Pink Beach Komodo Island Indonesia

Pink Beach Komodo Island
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Indonesia Pink Beach Location

On a visit to a beach of white sand, it would be okay. However, have you ever thought there's unthinkable in a beach that has pink sand? Perhaps you never thought this beach, however really there are in Indonesia. Pink Beach that's the designation for a beach located within the Komodo National Park.

This beach is known as after the Pink Beach as a result of this beach has pink sand. However the local people like better to call it the Red Beach, and whereas foreigners prefer to call it the Pink Beach. The sand-colored pink and also very soft it will appear more clearly when sand-swept waves.

Interestingly pink beach on the Komodo Island is one amongst 7 pink beaches in the world that has pink sand. Additionally to the Pink Beach on the Komodo island, there are still 6 beaches have sand colored pink are scattered over the world. These beaches include Pink Beach on the Harbor Island Bananas, Pink Beach in Santa Cruz Island the Philippines, Pink Beach Bermuda, Budelli Island in Italia, Bonaire in the Dutch Caribbean Island and Balos lagoon in Greece. The activities of Diving or snorkel diving were the correct selection when you came to Pink Beach on the Komodo Island.

So far nobody knows obviously where the originality of the color pinks lovely sand. However, there are some opinions that the pink color comes from the red-colored coral fragments of the dead that several found on this beach. There is other options mention a color on a Pink sand beach is due to the presence of microscopic animals known as Foraminifera, which produces red or pink lightweight on coral reefs.

Not only the gorgeous beach, but the conditions of life underneath the ocean on the coast of this one also saves beauty and richness those appeals to travel diving in. At the Pink Beach itself, lots of marine life feature all 1500 species of fish, 250 species of coral reefs, and more or less 75 species of sponge. That’s why; a snorkel diving or diving is that the activity not to be missed for granted by the tourists when visiting this stunning beach. Currents on the beach are known for is powerful enough. It is because of the existence of a tropical sea-water encounter from the North and South of the sea water.

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Things To Do In Pink Beach

At the Pink Beach, you'll be able to perform numerous traveler activities include enjoying the natural scenery around, swimming, sunbathing, relaxing on the beach, diving, snorkeling, and additionally enjoying a gorgeous view of the sunset.

Snorkeling and diving are two activities that are needed by the tourists when visiting a lovely beach. Bottom view it’s beautiful this can be a sight that can't be missed. Even simply snorkeling close to the beach you'll be able to pamper the senses of vision, especially if you dive deeper into it again. The best time to dive here is from April until December due to its reefs in good condition and suitable for drift diving or snorkel diving. The diving depth of recommendations 12 to 28 meters, wherever you'll be able to find many different types of flora and fauna of the ocean, to get your diving and snorkel diving equipment will be rented in Labuhan Bajo.

When you do the tourist activities on this beach, you've got to be always carefully, because this beach is the original habitat of the Komodo dragon. Mind when you see this animal one round the coast because komodo dragons are wild animals that at any time may be dangerous. Therefore, I like to recommend that you just rent the services of experienced guides whereas visiting this beach.

How to get to the Pink Beach

Uninhabited beaches and quiet it is rent a ship or speedboat from Labuan Bajo. Travel would usually be heading to Rinca Island and then to the Komodo island before. From Labuan Bajo will head to Dock of Loh Buaya on the islands of Rinca takes more or less 45 minutes. On these islands, you'll be able to see the Komodo dragon directly that a worldwide in their native habitat by selecting a particular trekking trail.

From the dock Loh Liang, it's a dock on the island of Komodo; it takes around half-hour away by boat to line foot in Pink Beach, the beach that this unique sand color. If you are interested in trekking through the coral cliffs and mangrove forests, it takes approximately 4 hours on foot before finally arriving at the Pink Beach.

Also accessible in Labuan Bajo ships LOB (Live Aboard) is sometimes hired by the divers who will simultaneously serve as an area to remain during browse charm, Flores. The ship also can be your transportation choices to reach Labuan Bajo, there is a flight from Denpasar airport could be a small aircraft with a Komodo dragon for about 1 hour. From Komodo airfield towards the port of Labuan Bajo takes more or less 10-15 minutes. You’ll be able to rent a car to get to the harbor.

Remember the Pink Beach was unpopulated beaches and is somewhat isolated, for the needs of lodging and other accommodations will be found at Labuan Bajo. If you wish to stay in Kampung Komodo dragons, you'll be able to ask it to the native people or a guide. There is home stays in houses however in fact with simple facilities, as well as the supply of a simple meal.

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