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Lagoi Beach Bintan

Lagoi Beach Bintan

Tourist attractions Riau Islands pride located in Bintan Regency one of them is Lagoi Beach or well known as Lagoi Treasure Bay. Rows of coconut trees on the beach with beautiful natural scenery and supported by a clean environment is a unique attraction for tourists who come to Lagoi Beach. Due to its location on Bintan, the beautiful Lagoi Beach is often also referred to as Lagoi Bay Bintan. When you set foot in Lagoi Beach, you will be treated to natural scenery with the accompaniment of the sound of waves that can reassure your heart and reconcile your soul.
Lagoi Treasure Bay
Lagoi Beach Bintan ( Source )

In addition to beach attractions, in the area of Lagoi Beach, there are several other interesting sights, namely Mangrove Forest and Sebong River. Each of these places has its own charm. Also, there are also various lodging and resorts, making the world-class tourist areas.

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Lagoi Resort

Besides enjoying the beautiful natural charm of Lagoi Beach, you can pamper yourself and your family to rent an existing resort in this coastal area. Leisure resorts can add to your holiday fun with adequate facilities such as a golf course, swimming pool, and spa.
Lagoi Resort
Lagoi Resort ( Source )

Lagoi Beach Activities

Some activities you can do in this attraction is playing water, swimming, snorkeling, diving and just sunbathing on the white sand Lagoi Beach.

If you have an adventure hobby, take a moment to explore the charm of the Sebong River by using a boat that you can rent. During the trip down the Sebong River, you will be treated to natural scenery with a variety of plants, especially mangrove and Nipah trees and wild animals that live on the banks of this river.

You can also do fishing activities at the mouth of the Sebong River. Usually, if the fishermen do not sail, they catch fish and squid in this area. On the edge of the estuary, there are several buildings of leaf-roofed huts of palm trees. After getting the result of fishing, you can grill the fish while resting after a day exploring the Sebong River.

Facilities and Accommodation

Tourist attractions in Riau Islands, which has a variety of facilities and accommodation built to spoil the tourists who come to visit Lagoi Beach.The facilities include lodging with various classes, villas, resorts, one of which is Ria Bintan Golf Lodge. There are also restaurants, souvenir shops, public showers and toilets, large parking lots, fishing rentals, diving, and snorkeling. Do not miss the regular Bintan culinary tasting, Otak-otak, and Gonggong. Otak-otak is a sea fish that is served by means wrapped in grass leaves. And Gonggong is food in the form of sea slugs served like satay.

How to Get Lagoi Treasure Bay

To reach Lagoi Beach attractions, you can start your journey from Tanjung Pinang by private car or public transportation such as a taxi or car rental. It takes about 1.5 hours from Tanjung Pinang.

However, if you are from Batam, you must use the ferry service from Telaga Punggur port. From this port, you can use a speed boat to Tanjung Uban. Arriving at Tanjung Uban, you can continue the journey by taxi. It takes about 25 minutes from Tanjung Uban.

 Mentawai Islands Surf Spots

Mentawai Islands Surf Spots

The Mentawai Islands are Regency in West Sumatra Province. Mentawai is more or less 150 kilometer off the Coast of Sumatra Island. The county area of 601 km2 is peopled by the soul of the bulk of 64.235 are native people.The Mentawai Islands have a stunning stretch of beach. The beach with white sand blends with the blue of ocean water. Mentawai Islands surf has known among the surfers of the world as a surfing paradise; Mentawai waves even positioned the number four within the world. 

There are several beautiful beaches in Mentawai Coastal, the decision it Mapaddegat, Tuapeijat, Makakang in North Sipora, Simatalu within the Western Siberut and Katiet within the South Sipora. Additionally, to the beaches mentioned above, there are several different beaches spread over ten subdistricts in Mentawai.
Mentawai Island Beach
Beach in Mentawai Island Sumatra (source

Mentawai Surf Spots

The Mentawai Islands became one amongst the foremost famous travel destinations, cultural tours, adventure and marine tourism mainly surfing the interest of surfers in and out of the country. There are at least 400 points in Mentawai surf, 23 of that are international-scale. It’s enclosed by the Indian Ocean was conferred the Mentawai Islands consistent waves all year round. The Mentawai Islands have experienced the tsunami.

Schedule a visit the Mentawai Islands became a significant issue to do, as a result of the best waves will occur within the time of year, March to October. Remember, in those months the waves in the Mentawai Islands reached its peak and will use it for water sports activities. Whereas in November through March, the waves on the Mentawai Islands aren't so high, therefore just about challenging to use water sport. Mentawai ocean waves, starting from its base until it has the wealth and potential that's fantastic. Massive waves roll some of that fall under the category of maximum, making the Mentawai mutually of the famous surfing sights within the world.

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Mentawai Islands Surf Spots
The Surfers explore The Huge Wave in Mentawai 

The recognition granted by the international world in Mentawai waves will be seen from the surfing event held annually in these islands, Mentawai was appointed organizer of World surfing Champions Series scheduled every August.

The existence of this Championship, Mentawai will capture 3000 foreign tourists annually; it is about 55 % of the visitors coming came from Australia, 40% from the United States, and the rest of Europe, and Asia. The average traveler spends the US $ 2,500 for Mentawai surf. To ensure the comfort and safety of surfers, managers, and native Governments held many supporting facilities.

Accommodation the Mentawai Islands

The most important supporting facilities were established sixty exclusive surf spots scattered in many corners of the island. Private surf spot is wherever surfing is restricted the user maximum ten people. This is often to avoid accidents which will happen. Also, to assigning particular surf spot, the Manager additionally supported the beach resorts and a range of different support facilities to ensure the comfort of travelers.

Things to do are endless, the Mentawai Islands continued with performances of the culture of the local people. Classified as inheritable from the Neolithic era and they have a powerful belief in nature. Then from that's the lifetime of the native population the Mentawai Islands are powerfully influenced naturally. Mentawai became the perfect place for those seekers of the challenge and also the beauty of nature. Mentawai seem to shine with all the charm of nature and creating it as an area of the exile of the busy life. Mentawai are the natural environment for sixteen endemic species, and some of them are classified as endangered species, one in all that is the Simakobu monkey.

To protect the existence of various endemic species, the other half the Mentawai region was established because of the Siberut National Park. The presence of the National Park and also the beautiful rainforests in the Islands directly support a variety of beach and ocean life, as well as the tourism sector. Throughout now, several tourists who come back to enjoy the various attractions in the coastal areas are very impressed can the authenticity and atmosphere of the forest of Mentawai.
Mentawai Islands Surf Spots
Mentawai is the Best Place for Surf Lovers

Mentawai Tribe

Mentawai tribe is a group of individuals who live life and settled within the Mentawai Islands, West Sumatra. Mentawai tribe lived within the four large islands, namely Sibora, Siberut, North Pagai, and South Pagai. This tribe is known for its simplicity. It’s seen from the shelter and clothes worn by the individuals there. Hereditary, Mentawai tribe live merely in a Uma. Uma could be a house made from wood and formed stage. For the matter of clothing, Mentawai tribe additionally still belongs to the traditional. Usually, the men would use a Kabit namely cover the bottom of the body made from wood. As for women, they're going to use the stem of banana leaf to the bottom and knit tassel leaves to the highest of the body.
Mentawai Tribe
Mentawai Tribe with Tattoos on His Body (source

Art body ravaged or better called the tattoo is a tradition that's within the Mentawai tribe. In fact, according to the study, the oldest tattoo art that's derived from this tribe, lo. Mentawai tribe had already made their body tattoos since their arrival on the West Coast of Sumatra at the time, 1500 BC-500 BC. Tattoo in Mentawai tribe called titi. For them, the tattoo is the spirit of life. Not only that, through the tattoo, they'll additionally show the work as well as his social rank in the society. As an example, if they were hunters, then a tattoo that's drawn is the results of hunting animals. Well, this tattoo additionally has the function of art, lo, Mentawai tribe because of attracting accordance with his creative thinking.

How to get to the Mentawai Islands

Currently, Mentawai is accessible via 2 routes, mainly air and ocean routes. The locations of those surfboarding attractions are accessible by boat and aircraft. Mentawai will be accomplished with a quick ship for four hours and prices around Rp 85.000 ($8)/person or inter-island ferry for ten hours at Rp 67.000 ($7)/person with Padang-routes Sipora-Muara Siberut. Additionally, there's additionally accessible 46 little cruise ships can be rented throughout your stay within the Mentawai Islands. Minangkabau airfield to airfield flights Rokot that travels time thirty-five minutes.

Lake Toba Medan North Sumatra Tour

Lake Toba Medan North Sumatra Tour

Lake Toba features a length of 100 kilometers and a breadth of thirty kilometers. With the depth of regarding 450 meters. Breadth reached 1.145 SQ. kilometers. This Lake is one among the prime traveler attractions on the island of Sumatra, as a result of its charm could be a terribly surprising, to be able to fascinate the hearts of the domestic and foreign tourists.
The beauty of Lake Toba and therefore the close scenery has to become the most attract tour owned the biggest lake in Indonesia. The lake shaped by the eruption of a super volcano (Volcano eruptions) that occurred around 73.000 to 75.000 years past it did have tourism potential of water.
Lake Toba Medan North Sumatra
Lake Toba Medan North Sumatra

That moment 2.800 cubic kilometer of volcanic materials spewed out of Mount Toba that erupted volcanic ash spread by up to almost half the area of the world. Eruptions have occurred for one week and pebbles whereas holding the ashes were reaching ten kilometers above water level. As a result, there was a mass death and extinction of some species of living beings, also because the prevalence of weather changes Earth and begins moving into the glacial period so moving world civilization.

Lake Toba is the gorgeous natural attractions. Cold air; including the blue water of the lake wherever to swim Batak fish. It’s enclosed by the green of pine trees add calmness during this place. Within the middle of the expanse of the greatness of Lake Toba, there's an island known as the Samosir Island. This island additionally adds to the atmosphere of a picturesque Lake Toba. The island of Samosir is nearly a similar with full country Singapore. Samosir Island additionally has 2 lovely lakes, usually called Lake Sidihoni and Lake Aek Natonang. Samosir Island occupied by Batak Samosir.
Lake Toba presents a gorgeous view that interests us to visit and explore more. See Lake Toba as if we are watching an ocean. As a result of the breadth of the Lake is the biggest lake in Indonesia even in Southeast Asia.

Things to do at Lake Toba

The Lake is also crowned because of the second largest lake in the world after Lake Victoria in Africa. Additionally, it also has the record for the world's deepest lake, which is regarding 450 meters. Additionally to the wide, the Lake is also unique, as a result of at its center, there's a volcanic island whose magnitude is nearly up to the big country Singapore.

Swimming is one among those activities that you just shouldn't miss out on Lake Toba. Feel the refreshing lake water can become its own extra worth after you swim in the immense ocean of Toba. Additionally to swimming, the different possibility is to circle the Lake by renting a sailing boat.

Sailing towards to Samosir Island boat Charter will definitely be a fascinating experience. By renting boats for groups of 20 to 25 people for a day, you'll be able to ask to stop for any purpose those attractions you wish to visit and groups. Throughout this boat trip, enjoy the view of Lake Toba and its surroundings. You’ll be surprised by the wealth of nature that you just see. Don’t forget to organize your camera to capture every of the charms of Lake Toba. Additionally, you'll be able to see the different travelers who are enjoying the banana boat and Jet Ski within the Lake.

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Lake Toba
Lake Toba is The Largest Lake in Indonesia

Lake Toba Festival

Lake Toba festival could be a regular annual event the results of the cooperation of the government of North Sumatra and also the Ministry of tourism and artistic Economy. The event was held between the months of August-September. Lake Toba Festival additionally held an excellent variety of cultural and performing arts also are a race of people starting from dance performances to the contest boat. You'll also notice a range of cookery delights and look at the time pretty Ulos cloth event. If you wish to observe the annual festival at these sights, you should've ordered plane tickets and hotel rooms from the start.

Samosir Island

This unique island has an elevation of 1000 meters on top of the water level. Not to be outdone by Lake Toba, Samosir Island also keeps the natural beauty that's fascinating and unique. Uniquely, Samosir Island has 2 lovely lakes. They’re Lake Sidihoni and Lake Aek Natonang. The uniqueness of this creates each the Lake was dubbed "the Lake on top of the Lake."
Also, you'll realize the Misty Mountains, crystal clear waterfalls, also because of the friendly public laborers. You’ll even be treated to ancient relics as gravestones and traditional villages, Toba Batak traditional houses are unique, ancient culture society Toba, the grave of King Sidabutar already five hundred years old and most original, Batak-Gale dolls who will dance.
Toba Batak Traditional Houses
Toba Batak Traditional Houses

Batak-gale doll became one amongst the characteristic of traveler spots in Sumatra. 1.5 meters tall wooden dolls complete with custom clothing Batak is ready to dance with tourists. Batak-gale dance performances this you'll watch in many traveler attractions comparable to the museum of Lake Toba Huta Bolon different|and several other} other museums. Batak-gale should be kept within the coffin. This doll is extremely sacred due to its long history. Ranging from the favorite son of a King of Batak in ancient times who die whereas fighting. The King became unhappy and sickly.
Until then the healer or shaman determined to form a human-sized wooden doll, and her face is created just like the King's sons. Per residents, the late King's children get in dolls, so Batak-gale will move and dance without the help of a performer.

Lake Toba Accommodation 

Watch the sunset on the Lake Toba will be a unique experience you'll feel here, including together with your family or beloved ones. At Lake Toba additionally provides lodging facilities with a value that varies from the hotel, bungalow, villa and guesthouse, and homestay. Explore Lake Toba would be hard completed within a day only. These sights have several fascinating things to do and a lot of places that cannot be missed in your visit.
Lake Toba Medan North Sumatra Tour
Transportation to Samosir Island 

How to get to Lake Toba

No need to worry regarding transportation issues, as a result of its currently much easier. From Kualanamu airfield, you go towards the bus station Pinang Baris Medan. You simply need to pay around Rp 40.000 - Rp 50.000 ($3/$4) per person.
From Pinang Baris in Medan, you ride a bus heading for Parapat. Travel to Parapat from Medan takes regarding six hours. From Parapat, you'll see the wonder of Lake Toba. If you wish to Samosir Island, you'll cross by using the ferry from the Ajibata harbor towards a Tuk Tuk, Samosir. If you would like to travel more convenient and quick, you'll move a car or rent a car for you who also need to get around the Lake Toba. To use the vehicle travel fare of Rp 70.000 up to Rp 80.000 ($6/$7) per person. If you wish to rent a car, you may be charged a rate of Rp 600.000 – Rp 700.000 ($47) per day.