Karimunjawa Island The Paradise of Java

Karimunjawa Islands, the Islands are placed concerning eighty kilometers northwest of Jepara, Karimunjawa Islands consists of twenty-seven Islands, however solely five are the owner-occupied island. The island's fifth among others: Karimunjawa, Kemujan, Nyamuk, parang, and Genting. Whereas others were unoccupied. The most traveler potential of its beauty is that the Karimunjawa Islands.

Karimunjawa National Park

Karimunjawa is a land National Marine Park that is located within the Java Ocean northwest of Jepara. Natural beauty and condition of Karimunjawa create become more noted recently. Karimunjawa may be a paradise Island that hides many potential charms the wonder of nature, mountains, white sandy beaches and the underwater world. Karimunjawa marine variation of flora and fauna, together with of the coral reefs have created Karimunjawa mutually of the National Marine Park in Indonesia. 
Karimunjawa National Park
Karimun Jawa National Park Indonesia

Several traveler attractions that create it potential to try and do in there, such as hiking, sunbathing, camping, bird observation, swimming, snorkeling, banana boat, water view with a glass boat and additionally fishing. Additionally, the traditional ceremony of the Bugis wedding that's distinctive to become another traveler attraction on the island of Karimunjawa.

Karimunjawa Islands destinations are composed of land and ocean with a surface area of regarding 1.500 square measure and massive waters of regarding 110.000 hectares. The development of business enterprise that this one is incredibly quick, it has not lost the government support to stay on operating to develop the potential of the business enterprise sector of the region, so far could be a heap of favorable domestic and international tourists.

At Karimunjawa Islands this you may be given a really fantastic scenery starting from the sweetness coral reefsClean beaches and therefore the beautiful thing about a cluster of Islands dotting the ocean of Java, not only that a number of the views of Capitol Hill that his charm is additionally terribly unusual you may get by visiting the Mount Cinta, Nyamplungan Hill and also the Hill Joko Tuo existing within the Karimunjawa.

Tourism has been selected as a national marine park Indonesia has more than ninety species of coral and others. There are over 240 types of fish. In some islands, you'll be able to see the flowering tree forests and coastal forests. Additionally, you'll be able to additionally realize some forms of wildlife onto land, e.g. deer, monkeys, numerous species of birds and turtles.

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Karimunjawa Islands Nicknames

Island Vacation

Karimunjawa is ideal for vacation, once months of Administration preoccupied with work. Therefore the Karimunjawa will refresh the mind. At Karimunjawa we have a tendency to liken the vacations all the time, attributable to the gorgeous and exotic landscape.

The Paradise of Java

Karimunjawa is their natural inexperienced, natural and delightful. The atmosphere that produces tourist’s reception within the Karimunjawa as a result of a friendly atmosphere in society, the air remains clean, just like the Paradise Island of Java as a result of still entered within the administration of the island of Java.

Caribbean van Java

Karimunjawa Islands are the beauty of the Caribbean. Karimunjawa has in common with the Caribbean that is composed of many little islands. Therefore The Netherlands gave the nickname as a Caribbean van Java.

How to get to Karimunjawa

Seaways are the first generally used lines of tourists to the Islands to Karimun Jawa. There are three choices which will take you to those sights, i.e. a quick motorboat transportation ship Kartini, Express, and passenger motor boat Muria. When using a fast motor boat Kartini, you would travel regarding four hours from the port of Kartini.

When using a transportation ship Express, you would move regarding two hours from the harbor of Kartini. Kartini's boat you will reach the port of Karimunjawa in lower than six hours. Confine mind that weather conditions and waves are significant on the cruise. Therefore it might simply be the journey is delayed or canceled if the weather is dangerous.

Means of transport which are able to serve tourists to Karimun Jawa:
Passenger Motorboat KM Muria
Jepara-Karimun takes 5-6 hours’ drive. For a visit to Karimun Jawa in an exceedingly given month trip escorted by a flock of dolphins performing arts besides the vessel.

Departure Schedule:

Jepara-Karimunjawa: every Saturday, Monday, and Wednesday 09:00
Karimunjawa-Jepara: every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday 08.00

Ticket Prices:

-VIP/Executive Rp 60.500/person ($ 5)
-Economy Adult Rp 31.000/person ($3)
-Economic children Rp 20.000/person ($1.5)

In addition to mistreatment service ships, you'll additionally use aircraft. Using the plane to the Dewandaru landing field on the island of Kemujan, Karimunjawa is so less notable maybe as a result of the value is more expensive compared with the employment of a ship. You’ll be able to use the aircraft of the airline Merpati Airlines, Sky Aviation, and Wings air from Ahmad Yani landing field in Semarang.

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