Derawan Islands East Kalimantan

Derawan Archipelago is an archipelago located in the province of East Kalimantan in Berau Regency. Derawan Archipelago has 31 of the islands and the famous island only 4 islands namely Derawan Island, Kakaban Island, Maratua Island and Sangalaki Island. The first island we will search the Derawan is East Kalimantan. The first island we will discuss is the Derawan Island Kalimantan.
Derawan Island Indonesia
Derawan Island East Kalimantan (source

Derawan Island

Derawan Island Kalimantan is the easternmost of the Kalimantan Island. Derawan Island Kalimantan is the best diving destination in the world. You can see the charm of the Derawan Islands which is very beautiful and amazing. In Derawan Island Kalimantan 28 dive spots are well known by domestic and foreign tourists. They spent their holidays with diving in the island to see the views of marine life.

Derawan Islands are named for Nautical Tourism Area Marine Park Derawan. Derawan Islands are part of the Sulu Sulawesi-Marine Ecoregions across Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines. Ecoregions are located in the Coral Triangle Region of the world with the highest diversity of coral in the world. The Coral Triangle is also becoming the epicenter of marine life that has a variety of types of marine life. Coral reefs come within these covers 53% of the coral reefs of the world. Even based on research developed, Derawan Islands is one of the most famous Ground Multi Countries Feeding in the world.

Derawan Islands have a panoramic view of the sea with sand white beaches, coconut trees, shadowy and life of local villagers. The island is renowned for its marine tourism, especially diving and snorkeling activities. The waters surrounding the Islands are rich in fish diversity Derawan Archipelago and sea life. Green turtles are also widely found in Derawan Islands. Green turtles are very tame and often show themselves to humans. Wait for the green turtles appears quite fun. The turtles often go to the beach to lay eggs. See the turtle egg-laying directly is an oxymoron.

Sangalaki Island

Sangalaki Island is the largest habitat for green turtles in Southeast Asia. Sangalaki Island is also a natural area conservation of turtles. Every evening almost 50 turtles toward the beach to lay eggs. With a thick body, the turtles are striving toward the coast for the sake of survival. On this island, there is a WWF (World Wild Foundation) that moves regarding conservation of the turtles. Not allowed to hunt turtles or taking their eggs. There has been a regulation protecting against the turtles from poaching.  

The Sangalaki Island also includes habitat Center Manta Rays in the world. Diving trips in Sangalaki Island are the famous attractions of Manta Rays. About 50 stingrays swim rhythmically as if dancing. The atmosphere on the island is very natural and beautiful. On this island, there is also a Sangalaki Dive Lodge. This resort provides facilities for dive, lodging, accessories store, and restaurant. Sangalaki dive Lodge crowded stunning diving trips and life under its very exotic. Cuttlefish can be found, Blue Ribbon Eels, turtles, manta rays, sharks and dozens of species of Nudibranch, hundreds of species of hard and soft corals that showcase the beauty of the coral reefs and the fish are colorful.

Kakaban Island

Kakaban Island is shaped to resemble the number "9". Part of his the North circular is atolls or coral ring-shaped and has a lagoon. Kakaban Island presents the uniqueness of nature as it is found only on the Islands that are located in the Republic of Palau come within Micronesia, Southeast Pacific Ocean. There is a brackish water lake located in the middle of the Kakaban Island.

Kakaban Lake was designated as a World Natural Heritage Area in 2004 by UNESCO. The island is completely protected from tampering can be done by humans. Tourists and locals are not allowed to stay in the isle. Many researchers came to do research on this Kakaban Lake. There are many new species to be discovered in this stunning, unique Lake.

Mangrove forests adorn the landscape on the island. On the Kakaban Island, there is unique brackish water lake where there are 4 species of jellyfish that does not sting, 8 types of small fish, as well as unique biota-endemic biota. Biota found in the Lake trapped and evolved to adapt. You can do diving to enjoy the beauty of the Lake, watching the Kingdom of jellyfish. Divers have known some of the dive spots around the   Kakaban Island like the Barracuda Point, The Drift, the Cabbage Patch, The Wall, the Blue Light Cave, The Plateau, Rainbow Run, diver's Delight and The North Face. A variation of the various types of these dive sites is desirable for experienced divers.   

Maratua Island

Maratua Island is often known by the name “Tropical Island Paradise ." Because of this atmosphere on the island, Maratuak Beach and it is truly unspoiled led compared to other islands. The dolphins often show up and accompany your ship while heading for the isle of Maratua. Cave adventure performed in caves and swallow bird nest, trekking down the forests are overgrown by trees above the rock. Then climb the Mount Putih (White Mountain) to watch the sunrise and see the Maratua Bay to see the height of the cliff. All of that is a memorable experience in your life.

Derawan Island Accommodation

In Derawan Island there is Derawan Dive Resort, a resort of international standard with adequate facilities. The resort provides on-site cottage for the stay. There are also facilities for diving equipment, snorkeling, banana boat, canoe, Sailboat, restaurant, café, etc. These full services that add satisfaction while on vacation to the Derawan Island. Also, there are also hotels and Inns and homestays in local houses that cost of the rent is cheaper. There are also other supporting facilities, such as restaurants and shops of accessories are also quite complete on this island. Enjoy the panoramic view of the sea, and the beach accompanied by the hospitality of the locals (tribal  Bajau ) is the main attraction of the Derawan Islands.
Derawan Dive Resort
Resorts at Derawan Island 

And on the Maratua Island, there are 2 resorts, namely Maratua Paradise resort and the Nabucco Island Resort. 2 international standard resorts that are ready to provide full facilities and comfort of your holiday. Paradise Resort is located on its own little island, namely the Nabucco Island. Both this island offers cottage to stay, on-site diving equipment, snorkeling, a restaurant, café, etc. On holiday on the island is the right choice for you who expect a lull in the rest.

Best time to visit Derawan
The best time to visit the Derawan Islands is on the March and October because in those months you can enjoy the beach and the beautiful weather and the calm ocean waves.

How to get to Derawan Island

Several options could be considered by tourists to be able to get to the islands of the Derawan archipelago:
Via air transport: For flights heading to the islands of the Derawan archipelago there are many options of flights to Balikpapan, from Balikpapan through two ways, namely via the Berau or passing of Tarakan. Both ways have advantages and disadvantages. The passing of Tarakan advantage is cheaper and choices of flights from Berau through on but for those of you who pass by Tarakan sea-lanes farther to get to Pulau Derawan and not available in the regular speedboat or to the public, so it should hire their own. If you through Tarakan was easier for traveling in groups. Whereas from Berau more comfortable for going alone because there is a lot of car travel toward Tanjung Batu and there is also a public speedboat toward Derawan Island. There are several airlines serving flight Balikpapan towards Berau and vice versa. There is an airline such as Sriwijaya Air, Wings Air, Garuda Indonesia and Kalstar.

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