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Mount Kelimutu Three Lakes
Mount Kelimutu Three Lake from Google Map

Mount Kelimutu Three Lakes

Kelimutu Lake enclosed within the area of Kelimutu National Park, a national park, the smallest of the six national parks that exist within the area of Bali and Nusa Tenggara. These sights are on the highest of Mount Kelimutu with 1,639 altitude meters or 5,377 feet above sea level. Kelimutu Lake consists of three ' puddle ' or the crater with a unique color. The third broad Lake is more or less 1,051,000 square meters with a water volume 1,292 million cubic meters. The boundary between Lake is a single narrow rock wall of a landslide. The wall is extremely steep slope angle of seventy degrees. The peak of the barrier of the Lake ranges from 50 up to 150 meters.

In addition to known as Lake Kelimutu, traveler attractions are also called three colored Lakes. A natural phenomenon that is very wonderful because three craters with proximity, however, have entirely different water color. The color of the water of the Lake is mostly red, white and blue, however, will transform into a green, black and Brown, or different color variations. Uniquely, once researchers attempt to take this because of the lake water samples, the water is clear with no color.

Kelimutu Lake is one among the famous lake, not only in Indonesia but however also in foreign countries. The color of the water is ever-changing, and it's additionally the place that is at the highest of Mount offers an exotic beauty which will never be forgotten by tourists who come back to this location. The name of Kelimutu may be a portmanteau of "Keli" that Means Mountain and also the word "Mutu" which means to boil. According to fundamental belief, the color on the Lake Kelimutu means that every color contains a mighty force of nature.

Three Lakes is separated by a steep rock cliff that's easily a landslide. Therefore tourists are expected to take care of a secure distance whereas flying within the area around the Lake. The right time to visit these sights is between the months of June to August because rain tends to not get off so the field should reach will be more secure.

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3 Coloured Lakes
Kelimutu Lakes who Always be a Mystery

These three lakes of different colors on top of Mount Kelimutu name severally. Locals believe that it's the abode of souls of those who died. The west most Lake (far) that's named "Tiwu Ata Mbupu" which means "Lake of souls of parents who have died." Placed in the middle of a Lake named Lake "Tiwu Nuwa Muri Koo Fai" which means "Lake for the souls of young people who have died." And placed on the east side was given the name "Tiwu Ata Polo" which means "Lake to the souls who once life continuously doing evil.”  It's the first Lake reached by tourists. The name Tiwu itself in native language means that Lake. From the Three Lakes, that is most often changes color is Tiwu Nuwa Muri Koo Fai. 

According to the locals, this can be possible because the soul that occupies the Lake remains young and so labile have an effect on changes the color of the water of the Lake.
If you would like to get the most practical view of the Lake Kelimutu, went climbing between the hours of 2-3 a.m. from Moni that is the nearest village to the location of the Lake. Arriving at the Summit, you'll be able to see a view of the sunrise over Lake Kelimutu is marvelous. Do not forget to set up cameras to capture the natural beauty around the three colored lakes.

Kelimutu National Park has a facility and a mini jungle inside which you may be capable of seeing a variety of the plant life and fauna of Flores Island. The ability includes seventy-eight varieties of timber, collectively with many which are endemic to Flores just like the Uta onga, turuwara, and arngoni. You’ll actually have the opportunity to check some adorable creatures endemic to Flores Island, like Hainald’s Rat, also as a few prone animals just like the Javan Rusa and pink jungle hen.

History of the Kelimutu Lake

The beginning of the far-famed lakes of Kelimutu was at about 1915 when it had been first discovered by a national of Netherlands, Van Such Telen. Moreover, Lake Kelimutu wider famous across the world when in 1912 y. Bouman explains in fascinating how Lake Kelimutu has the uniqueness and extraordinary beauty Since then, foreign tourists began arriving and growing a lot. In addition to tourists, who visited the Lake Kelimutu are the scientists from different countries who want to do scientific research.

Although the results of the analysis scientists believe the Lake Kelimutu color differences because of natural phenomena, not so with the locals. The native people are convinced it's the haven of individuals who have died.

How to get to Kelimutu

Mount Kelimutu is positioned in the center of Flores, Indonesia and is kind of forty miles from the city of Ende and fifty-two miles from the metropolis of Maumere. Each Ende and Maumere has small airports with flights to and from major hubs in Indonesia. Whether or not you reach Ende or Maumere, your destination is going to be to the town of Moni, a city located simplest nine miles from the lakes and also the same old base for touring Kelimutu. 

From Maumere, the experience to Moni can take around 3 to four hours. For Ende, the experience to Moni takes around one to two hours. Reaching to the lakes will be an entirely little journey in itself. You’ll preliminary take the go up Mount Kelimutu then walk taking walks for 1.5 kilometers till you get to the foot of the 127 steps resulting in the edge of the crater. It’s virtually well worth the walk and additionally, the climb after you’re on the summit, you’ll have a magnificent, view of the Kelimutu lakes.

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