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Pulau Weh (Weh Island) is an island in the westernmost island of Indonesia and is part of the province of Aceh. Pulau Weh Aceh is one of the famous natural attractions with the beauty of its parks. In Pulau Weh, there is a small town named Sabang. Pulau Weh Aceh is actually a part of Sumatra Island, but at the time of the Pleistocene, Islands is separated by the sea that occurs due to the eruption of the volcano. Pulau Weh still looks very natural and amazing. It's no wonder the Government set Pulau Weh Aceh as one of the tourist destinations nationwide, as evidenced by a significant number of foreign and local tourists traveling to Pulau Weh Aceh for a taste of the beauty of its natural landscape park.

Pulau Weh is small picturesque located Northwest of the island of Sumatra, the Andaman Sea, is a very famous island with their ecosystems. With its predicates, Pulau Weh has an area of 60 km2 of the edge of the isle, both within and outside the isle of Indonesia being set by the Government of the island nature sanctuary. Island 15 kilometers or the equivalent of 10 miles wide around 156.3 km² and is dominated by mountains with the highest peak of the fumarolic volcano, 617 meters tall or around 2024 feet.
Pulau Weh Aceh
Pulau Weh Aceh Indonesia offers Natural Beauty (source Flickr.com)

The Origin of the Name of Sabang and Pulau Weh Aceh

There are a few feelings from specialists identifying with the historical backdrop of the rise of the name "Sabang." It is contended the name got from the Sabang in Acehnese "Saban," which implies similarly or without segregation. The word is gotten from the character of the general population who tend to Sabang responsive to newcomers or guests. This character is to some degree unique about the nature of the general population of Aceh are generally have a tendency to be shut against the new individuals they know. Another variant says that the name originates from the Arabic Word "Shabag" which implies the mountain ejected. In the first place, there are still numerous dynamic volcanoes in Sabang, this can even now be seen from the fountain of liquid magma that is in Jaboi and volcanoes in the ocean Pria Laot.

While Pulau Weh is gotten from words in the Acehnese, "Weh" which intends to move, as indicated by a history that flowed at the outset Weh island is a separate element with the isle of Sumatra, which is the unification of the Mainland with the Mainland Ulee Lheue Sabang. Ulee Lheue in Banda Aceh Ulee originates from the word ("Lheueh" = in any case). One day, which a spring of gushing lava emitting and bringing on considered this district separated. And additionally, the islands of Java and Sumatra previously, a different consequence of Mount Krakatau issued. In another adaptation, Pulau Weh is likewise well known for its "We" without the "h." Anybody expect if Pulau Weh for the sake of the island we due to its shape like the letter "W."

Things to do in Pulau Weh

On the Pulau Weh, you can perform a wide variety of water sports activities such as surfing, swimming, fishing, exploring by boat, snorkeling, and diving. Enjoy the natural underwater species of underwater dwellers Pulau Weh is the main attraction at these sights. The diversity of types of fish and the beauty of its reefs, beautiful coral reefs and coral reefs that are still soft from different types, shapes, and colors, the whole forming a cluster of beautiful coral to be enjoyed by the divers.

Iboih Beach

Pulau Weh offers you to benefit from the beauty of Iboih beach. The beach is often also referred to as Teupin Layeau is located in the West of the Pulau Weh. This beach offers a variety of beach beauty that will leave you will be impressed with the beauty of her. The beach with white sand and clear sea water turn blue offers you for snorkeling. Iboih Beach underwater beauty with numerous species of fish and coral reefs those are still very natural. Also, you can also enjoy the beauty of volcanoes under the sea level. With quiet beaches, waves the ramps as well as views of the beautiful beaches and amazing. Iboih beach is the most visited by neither tourists outside nor local tourists. This is because the beach is available in a wide range of underwater treasures that you can enjoy with diving, snorkeling or glass bottom boat. The beach is only about 50 km from the port of Balohan. If you decide to longer enjoy views of the beach, you can hire lodgings such as homestay or cottage. There are many lodging options that you can customize to your budget. But the area is still upholding Islamic values so that visitors are prohibited from using the bikini on the beach.

Rubiah Island

Rubiah Island located about 350 Meters from Iboih beach or around 23.5 Kilometers West of Pulau Weh. If visitors come here, then you can advance to the Iboih beach then cross to the island of Rubiah. The island has large 26 hectares offers you the beauty of the underwater paradise of marine tourism and other very riveting. Even the Rubiah Island is known as marine parks paradise. This is because the island is like a giant Aquarium containing a wide variety of ornaments on it. The island is a Polynesian paradise under the sea nautical tourism lovers is designed especially for diving. Sea water is owned by the island is very clear and has a visibility level up to 10-15 meters. In shallow waters, you still can watch an assortment of the beauty of the coral reefs such as Coral Batik, Coral Horns, also a colorful fish that swim freely in the crystal clear water.

Pantai Sumur Tiga

Make sure you create while on vacation to the island of Weh for a stopover to the Pantai Sumur Tiga. The beach is located to the East of Pulau Weh. It is called by the Sumur Tiga Warna (Three Wells Beach) because there are three freshwater wells found along its shores. A very stunning beach view. A white sand and sparkling clean plus panorama of the eastern horizon of the sky sunrise coast of Weh will add calmness and peace in your soul. Also, you can enjoy the sunset in Weh Island.

Waterfall Pria Laot

This waterfall is located within the forest. For those who want to try different tours other than the beach, you could try visiting the sights on this one. This waterfall is used for those who like the adventure because to go to these sights required for tracking for 15 minutes. However, you will be presented with a view of the lush forest. You can still find a wide variety of wild flora like the lizard of the sea around the road.

Zero Kilometer Monument

This tourist attraction is situated in the western part of the city center. It is just 15 kilometers from the Weh Island Aceh. This memorial 0 Kilometer is a symbol of Sabang island Aceh which is the starting point to calculate the area of Indonesia from Sabang until Merauke. Its location is on top of the heights, making the air in this place is very cool. You can enjoy views of the city and the blue of the sea. A certificate that explains that we have arrived at the western end of Indonesia can also be found at this location. The certificate was issued by the Tourism Office of Sabang. In here you may see the beautiful sunset in Weh Island.
Pulau Weh Aceh
Zero Kilometer Indonesia (source Flickr.com)

Best Time to visit Pulau Weh

The best time to visit Pulau Weh is from April until November, because of the time it to coincide with the dry season in Indonesia. You can enjoy the beautiful weather and atmosphere of the hot marine Indonesia.

Pulau Weh accommodation

In general, all Bungalow or Resort is located in Sabang which is located in the coastal area. And there are adjacent to the city center at Sabang. And there is also a nearby marine park Islands Rubiah and as well as in Zero kilometer Monument Indonesia. Regarding price varies greatly, ranging from Rp 200.000 ($18) up to Rp 850.000 ($80). That definitely depends on the facilities provided by each resort.

How to get to Pulau Weh

If you are from Banda Aceh, then you can use the ferry while the morning at the port of Ulee Lheue and will arrive at the coast of the Gapang. Use the ferry will take about 90 minutes, another case if using a speedboat that takes about 45 minutes. If you are from Medan, you must go to Banda Aceh in advance, could take a bus or plane.

Schedule of hours ferry departure from Banda Aceh:

Express Boat (45 min),

Banda Aceh – Sabang: 8 am, 9:30 am, 4 pm

Sabang – Banda Aceh: 8 am, 2.30 pm, 4.30 pm

Ticket price: Rp 65.000 ($6)/person.

Slow Boat (90 min)

Banda Aceh-Sabang: 2 pm (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday) 10.30 am, 4 pm (wed, sat, sun)

Sabang-Banda Aceh: 8 am (daily), 1.30 pm (wed, sat, sun)

Ticket price: Rp 25.000 ($2)/person.

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