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Nihiwatu Beach Sumba
Enjoying A Private Island of Nihiwatu Beach (source
Indonesia could be a country rich in area waters. The sectors that fashioned the Islands enable every province features a beach close to the area. Therefore it is not surprising if Indonesia has several beaches, charming and become my most favorite place in the world. One amongst the beaches that become favorites of foreign tourists is that the beaches that are in West Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) are the Nihiwatu Beach. This beach has terribly massive waves that tempt surfers to try the waves violently on the beach. The region of West Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara province (NTT) turned out to save lots of the beach belonging to the 100 world's best beaches, this beach named Nihiwatu Beach. 

The Nihiwatu Beach was graded 17th out of 100 the best beaches in the world and also the one only beach in Indonesia who was elected because of the best beach in Asia. Unfortunately, although it entered the ranks of the first stunning beaches within the world turned out their beauty isn't better-known by many people. The beach appearance so excellent even if it takes a reasonably long time to be able to reach the location and you'll see the clear ocean water, sand beaches are clean, and also the atmosphere once the sun sets that look so lovely once you get Nihiwatu Beach.

Nihiwatu Resort Reviews

Sumba Nihiwatu Beach location placed within the direction of 30 kilometers from the city of Waikabubak, West Sumba District, province of East Nusa Tenggara (NTT). This place is perfect for people who wish to enjoy the atmosphere and also the quiet, lovely beaches because additionally to far away from the hustle of the town, these places don't seem to be several industrial plants. Nihiwatu Beach is managed by an international resort referred to as Nihiwatu Resort. Not everybody will freely enter the location of this beach, pounced. Nihiwatu Resort guests only are allowed. If you would like to enjoy the gorgeous beaches of Nihiwatu, definitely had to book rooms for a stay at Nihiwatu Resort first.

Nihiwatu Resort was composed of villas overlooking the ocean. Some of the existing bungalows consist of three large bedrooms, designed on a hill and are equipped with a private swimming pool that directly overlooks the ocean. Similarly, with it’s deliberately designed overlooking the beach with a model of the building open. The architecture and ornamentation of the building that existed during this resort could be a combination of traditional and modern style. Additionally, to providing its beauty, during this resort, you'll get information about Sumba Island culture. To be able to enjoy the facilities you have got to spend money that's not a little. Nihiwatu Resort rates are around Rp 5.000.000 ($385) per night. Even with the minimum stay for five nights. The value is so fantastic for enjoying the wonder of the Nihiwatu Beach.

Nihiwatu Sufr

Nihiwatu Beach is incredibly suitable for people who have a hobby of water sport. Although it's one among the dangerous games, surfing remains asked for by several. The challenge level is kind of high as well as cleverness in applying the technique, becoming the attraction of this water games. To try and do surfing, guests should be lined up in advance. This is often because the surfing activity is limited only to those 10 surfers. Whereas waiting in line, the guests may also enjoy the beautiful beaches, fresh air, the wind was blowing, as well as white sand that characterizes the atmosphere of the beach. Additionally to surfing, guests will perform different activities like diving, fishing, sailing boat, etc.

The wave in this place is one among the world’s quickest and most fish are Spain mackerel, wahoo, and trevally. Little doubt if Nihiwatu Beach is one among the best surf beaches in Indonesia. Nihiwatu Beach in Indonesia even managed to beat the great panoramic thing about Hanalei Bay in Hawaii. It makes this resort won the award for best hotel in Indonesia in 2012. Although the Nihiwatu resort's owner is a foreign citizen, however, their staffs are locals and that they maintain with the proper hygiene of the beach and facilities offered.

Nihiwatu Beach has natural white sand and features a long coastline of concerning 2.5-kilometer Nihiwatu Beach charm, so little doubt. There are lots of surfers from abroad who are fascinated with the surf beaches of Nihiwatu. They dubbed him with God's Left. Not several Indonesians know about the existence of this beach because the distance fare is way enough.

Nihiwatu Beach features a beauty which will mesmerize anyone who came up there. The landscape is incredibly lovely, especially at a time once the Sun begins to line. Enjoy the gorgeous sunset whereas riding is an extraordinary experience which will you guys feel if visiting Nihiwatu Beach.

In this beautiful beach, you'll not only benefit from the wonder of nature. However, you'll additionally contribute directly to turtle conservation efforts. You’ll participate in the activities of the release of turtles on the beach or see turtles are laying eggs at nighttime. Resorts Manager here was deliberately inserting turtle conservation as a part of a travel destination to the Nihiwatu Beach.

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How to get to Nihiwatu Beach 

Nihiwatu Beach to visit, you'll be able to take the road from Ngurah Rai airport, Denpasar, Bali and flying to Tambolaka airfield using Aviastar, Transnusa Air Wings, or Merpati. From Tambolaka airport you'll rent a car to continue your journey to the beaches of Nihiwatu with mileage of concerning 2-3 hours. As for the rent-a-car rates you have to pay around Rp. 300,000- Rp. 400,000 ($38). If you would prefer to visit Nihiwatu Beach or Nihiwatu Resort the best months is between April-December of every year.

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