Cave Tubing Goa Pindul Jogjakarta

Goa Pindul (Pindul cave) is one of the traveler sights within the village of Bejiharjo, district Karangmojo, Gunung Kidul Regency. Goa Pindul is a fall down if there is an underground river that extends from the mouth of the cave to the tail of the cave Goa Pindul is one of the favorite locations of Gunungkidul Regency in Yogyakarta, especially among interested by the cave. Goa Pindul is so precise and presents purely using natural strategies that shaped the stalactite and stalagmite courting returned lots of years inside the past. The allure of cave is placed at the underground rivers glide in all of the cave.

Goa Pindul also has stalactite and stalagmites. But the difference is capacity. According to research these stalactites and stalagmite caves already thousands of years old, so it has a substantial form. In Goa Pindul, stalactite and stalagmites blend right in the middle of the cave forms a pillar, sturdy and look great, in length accomplishing up to 5 spans of person's hands. Because of its great length, the stalactites in Goa Pindul fall into the category of the largest 4th in the international. A very exceptional factor may be obtained right here if you could see directly the beauty of stalactites fashioned naturally in Goa Pindul.

Goa Pindul is still active to this day. So if you revisit the next few years, you can see the pillars of stalactites is getting bigger. But feared of this is the greater the diameter of the stalactites, then it might be hard to get it passed, and now the gap is just simply bypassed for one person only.
Goa Pindul Jogjakarta
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History of Goa Pindul

This story at start people in ancient times named Ki Ageng Pemanahan and Kih Juru Mertani. Both get the assignment to kill the infant who is instructed by Panembahan Senopati Mataram. The baby is the son of Princess Penembahan Senopati.

Ki Ageng and Juru Mertani decided to violate the commandments of Panembahan Senopati that is reluctant to kill the baby. The two men decided to wander towards the East while carrying the baby, on a hilltop. Because the two men have very remarkable supernatural power, in his climb to the Hill collapsed leaving a sizable hole that is below the river water flows. The baby who is ordered to be killed by Panembahan Senopati bathed by Ki Ageng and Ki Juru Mertani River under Hole in the Hill. When processing of bathing the baby, the infant's cheeks abruptly bumps into the partitions of the cave until the bumps. In the Java language, ' means "Pindul." That turned into the historical past at the back of the foundation of the name Goa Pindul.

At the same time as the second version recounts that once upon a time there was a younger guy named Joko Singlunglung who is making the journey to discover his father. The adventure traveled with the aid of him is entirely cumbersome and complete of boundaries, passing thru the wasteland, rivers, up to dark caves. While on his journey tracing a number of the cave the Joko Singlulung head’s bumps into a huge rock in a cave. That is what cave is called as Goa Pindul. Within the Java language, Pindul approach that cheek crack.

Goa Pindul Activities

Cave Tubing Goa Pindul

Goa Pindul has a length of 350 meters, width up to 5 meters, the distance from the surface of the water with the roof of the cave 4 meters, and a water depth of about 5 to 12 meters. Goa Pindul has three zones are Dim, light and dark zones. It takes around 45 minutes.

Cave tubing is similar to rafting. If rafting is an activity down the flow of the river by boat, then cave tubing is the caving activities using the tires (similar to Lifebuoy). Because the flow of water in Goa Pindul is calm, and do cave tubing in Goa Pindul, this can also be done by the novice or young children even pregnant women. In the middle of Goa, there is a room that is rather large, with a hole in it and the locals call the wells upside down, the sunlight entering through the hole it makes the atmosphere more beautiful. On top of the cave, some holes are often used as vertical entrances by the SAR team members.

The magnificence of Goa Pindul is progressively finished with the trimming along the dividers of the Cave like an artful culmination of conceptual sketches is many invaluable bats are putting embellish the alleyways of the cave. There is like a curtain that is composed of water droplets on the walls of caves.

River Tubing Kali Oyo

Kali Oyo (Oyo River) is a river this is located no longer far from the vicinity of the Goa Pindul, even nonetheless belongs to a village that is positioned in Bejiharjo. The River along the 1500 meters with the period of one to two hours if you through it. Alongside the river, there are the beautiful cliffs of ordinary karst rocks and natural Gunungkidul. There we can experience the beauty of the river Oyo by using the usage of tires (just like Lifebuoy), as is the case in Goa Pindul. Accompanied by a guide and equipment that keeps us safe and comfortable then do not be afraid to wade through the River to a depth of 7 to 11 meters.

There is a waterfall on the Oyo River was additionally extremely excellent, where site visitors can take a wreck to revel in nature within the area of the Oyo River. Further site visitors also can jump from the threshold of the cliff into the Oyo River.

Caving Goa Gelatik

Goa Gelatik is positioned in the vicinity of the village of Bejiharjo, Gunungkidul, Karangmojo, it's miles located quite close to the Goa Pindul. The beauty of the cave is complementary to the existence of the village Bejiharjo, at the antiquity of the cave is often used for meditation people to get serenity. Now, this cave has become visitor locations, and nobody else is the usage of for meditation right here.

In this cave, guides will accompany the incoming visitors to the cave. Besides that, the supervisor already presents safety system inclusive of helmets to keep our heads from the collision of the partitions of the cave. There are also shoes for in the cave is a quite slick, so you do not slip, there may also be the oxygen tube merely in a case due to the fact within the cave air enough minimum and a flashlight to light up all through the ride in Goa Gelatik.

How to get Goa Pindul

Goa Pindul is located in Yogyakarta. To get to this place is very easy. If you are using a private vehicle from Yogyakarta, you need to make the journey to the town of Wonosari, Gunungkidul afterward proceeded to the village of Bejiharjo and continue to follow the road until you find the sign of Pindul. This tourist attraction is situated at the end of the road, so it isn't a difficult issue to find this region.

While in case you're using public transportation, the trip will probably be a bit more challenging because public transports heading to Goa Pindul are very limited. From Yogyakarta, you may take a bus heading to Wonosari, and then get off at the Wonosari city or T-junction Grogol. Then continue by Ojek (new motorbike escorted) or using public transport leading to the village of Bejiharjo, the price of approximately Rp 10.000 to Rp 20.000 ($2).

The entrance tickets to Goa Pindul are home tourists to Rp. 35,000 ($3)/person and foreign tourists to Rp. 50,000 ($5)/person and the best time to visit Goa Pindul is in April to October.

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