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Argapura Majalengka West Java

Argapura Majalengka West Java

Terracing Panyaweuyan Argapura

Argapura Majalengka. Subdistrict Argapura located in eastern Majalengka and Kuningan Regency is an area on the slopes of Mount Ciremai. Subdistrict Argapura also an area of farms and plantations.

Ciremai Mountain is the highest mountain in West Java. Regional geographical condition as it makes the area into agricultural areas and farms, as well as many stores potential tourism interest.

In the field of the District Argapura, there is a lovely place and the main attraction for tourists who want to enjoy the natural beauty of the green. Field staircase steps around the slopes of Mount Ciremai add beauty feast for the eyes. The beautiful sight is better known as Terracing Panyaweuyan Argapura.
Terraciring Payaweuyan Argapura
The Beautiful Terraciring Panyaweuyan Argapura Majalengka (image:

Terracing Panyaweuyan Argapura, administratively located in the village Argamukti Argapura District of Majalengka, West Java province. Now, Terracing Panyaweuyan which is an agritourism destination.

Most of the District of Majalengka Argapura, an area of steep hills with altitudes between 400-2000 meters above sea level, and the slope of the land, ranges from 25% to 40%.
Following the contours of the sloping ground, then some of the areas used as staircase steps, creating terraced rice fields that can be used for agriculture and plantations. Some of the featured agricultural products that can be found in the region, such as scallion, rice, sweet potatoes, onions, and so on.

In the agricultural area, Panyaweuyan could be a paradise for photography or the tourists who want to enjoy the scenery cannot be found elsewhere. Each holiday location Terracing Panyaweuyan Argapura visited by many photographers and tourists both local and from outside Majalengka.

One note for the visitors Argapura Majalengka, please enjoy the scenery of Panyaweuyan Argapura, but not to damage by trampling crops that were there just for the sake to take pictures of this beautiful place.

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Argapura Majalengka West Java
Sunrise at Argapura Majalengka (image:

Panyaweuyan Argapura is a place where visitors can see some of the mountains are located in areas that are adjacent to Majalengka. The best time to enjoy all the beauty that is in Terracing Panyaweuyan is the morning, since at half past six in the morning until 8 am. You will be hypnotized by the beauty of nature in Argapura Majalengka.

How to get to Argapura Majalengka

The distance from Jakarta to Majalengka is approximately 200 km.
If in average times can be reached within 4 or 5 hours by road. No route by air, sea or rail there, because Majalengka has no airport, the sea, and the train station. If using a private vehicle from Jakarta and its surroundings can be reached via three routes, via Bandung, Subang or Cirebon / Indramayu.

If you want to try to enjoy the panoramic beauty of the area Terracing Panyaweuyan, from Majalengka, you can search for Terminal Maja after that to follow the path that leads to Argalingga get Sadasari-Sukasari T-junction turn right. Cilongkrang after the bridge turn left or can ask directions to Teja Permana / Cibunut or Cibuluh.

The road condition is quite good just a bit cramped, so when you've entered the agricultural area is better to use a motorcycle or by foot. If you are like cycling, please try using a bike to this place. The best time to enjoy natural scenery in Panyaweuyan Argapura is the rainy season, due to physical conditions greens.

The Extraordinary of Kawah Putih Bandung Indonesia

The Extraordinary of Kawah Putih Bandung Indonesia

Kawah Putih Bandung
The Scenery is so Beautiful in Kawah Putih Bandung

Kawah Putih Bandung (White Crater), including one of the favorite tourist spots in Bandung that you must visit. Here, you'll find a view of the Crater Lake that contains sulfur, making them have lovely shades to be immortalized through the camera.

Kawah Putih is the most famous tourist attraction in Bandung. Kawah Putih is located in Ciwidey, Bandung, West Java, more or less 50 kilometers south of the downtown of Bandung. Because of its location in Ciwidey, it is often called by the name Kawah Putih Ciwidey. Kawah Putih is a lake fashioned by using the eruption of Mount Patuha. Real to its name, the area in this spot is white because of mixing the elemental sulfur.

Kawah Putih (White Crater) is located in a mountainous region have a height of over 2.400 meters above ocean level. With the elevation, the temperature in the Kawah Putih Bandung is approximately 9 degrees Celsius to 23 degrees Celsius.

The History of Kawah Putih Bandung

The tale of the history of the White crater started out in the 10th century in which there has been an enormous explosion via Patuha. After this eruption, there are lots of people expect that this region is a haunted part of every bird flew past the area will die. After some time, belief in haunted this location began to fade, until eventually in 1837 there has been a German botanist came to the site to behavior studies.

A researcher named Dr. Franz Wilhelm Junghuhn are very inquisitive about the isolated mountain place which isn't even a foul flying over it, so he went to the village to look for records. At that time, all of the facts he got was cited that the region haunted and inhabited with the aid of spirits.

For Dr. Franz Wilhelm Junghuhn, the local community statement became not reasonable. Due to the fact he did no longer agree with those tales, he went into the jungle to find out what is in there. Lengthy story quick, subsequently Dr. Franz Wilhelm Junghuhn effectively reached the summit of the mountain, and from the pinnacle, he saw there was a stunning white lake with a pungent odor of sulfur.

Seeing that then, the life of Kawah Putih Ciwidey became famous and started from 1987, the government advanced this vicinity as a vacationer spot that offers an entirely unique experience of seeing the lake which could alternate coloration.

Kawah Putih on the Slopes of Mount Patuha

Things to do in Kawah Putih

What do to in Kawah Putih? You can perform the following activities:

Enjoying of Hot Spring in Kawah Putih

In Kawah Putih area there are three hot springs: Patuha, Cimanggu, and Walini. Each hot spring has its own feature. And in Walini hot spring there are some swimming pools complete with hot water firstly from the mountain. There are a variety of benefits you may get from the primary season. First, the water carries precise mineral which is ideal for your pores and skin, then the new water additionally helps to enjoy your muscle. Playing hot spring is a must to do in Kawah Putih.

Exploring the Tea Plantation

After you have enjoyed the hot spring, you can proceed with your experience by studying the tea plantation, you simply stroll around taking after the little way of the tea estate or seeing the general population culling the tea take off.

Take a Photo

That is the most popular activity in Kawah Putih. In reality, kawah putih is an artificial sulphuric lake. So it has beautiful surroundings view with foggy slope and green water. So, the primary element to do and seem in your thoughts is to take a photo of it. This sulphuric lake that encompassing by evergreen scene ought to be recorded by camera or video, and this is an excellent spot.
The splendor of Kawah Putih additionally makes it a favorite location for people who enjoy images. This region has been referred to as one of the preferred web sites for detailed consultation, inclusive of pre-wedding. There also are expert photographers that traveling Kawah Putih, in particular, hunting for this spectacular scenery.

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Thick Fog in Kawah Putih Bandung
Thick fog in Kawah Putih Bandung

Kawah Putih Accommodation

Within a radius of 1 kilometer to 10 kilometers from Kawah Putih in Ciwidey, there are many accommodation options, from hotels, villas, up to the resort and guest house. To get lodging, maybe you should make bookings in advance to get an empty room, especially during the holiday season. You can contact the hotel directly or search online at Kawah Putih Bandung.

Kawah Putih Entrance Fee

Kawah Putih Bandung also included one of the tourist attractions in Bandung, which is quite cheap. The admission price of the Kawah Putih Bandung on weekdays and weekends is Rp. 18.000 ($2)/person. The ticket is valid for all domestic travelers. As for foreign tourists, a tariff is Rp 50.000 ($5)/person.

Travel Transportation Rates (Ontang Anting)

The fare is Rp 15.000 ($2)/person for the round trip, and the car will escort any visitor of the gate (which was parked in the parking lot below) to the location of the crater. The term Ontang Anting taken from the Sundanese language that means for. The most extreme limit for 1 Ontang Anting is 12 individuals, but do not worry if you do not get a place because many Ontang Anting is operating in the area.
Kawah Putih Bandung tourist attractions are open daily from 7 am until 5 pm.

Kawah Putih Bandung from Google Map
Kawah Putih Bandung from Google Map

How to get Kawah Putih Bandung

The trip to Kawah Putih from Jakarta using private vehicles, you just need to utilize the highway paths Cipularang and way out through the road stall of Kopo. From that point, you need to go to Soreang and drive toward the south Ciwidey.

On the off chance that you utilize accessible transportation, you can ride convenient transportation from the transport station of Leuwi Panjang making a beeline for the Ciwidey transport station. From the Ciwidey transport position, you can utilize accessible transportation to the Situ Patenggang and down before the doors of Kawah Putih Bandung.

Cikaso Waterfall Sukabumi Indonesia

Cikaso Waterfall Sukabumi Indonesia

Breathtaking Cikaso Waterfall Sukabumi
Stunning Curug Cikaso

Curug Cikaso Location

Curug Cikaso (Cikaso Waterfall) isn't really a new nature tourist destination in Sukabumi. A hidden waterfall is already being targeted visitors, including those visiting Ujung Genteng, because the location is not too far away. Nature Waterfalls Curug Cikaso is located in the village of Cibitung, Surade subdistrict, Sukabumi, West Java. And the distance is about 8 Kilometers from the District Surade.

The Beauty of Nature Tourism Curug Cikaso

Curug Cikaso artifacts three waterfalls are close together in one location with the water being so cold, and the water was colored bluish-green and surrounded by shady trees make this waterfall looks very impressive and the main attraction for tourists to visit natural attractions this one, in particular, you.

In Cikaso Curug, you can feel the tranquility in a visit in this area, because the atmosphere in this area is still very natural, plus another with sound in an audible Curug original. Made us feel at one with nature. Also, we can also swim in the pool, but it needs to be oversight of the pool attendants because of Cikaso waterfall pools deep enough and has a depth of about 15 meters.

Cikaso Waterfalls
Curug Asepan and Curung Meong

Cikaso Waterfall has three waterfalls up to 80 meters high, with a width of approximately 100 meters. Three waterfalls are originating from the river where the current is split by rock cliffs, so it is divided into three waterfalls. Each waterfall also has its own name. The leftmost waterfall called Curug Asepan , Curug Meong  in the middle, and the far right is called Curug Aki .

Curug Meong and Curug Asepan have a waterfall that is quite large and cumbersome. Both are also co-existed on the same side of the cliff so that from a distance you could only see two of this waterfall, while the rightmost Curug Aki has a relatively small waterfall. Curuk Aki also flows on the cliff overlooking the East, and apart from two other waterfalls, so that Curug Aki will look hidden if you look at the West.

Curug Cikaso History

Curug Cikaso which in Indonesian means Cikaso waterfall also known as Curug Luhur this is one of the most beautiful waterfalls located in West Java. The waterfall is located in the southern district of Sukabumi, in the surrounding community better known by the name of Curug Cikaso. Because the flow of water contained in Curug Cikaso comes from tributaries Cikaso.

How to get Curug Cikaso

To achieve Cikaso Falls waterfall is quite difficult because it is hidden in the forest area of Sukabumi. From the center of the city of Sukabumi, Cikaso waterfall is about 70 Kilometers by private vehicle, you can reach the Cikaso waterfall about 1.5 hours. You have to cross the area of population and rice fields. For those of you who are adventurous, Curug Cikaso is a perfect tourist destination.

If you start the trip from Jakarta, you will find a T-junction Surade when entering the area of Sukabumi. From here, Curug Cikaso is just about 12 kilometers and many guides that direct you to it, so you're less likely to get lost. For those who come by public transport not to worry, from this T-junction, there are many Ojek services (motorbike escorted is very famous in Indonesia) that will take you to a waterfall that was already well-known.

When you arrive at the entrance to Curug Cikaso, there are two alternatives that you can choose before actually arriving at the waterfall, by foot or rent a boat across the river Cikaso. Both have their own sensations that if you miss.

If you're the type of traveler who had the spirit of high adventure, please choose walking to Curug Cikaso, because you will pass through an area resident, hills, and rice paddies and through some stairs to arrive at the location of the waterfall. The Green scenery along the way will refresh the eyes so the walk for approximately 15 minutes with a relatively steep terrain will not be tiring.
Traditional Boats at Curug Cikaso
Traditional Boats ( source from )

For the second option, you can rent boats and rafts are sold tour guides on-site parking. The price offered for lease is varied, ranging from Rp 80.000 to Rp 120.000 per boat with a capacity of up to 10 people. Only by paying the fare, you'll get a fantastic view, not only of the hills that passed along the journey across the river upstream Cikaso but the sensation of bobbing in the raft traditionally also give a different experience.

Entrance Fee of Curug Cikaso

The ticket price for admission to an area of the Nature Waterfalls Curug Cikaso West Java is pretty low, which is around Rp 3.000 per person.
Braga Street Bandung Indonesia

Braga Street Bandung Indonesia

Braga Street Bandung is the most established boulevards in the city of Bandung. Previously, the road was called Pedati Street, here there are numerous relics of the age of the Netherlands. Braga Road Bandung is one of the boulevards in the city of Bandung which is extremely well known. The Cultural conservation area is indeed unique. There are many of the buildings along the way that offer excellent impression. European architectural style which makes Braga is similar to the atmosphere in Europe. Braga Street Bandung has become prestigious since the age of the Netherlands. 

Braga Street Bandung also filled a variety of shopping and entertainment venues of the prestigious. The Braga Street Bandung sights-plan One Stop Holiday in Central Bandung. This street is the center of the crowd and the main business in Bandung city since the time of the occupation of the Netherlands in Indonesia. Braga Street Bandung has as of now as the boulevards of priority in Bandung as a sign on the major street from the bearing of The Building Asian-African Conference (Societeit Concordia).
Braga Street Bandung
Braga Street Bandung West Java(source

History of Braga Street Bandung

The word is said to derive from the Braga Sundanese language, Ngabaraga, which means style. We are indeed still can see the stately buildings and the art deco-style along the way. The development of this street there is still connected with the development of streets Panarukan to Anyer educated by Governor- general Daendels in 1808-1811.The building was called Pedawiteg until the year 1882. The road ten meters in width, this is a way of connecting from Groote Postweg, Jalan Asia-Afrika, with Koffie Pakhuis, belongs to Andries de Wilde is now the Town Hall. In 1882, the Assistant resident of Bandung, Pieter Sitjhoff, named the road becomes Bragaweg. Also, all the way wears an oil lamp to illuminate the way. Supposedly, the name of Braga was familiar since the year 1810, but Braga was officially used in 1882.

One trigger for the development of Bragaweg was a grocery store named De Vries. This shop sold a variety of daily necessities and visited the Netherlands farmers who have gardens to the North of Bandung. The crowd, along with the Asia-Africa of course, makes a lot of other buildings in the vicinity of the establishment, such as hotels, banks, cinemas, and restaurants.
Building on the Braga Street
One of Old Building at Braga Street Bandung

The growth of these buildings makes Bragaweg known throughout the Netherlands East Indies. Many elites, both from the Netherlands, China, or Native-style and hang out at Bragaweg. In 1900 the road was paved and started getting crowded. In 1906 created regulations that building stores all Braga must meet the standard that has been set.

Braga was increasingly elite in the 1920s-1930s. Stores in the area sell only luxury goods. The Mayor of Bandung B. Coops at that time wanted Braga became an elite shopping center, European-style. The beauty of Bandung at that point to make the citizens of Europe the Netherlands East Indies dub the city as Parijs van Java. Bandung indeed became the seat of Government, the arts, entertainment, economy, and intellectuals at the time. These European-style amenities are indeed aimed so that the citizens of Europe in Bandung can maintain his lifestyle. Because of that style of house building, offices, entertainment venues, and the food menu is adapted to European culture. The Braga Street also became the center of shopping goods from Europe.
Braga Street Bandung
Evening at Braga Street (source

Traces of grandeur that is still visible today. We still find many beautiful old buildings along the road. Also, a variety of shops there is also still selling luxury goods. Many are also means of entertainment are still crowded, like pubs, malls, eateries, and a painting Gallery along this road. A modern hotel also has stood in the way of Braga. With beauty and history, owned then Braga remains the Central tourist destination in Bandung.

Things to do in Braga Bandung

To enjoy the charm of Bandung Braga Street is within walking distance. The atmosphere of the classical style can still be found only in the more modern buildings. The road is still the center of fashion in the presence of some shopping attractions. One of them is Braga City Walk who became a center of purchase in the Braga Street Bandung. As a center of investment that is quite popular, Braga City Walk is equipped with Cinema XXI, food court and also the hotel. Around Braga City Walk alone there are many ancient buildings are often used as background images, in particular for those who come to Bandung and want to capture the critical moments.
Street Painting Braga Street
Stree Painting of Braga Bandung West Java

Not only in Braga City Walk you can find culinary but also along the road of Braga. On this street, there are some food stores even dating back to the 1900s, which one is the Sumber Hidangan Bakery that sells bread ala Netherlands. At Braga street Bandung surrounding many paintings sellers that you can buy for the souvenir.

During the evening the atmosphere around the Braga getting swarmed. The excellence of the road likewise shows up from the city lights that add to the mood of the legacy out and about.Some festivals are also often held in Braga Street, as Braga Festival and most recently the Braga Culinary Night held every Sunday and has been following the year 2014. With the Braga Culinary Night, Govt. of Bandung city, trying to restore the excitement of a road of Braga. During the festival takes place along the Road will be closed to Braga 500 meters from the evening until the night.
Braga Culinary Night
Braga Culinary Night (source

At Braga street Bandung surrounding you can visit the tourist sites that are not less Interestingly, due to a short walk, you can reach it while enjoying the city of Bandung. Around Braga Street, there are additionally other fascinating spots to visit, for example, Gedung Merdeka in Bandung, The Bandung square, the large mosque of Bandung, and other intriguing spots.

Green Canyon Pangandaran West Java

Green Canyon Pangandaran West Java

Green Canyon Cijulang

Green Canyon is more or less 31km from Pangandaran Beach, placed within the Kertayasa village, district of Cijulang Ciamis West Java, around 45 minutes travel from Pangandaran beach. To reach the location of the Green Canyon West Java, travelers should continue the journey by hiring a boat from the dock of Cukang Taneuh.

Originally known as Cukang Taneuh green canyon, derived from the Sundanese language which means “The Land Bridge." It’s called the land bridge because there is a natural bridge here shaped the nature and function of linking 2 cliffs on top of the stream Cijulang, this bridge is usually used the farmers and native people to cross from one side of the cliff into the side of a cliff to another.

A unique natural creation, with the most features of the stream (Cijulang) and also the canyon-shaped from the ground on each side. For people who love trekking, camping, canoeing, and this tourist attraction may be the first selection. Additionally, the cleanliness of the river being treated and spectacular views on both sides create the area of tourism is turning into a favorite spot for tourists who come back to the Green Canyon West Java.
Green Canyon Pangandaran West Java
The Real Green of Green Canyon Pngandaran (source

The call of the green canyon has been named by way of a French visitor who got here to the location in 1993. It’s aforesaid that the clear green water of the movement and also the superabundant new bryophyte on the cliff had given it its current call and inspired utilizing Grand Canyon in the United States of America.

This shocking destination is truly a stream moving through a hole loaded with beautiful stalactites and stalagmites. It furthermore flanked between 2 slopes with trees and shakes because of the trimmings. The quiet green Tosca stream finishes this site as the remarkable view to go to. Once you reach the original entrance that will be the stopping zone of Green Canyon, you may see a line of wood vessels famously known as "Ketinting" covering up by the stream. The Ketinting can then bring you on a ride down the creek, part the clear green water and making the little wave on every side. To lease The Ketiting, you might be charged Rp 75.000 for around 60 minutes.

Green Canyon Pangandaran Body Rafting

What is Body Rafting? As we all know that "Rafting" is an activity stream and river rapids conquered by using rubber boats. However in our Rafting Body activity following the flow of the river without a vessel, drowning the body follow the movement of the water within the river is that the activity of "Body Rafting."

However, the activity of the body rafting we tend to do new Fun Activity, that means that the flow of the stream that we tend to go through isn't rushing currents and dangerous. With full safety equipment fitted to a life jacket, helmet, this activity is definitely very safe, comfortable and fun to do by anyone. No need to have to swim to be able to participate in the tourism body rafting. The tourists are escorted by our local guide skilled enough to keep comfort and safety throughout activities. The number of any guide tailored to some people within the group. Each 5 to 6 folks are guided and escorted by a guide.
Green Canyon Pangandaran Body Rafting
Body Rafting at Green Canyon Pangandaran (source

Green Canyon Pangandaran Semi Body Rafting

In distinction to "Full Body Rafting," semi body rafting starts with boat rides to the green canyon. When incoming at the location of the green canyon wherever a vessel is not any longer able to go through a small river flow, wherever tourists are starting to jump into the water to experience crystal clear water here. Visitors are guided by an area guide to exploring more into the flow of the river is flanked by 2 beautiful high cliffs. The trip down the water and run on top of the rocks as far as more or less 1 kilometer can send us to the "Kolam Putri" because of the end point spring body activities rafting. Kolam Putri is located beside the cliff as high as about five meters from the surface of the river. It takes an effort to rock climb will see and feel the direct, clear water in this pool. According to the beliefs of the local folks, washing the face in this pool will create your skin more bright and clean face. From here we tend to come back to the starting point where boats stop drop us at the start, and it'll be delivered back to the pier as the finish of the activities semi body rafting.

Swimming and Snorkel diving

The flow of this river is long enough, so the traveler can swim while following the movement of the falls. In addition to a magnificent view of the water surface, the green canyon is paradise for who love diving. Prepare your diving equipment, the incredible underwater view is ready to be searched and enjoyed, complete with numerous fish that swim to and fro in the bottom of the water.

If you prefer the challenges that spur adrenaline, you'll try to jump into the river of stone with a height of five meters or try rock climbing attraction.
You may select to go to this location in the dry season. Due to within the wet season the water can emerge as dirty brown, the movement speedier and furthermore the water will be much higher.
Green Canyon Pangandaran Ketinting
Ketinting at Green Canyon Pangandaran (source

How to get to Green Canyon West Java

In case you're settled outside of West Java then you'll use air transportation or area towards the town of Bandung. From Bandung, the method that to get to Pangandaran is by transport or leased vehicle. If you utilize accessible transportation, from the Pangandaran Terminal, you'll take a minibus made a beeline for Cijulang Terminal. From the terminal Cijulang, the excursion proceeds on Ojek or great bikes escort making a beeline for Ciseureuh dock. You'll lease a boat (Ketinting) amid this dock, there are a few Ketinting offered, to investigate the dazzling green ravine. It takes 30-45 minutes forward and backward to the green gully from this dock. The entryway value ticket in Green Canyon is Rp 12.500 ($1)/individual.

Mount Tangkuban Perahu Bandung Indonesia

Mount Tangkuban Perahu Bandung Indonesia

Attractions of Mount Tangkuban Perahu, Bandung is one among the attractions is located about twenty kilometers to the North of Bandung. Tangkuban Perahu is well known both among native tourists and foreign tourists due to its people who is the story of the romance of Sangkuriang and Dayang Sumbi. New attractions of Tangkuban Perahu is located at an elevation of 2.084 meters above sea level or about 6.873 feet. Fresh, therefore, this place features a calm and relaxed Eve as a result of there are several pine trees, tea garden, and garden vegetables. Mount Tangkuban Perahu is a stratovolcano-shaped Summit is elongated and formed like a boat that capsized.
Mount Tangkuban Perahu Bandung
Mount Tangkuban Perahu Bandung

Mount Tangkuban Perahu area is enclosed by a row of beautiful forests. Ranging from the dipterocarp forest, montane forest up to ericaceous, this offers spectacular views and created thousands of pairs of eyes enthralled. The wonder of this pure nature can create your mind be calm and contemporary.

The mountain remains active is an area of natural attractions within the Bandung area adjacent to Lembang. Bandung and is also an excellent tourist area in West Java. As a typical natural attractions mountains that several have a uniqueness and in fact, the natural beauty and coolness of this air are ready to attract many tourists to go to charming places are very lovely at the weekend and particularly once the long holiday season arrives.

The Tankuban Perahu last eruption in 2013, however, the mountain remains a comparatively safe place to visit. Mount Tangkuban Perahu is managed by Perum forestry. The average daily temperature is 17 degrees Celsius throughout the day and 2 degrees Celsius at night time. The mountain is additionally still classified as an active volcano and remains monitored by the Agency's Directorate of Volcanology Indonesia. Some positive signs of this mountain are the sulfur gas and additionally the source of hot water that flows at the foot of the mountain, as an example in Ciater. If visiting this mountain, you're powerfully suggested to bring masks to avoid the stench of sulfur gasses.

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Tangkuban Perahu Story

History of Mount Tangkuban Perahu has become a famous folk’s tale of the times of past times to until recently. Usually, it's related to the story of Sangkuriang and Dayang Sumbi apparently once Sangkuriang could be a boy who loves his own mother Dayang Sumbi and trying a spread of the way so that her mother will marry. And Dayang Sumbi asked Sangkuriang to make a pool of promptly by boat with only 1 night, however, eventually, it failed so that Sangkuriang angry and kicked the ship the other way up. Then this can be the boat that's considered because of the origin of the existence of Mount Tangkuban Perahu.

It has 3 craters, i.e. Ratu Crater, Domas Crater and Upas Crater. As a result of its beauty, Tangkuban Perahu usually used as places for pre-wedding photos, filming, as well as video clips. You’ll be able to additionally ride a horse for rounding some crater.

The Ratu Crater ( Queen Crater)

The Ratu Crater ( Queen Crater)
The Ratu Crater (source

It is the biggest crater of the 3 most famous crater of Tangkuban Perahu. To induce to the current hole, you'll use a personal car or a rental car at a location which will take you up to the Ratu Crater. The road leading into the crater isn't difficult, so many tourists coming back. The Ratu Crater will be viewed from the higher track with fences from wood for the protection of travelers. Stunning views you'll be able to see here. The bottom round the crater is white with yellowish colored stone as a result of the content of sulfur. Additionally, you'll see the smoke billowing from the crater. Round the site, several little shops are merchandising a variety of souvenirs like hats, scarves, gloves, masks and also a variety of crafts from wood. Not only souvenirs, but there are also food stalls merchandising boiled noodles and hot tea or grilled sticky rice that may be a typical food from Lembang Bandung.

The Domas Crater

Domas Crater (source

The Domas Crater is located on the plain that is below the Ratu Crater. Not like within the Ratu Craters are only allowed to envision from a distance and are restricted to a wooden fence, within the Domas Crater, you'll take a better look. Even you'll be able to also perform testing of the heat of the crater by boiling the eggs here. If you'd prefer to visit the crater Domas 16.00 above, then you must hire a guide for safety reason. Additionally to these 3 cavities, there's another fascinating Mount Tangkuban Perahu, specifically Tree Manarasa. Several of the trees growing around these sights have red leaves, and if consumed it feels almost like the leaves of the guava. According to local people, the leaves of this tree will treat diarrhea. Uniquely, they also believe that the leaves may produce ageless. Dayang Sumbi thought to continuously eat the leaves, that he stays beautiful and young.

The Upas Crater

Upas Crater (source

Upas Crater placed next to the Ratu Crater. To achieve it, you need to go through the road is steep and Sandy. Maybe it's that makes some tourists visiting here less compared to the Ratu Crater. Additionally, Upas Crater is additionally smaller and shallower.

The Road to Tangkuban Perahu

Tours of Tangkuban Perahu are located at Sukajaya, Lembang-West Bandung- West Java. To travel to Tangkuban Perahu guests don't need to be confused as a result of the access is very simple reachable by public transport or personal vehicle. Along the way also will quickly we find clues to the road to tour the Tangkuban Perahu. For those of you who come back from outside the region, you'll advance transit in Bandung. From Bandung city, you would like to travel to Subang direction, towards the North of Bandung. Distance fare is around twenty kilometers away.
Souvenir Shops at Mount Tangkuban Perahu
Souvenir Shops and Food Stall at Tangkuban Perahu

Tangkuban Perahu Entrance Fee

Domestic tourists:

Entrance fee: Rp 20.000/person

Motorcycle parking: Rp 5.000

Car parking: Rp 10.000

Bus parking: Rp 20.000

Foreign tourists:

Entrance fee: Rp 50.000 ($5)/person

Motorcycle parking: Rp 7.000

Car parking: Rp 15.000

Bus parking: Rp 25.000

Ujung Kulon National Park Banten

Ujung Kulon National Park Banten

Ujung Kulon National Park. Ujung Kulon national park could be a national park placed within the west-most tip of the island of Java. Exactly in the district of Sumur and Cimanggu Pandeglang Banten Province. A broad area of Ujung Kulon parkland is 122.956 Ha, and 44.337 ha of the entire area is that the Ujung Kulon national park waters. Ujung Kulon national park is additionally home to the Javan Rhinoceros that is incredibly famed and vulnerable. In 1992, United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization World Heritage Commission set the Ujung Kulon national park as a natural world Heritage site.
Ujung Kulon National Park
Ujung Kulon National Park (source

Ujung Kulon National Park Reviews

Ujung Kulon National Park offers a unique natural charm seldom found in different places. A range of the individuality and wonder of nature you'll realize, from waterfalls, streams, white sandy beaches, marine parks, and hot springs. State of nature is, therefore, pure you'll be able to find within the traveler area of Ujung Kulon. The only supply of power is there only exists on the island of Peucang. This can be as a result of you would be troubled to use electronic devices within the area, together with communication tools.

Natural is usually maintained, vegetation that grew freely additionally as its lovely beaches can cause you to forget the fatigue of daily activities. In some areas, you'll even see the wildlife living freely. A number of the areas visited by tourists within the area of Ujung Kulon national are Mount Honje, Ujung Kulon land, Peucang Island, the island of Panaitan Island and Handeleum.

Mount Honje, is one area of Ujung Kulon National Park enclosed by seven buffer, either the village borders directly or not. One in all the communities that became an entryway is that the village Tamanjaya. There’s a traveler attraction around the Tamanjaya among alternative Cibanua fishing village, Curug Cipanis hot spring source, Cibiuk, and Curug Cikacang as an area of Ujung Kulon National Park animals to view Owa Java that is endemic. The Ujung Kulon land region is that the environment of Rhinos, therefore management of tourism to the immediate area terribly restricted once therefore as not to disturb the environment of Rhinos. The tour will be worn out the region is trekking, wildlife viewing, and encampment.

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Javan Rhinos
Java Rhino at Ujung Kulon National Park (source

Ujung Kulon National Park Beach

You can enjoy the spectacular natural scenery there, also as its beaches and nature. One among the great traveler activities on the island is Peucang diving and snorkeling. You’ll be able to additionally notice dead coral and huge perforated there, precisely the Copong reef is located within the northern a part of the island. Peucang Island is that the most visited by tourists. A large stretch of white sand also extends as clear waters became an attraction for tourists to come back.

Handeleum Island consists of large and little islands. On the Handeleum Island, there's a river named Cigenter. You’ll be able to follow the watercourse using a tiny small boat (canoe). Numerous species of wildlife you'll be able to expect on the way, such as birds, snakes, and various types of fish. A sight of Ujung Kulon is additionally presenting the wonder of a beautiful terraced waterfall. Additionally, to row down the river Cigenter, you'll be able to go visit the different islands, such as Handeuleum small, middle, large and Kalong Island.
Ujung Kulon National Park Beach
Beach in Ujung Kulon National Park (source

Be careful during this island as a result of this island could be a haven for wildlife deer and snake Python. Panaitan Island different tour placed within the westernmost land of Ujung Kulon. Panaitan hills shaped by the mixture of mangrove vegetation, coastal forest, and lowland rain forests. The native forest is populated by a spread of wildlife such as deer, boar, monkeys, crocodiles, lizards, snakes and numerous species of birds. You have got to be a touch cautious as a result of some wild animals there are within the island of Panaitan.

Panaitan Island, if you water sports lovers, visiting Panaitan Island in Ujung Kulon is an interesting one. The island is located in the Northwest of the isle of Peucang. In General, favorite activities did travelers within the tourist area of Ujung Kulon this one is surfboarding. Nice waves for surfboarding here is known as "one palm point," popular among the lovers of surfboarding and you'll be able to snorkel at Panaitan Island.

Panaitan Island
Panaitan Island is Famous Place For Surf Lovers (source

Entrance Fee of Ujung Kulon National Park

The entrance fee of Ujung Kulon National area for foreign tourists concerning Rp 150.000 ($13)/person on weekdays and Rp 225.000 ($20)/Person for a weekend. These costs would be cheaper if you came up with the group. For groups of minimum ten individuals, you only pay Rp 100.000 ($8)/person on weekdays.

On the official website of Ujung Kulon national park traveler activities like encampment, searches the forest, wildlife viewing, diving, snorkeling, kayaking, surfboarding and fishing have rates that varied range from Rp 5.000 to Rp 25.000 ($2) one day.

As a protected area, in fact, you have to abide by the rules that apply to the traveler area of Ujung Kulon. A number of them, as an example, you're prohibited to bring the seed plants, chemicals, firearms, also as pets. As well as adding a prohibition to arrest and hunt animals or cutting down a tree.

How to get to Ujung Kulon National Park

To reach the Ujung Kulon National Park, you'll start by heading to Serang Banten and stopped at the terminal next to Pakupatan towards Tamanjaya by bus. From there, you'll charter a boat fare is around Rp 2.500.000 ($195) with the maximal capability of 20 people and costs subject to change without any notice. Therefore, you must raise regarding the worth for chartering the ship.If through ocean routes, the traveler area of Ujung Kulon is aboard the charter. The boat rental places are usually found at Labuan and Tamanjaya.