Komodo National Park Indonesia

Komodo Island is found in Kepulauan Nusa Tenggara. The island is located on the inside of between the islands of Sumbawa and Flores Islands exactly on the eastern island of Sumbawa and separated by the Strait of Sape.

Komodo Island could be a little island that occupies the most a part of the Komodo parkland. Komodo Island belongs to the province of East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), Komodo, Manggarai Regency West. The island is that the westernmost boundary of the province of East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) quickly deckle-edged on West Nusa Tenggara (NTB). 

Komodo National Park Indonesia

Komodo parkland not solely within the island of Komodo however conjointly includes different islands similar to Rinca, Padar and enclosed within the main island of the original surround of the Varanus komodoensis. Additionally, there are still several different little islands – Islands within the Komodo National Park. Total space of Komodo parkland covers a vicinity of 2.321 km² lands whereas Ocean and air.
Komodo Dragon
Komodo Dragon Endangered Animal

Komodo Dragon

From the name, you'll describe what quite tours on the island of Komodo. In fact, this place is living off the komodo dragons. The island is that the environment of native animals of Komodo. There are thousands of animal breeds here alive and komodo dragons.

Komodo dragon in Latin "Varanus Komodeonensis" could be a species of rare and nearly extinct the environment of those animals. They will board the tract (savanna), white sand beaches, and therefore the rain forest. It’s a lizard-like craniate animal. However, the distinction is that the size of a really giant and length will reach up to three meters. 

Giant lizard adult weight ranges from one hundred twenty to two hundred pounds. Are you able to imagine however massive it's? The giant lizard encompasses a body form just like the old animals, sharp nails; the tongue is forked and likes to stay his tongue. Giant lizard belongs to the class of animal predators.

However, to not worry as a result of it still belongs to the patient and predators aren't active hunters only needing one bite of the giant lizard to paralyze prey. But they're not greedy, they obtained won't be prey once depleted. They might eat it till among days. 

Every traveler that comes is amid "Park Rangers" designation charmer on the area people. Therefore no have to be compelled to worry and afraid as a result of you'll be maintained and is directed by the handler.

You merely adhere to the directions given by the associate degree knowledgeable driver. The giant lizard is so a species susceptible to extinction. This enormous reptile was an old animal protected. The government sought-after the best protection in animals of Komodo, given these animals area unit an essential quality for the country Republic of Indonesia, even for the globe.

Komodo Island Diving

The Komodo Park is additionally known for having a great underwater beauty. Lovely cool down there with adorned the different reef fishes that build sweet is also not keep mentioning greeting. You’ll dive and revel in the material resource of the ocean on the island.

Komodo National Park is that the best diving spots in the world. 380 species coral reefs, algae garnish, seventy-three varieties of sponges, yet as thousands of species of fish area unit looking ahead to you. Not solely that, you may additionally meet with numerous types of sharks and rays, young turtles, five species of whales, and nine varieties of dolphins are cute. 

The natural heritage is incredibly awful. Almost about hour of the coverage of the Komodo Park is that the exotic waters. It’s a depth of regarding one hundred meters. The water temperature within about twenty-four to thirty degrees Celsius with saltiness thirty-five ppt. Such a lot natural charm area unit offered in Komodo park.

Additionally to the old animal will meet with the monitor lizard in its natural home ground, and revel in the engaging read of its life, you may be surprised by the view of the island. As a result of here, there's a transition zone line of Wallace. 

There are about 250 species of flora there's the Komodo Park. Additionally, there are more or less one hundred bird species that area unit lovely and full voice, yet as sixty sorts of animals. Natural mix with the vegetation turns adds to the standard of the setting in Komodo National Park's various flora and fauna, therefore, all-mains.

How to get to Komodo Island

For those of you who need to go to Komodo Park should use transport solely, as a result of the coverage isn't adequate. There are 2 ways that to get there, that is with the employment of air and ground transportation. And if you use ground transportation, from Surabaya, certainly you must 1st towards the town of Banyuwangi. On to the port of Ketapang, Banyuwangi and ferries are able to take you towards Gilimanuk Harbor, and it takes approximately one hour away by the ocean. Travel should be resumed to drive from Ubung terminal, Bali.

Arriving in Bali, you'll drive from Ubung terminal on to the port of Padangbai. Then you'll be delivered towards the harbor Lembar to Lombok and still use the ferry. On this trip can take four hours. Once reaching the port Lembar to Lombok. You will need to twiddling my thumbs as a result of should continue once more towards Mandalika terminal in Mataram, with two hours of the period to and from the port of Kayangan, Lombok, with journey time 2.5 hours by crossing the Straits of Alas. between Lombok and Nusa Tenggara Barat (NTB).

Port Pototano is that the start line that you simply got to go. As a result of this can be a new gate within the city of Sumbawa, Nusa Tenggara Barat (NTB). Then proceed towards terminal Dara, Bima. When arriving there, additional to the port of Sape. You’ve got to wait and see a little longer as a result of you'll get to the island of Komodo. From the port of Sape, you would like to rent a ship to urge to the Komodo Park.

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