G-land Surf Camp Banyuwangi Indonesia

G-land Surf Camp - Sunrise of Java aka Banyuwangi is Regency placed at the eastern end of Java Island. Because the regions bordering the Indian Ocean, Banyuwangi has several beaches which will be visited by tourists. One in every of the beaches of Banyuwangi is G-Land or more popular the name of the Pantai Plengkung among the local people.

G land Surf Camp Reviews

The beach is located on the eastern tip of the island of Java is one of the Surfers Paradise. Additionally called G-Land, you'll be able to feel the joy of riding the waves roll spectacular beaches. The waves are high, massive, and extends that Beach Plengkung is known as one of the beaches with the largest waves in the world. Plengkung Beach recognized because of the best surfing spot in Southeast Asia and also the waves as well as one of the best seven waves in the world.

The waves in this place very are excellent and consistent is that the results of the influence of the currents of the Antarctic, washed by the Indian Ocean. With the right corner of the Bay, the waves generated are excellent. The peak of the waves reportedly will reach 4 to 8 meters with a length of two kilometers, and features a wave seven formations of the composition; it's very challenging for the surf lovers to do it.
G-land Surf Camp
The Waves are so Perfect at the Beach into a Dream World Surfers (source flikr.com)
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The waves on the beach are divided into three levels namely Kong Waves (the waves reached a height of 6-8 meters), Speed Waves (5-6 m), and many Track Waves (3-4 m). Waves of the last level (many tracks) beginner surfers are usually used to hone their skills. Besides the Plengkung Beach, the waves of it only exist in Hawaii, Australia, and South Africa. The famed beach of Plengkung a wave to the foreign traveler doesn’t at any time is found. This giant wave appears only in April and October only (especially August) each year. In this Beach Surf Contest ever held international Quicksilver professional surfing Championship in 1995 through 1997 also as DA Hui professional surfing World Championship Series III years ' 2003.

The beach of Plengkung facing on to the Indian Ocean and is located in the East Bay of Grajagan is such popular surfers who usually come from abroad. It’s not surprising if the beach Plengkung more famous abroad than domestically. The majority of tourists come from the U. S., Brazil, and Australia. From foreign surfers who admire the wonder of the waves on the coast of Plengkung a roll, this then appears the term G-Land for Beach Plengkung. Therefore for foreign tourists, they'd recognize G-Land instead of the beaches of Plengkung.

Behind the term, G-Land for the beach Plengkung turns has several versions. The letter "G" in G-Land apparently stands for many things, namely: from the word "Grajagan,” specifically the Bay of Grajagan. Taken from the word "Green" because of its location on the edge of the green tropical forest. The atmosphere around the coast of Plengkung is green wood because it's enclosed by expanses of tropical beach forest and lowland forests that are still green, thus if the views and immortalized in photos from a distance, then it might appear to be colored green. 

Taken from the word "Great" because the waves were so huge, long and full of challenges. There’s additionally a mention, Plengkung was known as G-Land because of its lovely curved almost like the letter G. The position and the location of the beaches that are creating waves as high as up to eight meters will be shaped, that makes it favored surfing lovers. Guests may also enjoy extensive views of the gorgeous natural Beaches Plengkung from completely different angles. Officers give a tower shortly from the beach to envision the wonder of Plengkung from a height.

G land Surf Camp History 

Plengkung beach is assumed together of the first effective aquatics originated from the story of the expedition from foreign surfers. In 1972, there are eight groups of surfers from the US who do the expedition to Plengkung. 

The team divided into 2 groups. There the traveler goes off by using a ship that harnesses the ocean routes, whereas five fully different passengers using a connector. Five of the traveler by road runs all the manner all the way down to the village of Grajakan, then they proceed to use surfboards on coastal waters Plengkung that is regarding twenty metric long measure. Presently three surfers through ocean routes experiencing interference. They have a terribly big struggle to successfully perform his vision. On the approach, they lack clean water so it should land on the beaches of Plengkung. 

Finally the surfer's third stop and discerned of base camp to travel searching out the usefulness of Plengkung beach as an area to surf. To look at the value of the spot they lived in the base camp for ten days.

G land Accommodation and Activities

Other fun activities may be done, like Alas Purwo National Park trekking, snorkeling, fishing, diving, caving, or view captive turtles. For lovers of photography, Beach view at Plengkung additionally pricey to miss. On the coast of Plengkung, we may see a very magnificent sunset. Several travelers are waiting for this moment. Plengkung beach equipped with a reasonably complete, starting from Bar, Restaurant, bungalows, Jangle Camp, etc. surfboard rentals are available. Of these facilities are offered in the kind of u.s. dollars.

How to get to G land

By road will use public transportation from Banyuwangi, guests will ride the bus to Kalipahit (about sixty km), from Kalipahit taxi ride continuing with towards a Pasar Anyar that is about four kilometers away, from here guests may take an automobile pickup heading Pos Pancur (distance is approx. 15 kilometers). Up in the Pos Pancur, both non-public vehicles and public should be placed and isn't to proceed to the coast of Plengkung. From the Pos, Pancur guests have 2 decisions to achieve the coast of Plengkung. Walking distance to the beach nine-kilometer Plengkung or rent special vehicles provided by the supplier of the Alas Purwo National Park.

The journey to the coast of Plengkung so quite significant and wish to be the additional effort because the trail isn't smooth and the paved road. It's given the situation of the beach of Plengkung in national parks, aren't allowed to change the contours of the landscape.

With the condition, that guest is not permitted to bring vehicles onto the beach of Plengkung. Otherwise, the route to the beach automobile transport Plengkung modified pickups to load passengers. One way will haul about 10 people with a value of around Rp 250.000 ($20) round trip. Any range of traveler fares is the same because it calculated for one trip. Therefore enjoying the scenery, we tend to suggest guests to the beaches of Plengkung comes before 12.00-noon point in time because the vehicles dropping off only until 5 pm.

For ocean trails, guests will use speedboat/fishing boat from the Grajagan Island (40 km) south of Banyuwangi toward the Grajagan village, from the port of Grajagan if motorboat travels (1 hour) or fishing boat (2 hours) directly reaches the G-Land Beach. These ocean routes may also be reached from Bali using the speed boat that is usually a foreign traveler.

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