Green Canyon Pangandaran West Java

Green Canyon is more or less 31km from Pangandaran Beach, placed within the Kertayasa village, district of Cijulang Ciamis West Java, around 45 minutes travel from Pangandaran beach. To reach the location of the Green Canyon West Java, travelers should continue the journey by hiring a boat from the dock of Cukang Taneuh.

Green Canyon Cijulang

Originally known as Cukang Taneuh green canyon, derived from the Sundanese language which means “The Land Bridge." It’s called the land bridge because there is a natural bridge here shaped the nature and function of linking 2 cliffs on top of the stream Cijulang, this bridge is usually used the farmers and native people to cross from one side of the cliff into the side of a cliff to another.

A unique natural creation, with the most features of the stream (Cijulang) and also the canyon-shaped from the ground on each side. For people who love trekking, camping, canoeing, and this tourist attraction may be the first selection. Additionally, the cleanliness of the river being treated and spectacular views on both sides create the area of tourism is turning into a favorite spot for tourists who come back to the Green Canyon West Java.
Green Canyon Pangandaran West Java
The Real Green of Green Canyon Pngandaran (source

The call of the green canyon has been named by way of a French visitor who got here to the location in 1993. It’s aforesaid that the clear green water of the movement and also the superabundant new bryophyte on the cliff had given it its current call and inspired utilizing Grand Canyon in the United States of America.

This shocking destination is truly a stream moving through a hole loaded with beautiful stalactites and stalagmites. It furthermore flanked between 2 slopes with trees and shakes because of the trimmings. The quiet green Tosca stream finishes this site as the remarkable view to go to. Once you reach the original entrance that will be the stopping zone of Green Canyon, you may see a line of wood vessels famously known as "Ketinting" covering up by the stream. The Ketinting can then bring you on a ride down the creek, part the clear green water and making the little wave on every side. To lease The Ketiting, you might be charged Rp 75.000 for around 60 minutes.

Green Canyon Pangandaran Body Rafting

What is Body Rafting? As we all know that "Rafting" is an activity stream and river rapids conquered by using rubber boats. However in our Rafting Body activity following the flow of the river without a vessel, drowning the body follow the movement of the water within the river is that the activity of "Body Rafting."

However, the activity of the body rafting we tend to do new Fun Activity, that means that the flow of the stream that we tend to go through isn't rushing currents and dangerous. With full safety equipment fitted to a life jacket, helmet, this activity is definitely very safe, comfortable and fun to do by anyone. No need to have to swim to be able to participate in the tourism body rafting. The tourists are escorted by our local guide skilled enough to keep comfort and safety throughout activities. The number of any guide tailored to some people within the group. Each 5 to 6 folks are guided and escorted by a guide.

Green Canyon Pangandaran Semi Body Rafting

In distinction to "Full Body Rafting," semi body rafting starts with boat rides to the green canyon. When incoming at the location of the green canyon wherever a vessel is not any longer able to go through a small river flow, wherever tourists are starting to jump into the water to experience crystal clear water here. Visitors are guided by an area guide to exploring more into the flow of the river is flanked by 2 beautiful high cliffs. The trip down the water and run on top of the rocks as far as more or less 1 kilometer can send us to the "Kolam Putri" because of the end point spring body activities rafting. Kolam Putri is located beside the cliff as high as about five meters from the surface of the river. It takes an effort to rock climb will see and feel the direct, clear water in this pool. According to the beliefs of the local folks, washing the face in this pool will create your skin more bright and clean face. From here we tend to come back to the starting point where boats stop drop us at the start, and it'll be delivered back to the pier as the finish of the activities semi body rafting.

Swimming and Snorkel diving
The flow of this river is long enough, so the traveler can swim while following the movement of the falls. In addition to a magnificent view of the water surface, the green canyon is paradise for who love diving. Prepare your diving equipment, the incredible underwater view is ready to be searched and enjoyed, complete with numerous fish that swim to and fro in the bottom of the water.

If you prefer the challenges that spur adrenaline, you'll try to jump into the river of stone with a height of five meters or try rock climbing attraction.
You may select to go to this location in the dry season. Due to within the wet season the water can emerge as dirty brown, the movement speedier and furthermore the water will be much higher.

How to get to Green Canyon West Java

In case you're settled outside of West Java then you'll use air transportation or area towards the town of Bandung. From Bandung, the method that to get to Pangandaran is by transport or leased vehicle. If you utilize accessible transportation, from the Pangandaran Terminal, you'll take a minibus made a beeline for Cijulang Terminal. From the terminal Cijulang, the excursion proceeds on Ojek or great bikes escort making a beeline for Ciseureuh dock. You'll lease a boat (Ketinting) amid this dock, there are a few Ketinting offered, to investigate the dazzling green ravine. It takes 30-45 minutes forward and backward to the green gully from this dock. The entryway value ticket in Green Canyon is Rp 12.500 ($1)/individual.

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