. The crater has a depth of about 300 meters under the wall of the caldera. In terms of natural attractions of this panorama has a very beautiful natural charm. In the morning you will see the scenery of the sunrise which is remarkable. Ijen Crater has a quite extraordinary beauty with the lake of sulfur is green Tosca with a touch of dramatic and beautiful. Lake Ijen has degree zero acid and has the depth of 200 meters. A very strong acid can dissolve human fingers and clothes.
Ijen Crater Volcano
Ijen Crater Volcano

Things to do in the Ijen Crater Blue Fire

Crater Ijen have the atmosphere of the hill become a special appeal for you to visit Crater Ijen, not only that the enchantment of the rising sun offered at the Ijen Crater and the most anticipated later from the tourists who came here is to observe directly the natural phenomenon of the ‘’Blue Flame’’ in Ijen Crater that you can enjoy in the early morning until about 05.00 am.

Not only scenery that you can find is natural phenomenon namely the scenery of the Lake crater green fringe corners. That will hypnotize every visitor who comes around. The visitors who came here also can see the mining process sulfur, not only that houses near Ijen Crater you can visit agro-tourism, and here you will be shown how the processing of coffee.

See Blue Flame Phenomenon

Ijen Crater Blue Fire
Ijen Crater Blue Fire (source

Ijen Crater offers a fantastic beauty back in the early days. The sulfur liquid that flows from the incessant under the crater glows blue flame poses. This phenomenon occurred just two in the world that Iceland's first and second there in Ijen crater. To enjoy the spectacular views of this nature you should climb Mount Ijen, which started around 2 a.m. from the entrance (Paltuding), by holding her cold mountain air temperature reaches 10 Celsius degree movies, even can reach 2 degrees Celsius. But it will not be felt with a wonderful sight that you will go through during the hike.

Traditional Sulfur Mining

Sulfur Miners
Sulfur Miners

Ijen Crater is a crater that is used for sulfur mining territory which is in Banyuwangi Regency, East Java, which is also the largest sulfur mining in Indonesia and still use traditional ways of processing. Ijen Crater has sulfur that will never run out because it can come out continuously by itself. Sublimates sulfur is beneficial for the needs of the chemical industry, in addition, can also be used for purification of sugar. In the southeast side of the Ijen Crater, there is fumarole field which is always issuing volcanic gasses with a high enough concentration of sulfur so often creates a very pungent smell.

Normally the sulfur miners doing improvements on foot, down the caldera as far as 3 km to take sulfur. It is not an easy thing to do because they still must dig in advance using the tools potluck. Then the stones are broken down and put in the same large baskets. Sulfur miners can carry stones weighing 100 kg. This is not a burden that is lightweight and easy to do. In addition to anticipating the strong scent of sulfur fumes, they use breathing masks are used as improvised protective.

Coffee Agro

If you depart from Bondowoso, you will pass through the area of Arabica coffee plantation. It's worth stopping by and tries the experience ones are here. You can walk around the estate and see the process of picking up of processing in order to produce the best coffee with the taste.

How to get to Ijen Crater

For those of you coming from out of town, you can visit this place by using aircraft accommodation can transit in Surabaya's Juanda Airport for International flight path, or it could be a direct transit at the airport Blimbingsari Banyuwangi to the local flight path after that you could use ground transportation.

For the first route that you can go through to do a road trip from Banyuwangi toward Licin sub-district this is about 15 km. In this route, you can use the motor vehicle or car. From a slick Sub, towards Patulding about 18 km from here, you can rent a jeep type car because the road where considerable winding and uphill. The journey about 1 hour then you will get Patulding which is the entrance to get to Ijen Crater.

In addition for those of you who transit in Surabaya, You can pass the route North of Situbondo heading towards Sempol subdistrict Bondowoso through Wonosari and then resumed the journey to Patulding. This route is more easily traversed and the road is still good so you could use private vehicles without having to rent a jeep. Travel mileage between Situbondo towards Patulding about 93 km. Following up on Patulding, you can walk as far as 3 km to Ijen Crater. This route is very scenic, assembled rows of pine trees and the coffee trees are neatly laid welcome anyone who passed through it.

The price of admission domestic tourists to Ijen crater is Rp. 5.000 (weekdays) and Rp. 7.500 (holidays). As for the foreign tourists, its price is Rp. 100.000 ($10) (weekdays) and Rp. 150.00 ($12) (holidays).
Volcano Blue Flames
Volcano Blue Flames (source

The best time to visit tourist attractions in East Java is during the dry season between July and September. In these months likely not going to rain so the terrain or road climbing relatively safe and you can enjoy the beauty of the Ijen Crater.

Dieng Plateau is Well Known as "Abode of the Gods"

Dieng Plateau is Well Known as "Abode of the Gods"

Dieng Plateau has the foremost distinctive natural atmosphere and various, with gorgeous landscapes. There are plenty of lovely Lake Assemblage, ancient temples and additionally a unique phenomenon of the Dieng crater and the mountain Dieng Prau that is a height of 2,565 meters above sea level as the highest peak within the Dieng Plateau.

Dieng's name comes from Sanskrit, that is "Di", that means a high profile and "Hyang" which means the place of the gods and goddesses. Native folks call the sights in Wonosobo most known as a region so stunning with a thick atmosphere of spiritual characteristics.
It’s not surprising this highland is named the ‘Abode of the Gods’. It’s completely beautiful here. Up on top of this 2.000 meters-high highland, you’ll see rolling hills stretching as far because the eye will see, spot boiling pits of mud, enjoyment of the wonder of colored lakes, and have the possibility to go to some of the oldest Hindu design in Java.

The highland is home to a few of little Hindu temples designed around 750 CE as monuments to the god-ancestors and dedicated to Shiva. Although it’s thought that there have been originally four hundred such temples, solely night stay. You’ll witness the earliest fine arts usage of the Javanese infernal masks and marine monsters on the niches and doorways of those little temples nowadays.
Dieng Plateau Central Java
Dieng Plateau Central Java (source

Dieng Plateau Weather

Dieng Plateau is the largest within the world after Nepal. It’s placed to the West of the complex of Mount Sindoro and Mount Sumbing concerning 26 kilometers from town Centre of Wonosobo, administratively located in the border area of Banjarnegara district and Wonosobo, Central Java. Air temperature in Dieng plateau ranges 12 until 18 ° C throughout the day and 5 to 9 ° Celsius at night time. During the dry season (July – September), temperatures will reach 4 ° C within the morning.

The natural beauty of Dieng Plateau became the grace that's valuable because the mainstay of the traveler attractions in Central Java, Dieng Plateau in Wonosobo and Banjarnegara domain offers over 37 attractions that are recognized worldwide. Dieng Plateau with all its cultural and natural phenomena makes anyone who visits feel stunned, antiquity some citizens of The Netherlands usually came to visit Dieng Plateau. Currently, they even dared to start promoting to European countries to visit Dieng Plateau. A mixture of beauty and majesty of nature panorama cultural remains of the past makes the Dieng plateau has its own added value compared with the other, plenty of people who have visited various attractions around the corners of the world, and there are rarely like Dieng Plateau, furthermore in the distance, travel between objects, nearly all of the attractions that are on the Dieng Plateau with its axis to each other.

Stunning Attractions at Dieng Plateau

The temples are on the Dieng Plateau

In the Dieng Plateau, Hindu temples are scattered on Dieng Plateau are named with the name of the famous characters within the epic Mahabharata. There were Bhima, Arjuna, Gatot Kaca, Srikandi, so forth. The art of temple architecture adopted the existing temple buildings in India. This will be seen from the statues that adorn the side of the building of the temple, including the Mahakala, Nandi Swara Mahesasura Mardini, Durga, Ganesha, and Agastya. There are 2 temples that may be compared is Candi Arjuna who is similar to the Bhintargaon Temple in India as well as Candi Semar like Parasurameswara Temple (India) and the form of the Mandapa.
Dieng Plateau Temples
The Temples at Dieng Plateau

Bukit Sikunir Dieng ( Sikunir Hill )

Sikunir peak is a popular place for tourists to see the sunrise. Sunrise here is extremely special, with views of the Golden Sun that rises above the clouds that are transverse. As an alternative, you'll enjoy the Sunrise through Viewing the Dieng features a height of meters 1.789 meters from sea level or from Mount Prau (2.566 m) that is the highest point in Dieng Plateau.

Telaga Warna Dieng (The colored Lake)

There is heaps of gorgeous Lake that is within the Dieng plateau, with its main attraction may be a terribly unique Telaga Warna faithful its name, Telaga Warna blaze red unique like green, yellow, blue, and silver. You can also visit the Lake known as Cebong that's placed within the village Sembungan, the highest village in Central Java. If you wish to visit the Menjer Lake water travel, this is the deepest lake in Wonosobo.
Telaga Warna Dieng (The Colored Lake)
Telaga Warna Dieng Plateau ( The Colored Lakes) (source

Telaga Cebong Dieng (Cebong Lake)

This is lake above the clouds, a lake that is located at an altitude of 2.300 meters above sea level, placed within the village of Sembungan. Telaga Cebong is a lovely natural harmony that you just will meet in the traveler area of Dieng plateau in Wonosobo. You’ll even camp out in the area of the Lake. The blue color of the sky blends with the green of the hills of bouncing on the surface of the pool crystal clear and quiet. in this place, you'll feel a natural beauty that's so charming and refreshing mountain air. Up the boat and skirted the Lake this can be the best way to feel the charm of nature quietness owned on top of the clouds.

Kawah Sikidang (Sikidang Crater)

As the volcanic mountainous terrain that's still active, don't be surprised if there are plenty of these features are still puffing smoke. One among the most famous is Kawah Sikidang that has sulfur compounds in it. The Sileri Crater and Candradimuka Crater is additionally a volcanic crater that's value to be visited, the crater is located within the tourist area of Dieng Plateau.
Kawah Sikidang (Sikidang Crater)
Sikidang Crater (source

The Perfect Time to Visit Dieng Plateau

Take into account that since the Dieng Plateau is placed around 2.000 meters on the pinnacle of sea degree; it’s tons cooler than on the encircling lowlands. Sunlight hour’s temperatures are around fifteen ranges Celsius and additionally the nights are even chillier, at around ten stages Celsius. It’s commonly a hint cooler in the course of the season from may additionally to October but there may be substantially much less rain all through those times and is that the excellent season to visit the Dieng Plateau, considerably within the months of June, July or August. Those months have a tendency to be the peak travel months to Dieng Plateau, however, even then you definitely attained word crowd  of travelers, therefore, it’s an actually revel into the journey.

The season stretches from November via April and this month is the rainy months, the season isn't always a first rate time to go to Dieng plateau there will be landslides and flooding that makes touring to and from the realm tougher.

How to get to Dieng Plateau

The simplest manner to get to Dieng Plateau is with the aid of land. You’ll be capable of getting to Dieng Plateau from Jakarta by catching a educate or night bus from Jakarta to Purwokerto. From Purwokerto, you’ll have to be forced to capture some other bus to Wonosobo, the most cities at the Dieng Plateau, then any other bus to Dieng.

You could additionally get to Dieng Plateau from Yogyakarta by catching a bus from Yogyakarta to Magelang. From Magelang, you’ll take another bus to Wonosobo, the maximum towns at the Dieng Plateau, so some other bus to Dieng. The ride from Yogyakarta to Dieng the use of public transportation takes around daily, in case you catch all the transfers. But the Dieng Plateau is honestly around a 4 hours’ pressure from Yogyakarta. you'll either lease an automobile and pressure yourself or raise around at your motel and neighborhood travel retailers in Yogyakarta for a shared car as a way to do a right away direction to Dieng Plateau.