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Baluran National Park or more also well-known by her nickname, Africa Van Java is a natural preservation area that has the original ecosystem managed with the zoning system, that is used for analysis purposes, science, education, support the cultivation, tourism, and recreation. The name of Baluran National Park taken from the name of a mountain placed in this area, namely Mount Baluran.

Baluran National Park Review

Baluran National Park Java
Baluran National Park from The Sky (source

Baluran national park or also called Little Africa in Java, there are some natural destinations that you can visit. Baluran National Park may be a forest preservation area that extends concerning 25.000 ha on the north coast of East Java. It placed in Sumberwaru village, Banyuwangi district, Situbondo, exactly on the east border of Java Island. The guests that return to Baluran national park can expertise the exotic panorama of Savannah and Mount Baluran that is an inactive volcano and colonized by exotic Baluran National Park animals like deer, peacocks, wild chickens, wild pigs some species of monkeys and new bulls as the protected animals within the area. Moreover, you'll enjoy the superb scenery of the forest and do the expedition activities within the wildlife and feel the magic of the woods. In Baluran National Park here is that the surround of coral reef, fish, and mangrove.

Some plants that grow within the area of Baluran National Park belongs are unique, that's able to survive with its greenish though the soil is incredibly dry. There are many kinds of plants that may be found within the Park embody Widoro Baluran buko, Mimba, and tree Leucorrhoea. Plants of this nature are planted capable of growing even a barren place although.

Baluran National Park incorporates a climate that's still normal, i.e. ranges between 27 º C to 30 ºc. As for the air humidity level reached 77%. The magnitude of the air humidity levels due to the influence by wind gusts.

At the center of a tourist location, Baluran National Park has also provided a special place for people who wish to camp. In the area of the field there are restroom facilities and even if the place was barren, to get clean water isn't involved.

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Savannah Bekol

Savannah Bekol as one of the natural attractions of the mainstay Baluran has an area of approximately 300 ha which has the widest expanse of natural savannah in Java, with the background of Mount Baluran makes guests feel like they're in Africa.

If wishing to see views of the savannah Bekol overall, guests will climb to the Tower's point of view and can get a gorgeous view. With binoculars, visitors will see Savannah Bekol from the top of the Tower whereas seeing Bama Beach and Mount Baluran. And you will see the animal attractions each day especially within the morning and the afternoon. The existence of the plant Acacia Nilotica that invades Savannah, in its development has an important function as a source of animal feed herbivore at the time of the dry season.

This place is about 12 kilometer from the doorway to Baluran, and guests will reach it by driving a motorbike or car. On the road to Bekol, guests will encounter a Peacock (Pavo muticus), jungle fowl (Gallus SP.), and entirely different kinds of birds. Additionally, to enjoying the scenery, tourists may also do fun activities whereas challenging like Hiking, Trekking, Bird watching, and wildlife Observation in Savannah Bekol.

Evergreen Forest

Evergreen forests are trace amounts of the green forest is also a part of Baluran national park. This is a really unique jungle, wherever the area is overgrown by growing green plants that never dried all year. Additionally, in this area, there is a whole range of gorgeous butterflies and Partridge.
Evergreen Forests
Evergreen Forest (source

Bama Beach

Bama Beach with white sand is located close to 3 kilometers from the Savannah Beko and surrounded by mangrove forests as habitat for various species of birds and primates. Here guests will enjoy the gorgeous sunrise and gray macaques who were fishing using his tail on the beach in the morning. Additionally, to gray macaques (Macaca fascicular), round Bama Beach guests will find wildlife Lutung (Trachypitecus auratus), monitor Biawak/lizard (Varanus Salvator), and various types of birds. Additionally to the gorgeous scenery, the Bama Beach has stunning underwater views. A variety of coral and fish will be found here. Bama Beach crowded during the vacation season.

Besides enjoying the sunrise on the Bama Beach, you'll be able to walk around Baluran National Park using boats for rent on the beach. With sailing toward the coast the deeper, you can snorkel while enjoying the diversity of marine life.

The Best Time to visit Baluran National Park 

Actually, every season offers full views and a unique sensation. The best views of the savannah are present during the dry season, whereas the flowers look lovely within the type within the rainy season. Although difficult to predict the monsoon cycle, in General, the rainy season in Baluran from November to April, during the dry season from May to October.

How to get to Baluran National Park

Access is straightforward with ground vehicles from several major cities, due to the existence of a rural Turnpike connecting Surabaya, Bali, and Banyuwangi. We recommend that you just use a car or rented. The closest route which may be utilized is from the city of Banyuwangi. The path from the Banyuwangi city center towards Batangan (the distance is about 35 kilometers) and continued heading to Bekol with it takes about 45 minutes. From Bekol will go on to Banyuputih. Baluran national park is reached via the West and East. Distance to Surabaya Baluran national park about 255 kilometers and the distance from the center of Situbondo to Baluran is 60 kilometers, and if departing from the West, it will be through a relatively long. However, you may see the sights on this magnificent forest, so it feels good although the journey is quite long.

Entrance Fee Baluran National Park

Weekday (Monday-Saturday)

Domestic tourists: Rp. 5.000/person

Foreign tourists: Rp. 150.000 ($12)/person

Motor: Rp. 5.000

Car: Rp. 10.000

Weekend (Sunday)

Domestic tourists: Rp. 7.500/person

Foreign tourists: Rp. 225.000 ($17)/person

Motor: Rp. 7.500

Car: Rp. 15.000

In Baluran National Park there's simple lodging at a price of approximately Rp. 250.000 ($19)/night and they additionally provide meals which will be reserved before arrival.

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