Secret Beach Bali : Pandawa Beach

Bali Island offers a spread of attractions that are longer and lovelier. The diversity of traveler attractions it's obtaining distinctive and enjoyable. After the Kuta Beach was more notable for its location terribly near to the airport, that makes this beach isn't any longer friendly and comfortable for tourists who need to vacation, tourism exploration began was planned. 

Pandawa Beach Kutuh

Therefore it seems the beaches and remote villages that became a brand new destination tours that offer you a sense of peace with a quieter atmosphere. One among them is Pandawa Beach or Secret Beach Bali in the village Kutuh, sub-district of South Kuta, Badung Regency, therefore also called Kutuh Beach.What this Beach belongs is a small village with the seaweed producers predominately profession as a fisherman. The popularity of the Pandawa Beach as one of Bali's traveler attractions, being one of the places as a destination is necessary once you compile the package holiday in Bali.
Secret Beach Bali
Pandawa Beach with Cliffs Background (source

Pandawa Beach Location

When coming into the realm of Pandawa Beach, you'll be created amazed by a stunning view in front of you. The sand during this beach is thus white and clean that is combined with a background of Turquoise Ocean. The atmosphere remains quiet, serene, and clean. There isn’t any garbage, and if there's any, those are solely the remnants of seaweed brought by the wave. This beach is incredibly appropriate for swimming as a result of the wave and current isn't so sturdy. Numerous activities will be wiped out this beach may be playing sand or sunbathing. Due to its geographical location to the east of Bali Island, we will see the magnificent sunrise panorama during this beach.

Formerly, Pandawa Beach is a hidden and Secret Beach Bali that was terribly tough to access because of placed within the broad valley and enclosed by the white stone cliff. We tend to should go through a little step down on the cliff with dangerous valley underneath and also the solely native folks will access the beach since they were own day job as fishermen and seaweed farmer. But now, the previous story was modified. Since native folks have the lovely inspiration to create their village, they work along to interrupt the cliff and create the great road and might be accessed by any vehicles. Since the access is made, several guests from a foreign country either private visit this Secret Beach Bali daily.

The call "Pandawa" originates from the Hindu legend of 5 Knights: Yudhistira, Bima, Arjuna, Nakula, and Sahadeva. You may see the statue of those knights and also their mom on your gratitude to the shoreline space. It's trusted that quite a long while past, the people of Kutuh Village survived the Darkish Age by exhuming their technique into a hole to cover. Later, they found a shrouded space behind the bluff and rebuilt their human progress. This story is closely resembling the Mahabharata gallant story (one of the stories of old India) wherever the 5 knights and their mom mammary organ their methodology into Gala-Gala Cave to survive the malice. As a consequence, the administration named the shoreline "Pandawa" as a dedication to their history and conviction.

Pandawa Beach Activities:

Sunbathing and Massage
On the beach that has white sand and clear water, it lined the beach umbrellas that shaded beach chairs for sunbathing that chartered the locals with inexpensive enough price Rp 50.000 ($5) to 1 day. Prepare your reading, a quiet beach atmosphere significantly suitable if enjoyed while reading your favorite book. Whereas sunbathing and reading, you'll also call the massager who traveled around the beach. Massage services may you get at this beach, massage rate Rp 70.000 ($7)/hour. Umbrellas are arranged out neatly and are colored white sand seems to accord with the blue ocean water clarity so that it becomes the thing of the picture of interest to photographers who are visiting here. The landscape of the coast is behind cliff also attracted the producers to use the wonder of the Pandawa Beach as the filming set.

For those of you who like to surf, this beach offers beautiful waves for you to undertake is just 10 meters from the seaside. Or only go for a swim or play in the water a relatively mild slope. Cliffs on the coast you'll make shelter while enjoying the wonder and excitement of beach guests who play water accompanied by young coconut ice and roasted corn from native residents.

The popular water sports games are the canoe, canoeing is the choice of the most exciting .games on the Pandawa Beach, just pay Rp 25000 ($2)/hour, you'll play a canoe with a friend who has been equipped with vests. No need to worry along with your safety throughout the canoeing at this beach because the managers and local governments already provide coast guard which can still keep a watch on the rising motion someone who came to play in the water.

Study of cultivating seaweed
Late afternoon, several of the fishermen who return picking up the seaweed is stranded due to washed away by the waves. Within the coastal area is, so there's seaweed cultivation by local fishermen. The original empowerment seaweed is traditionally done only by residents of the village of Kutuh since the 1980s, however, currently, local governments have conducted cooperation in the cultivation of seaweed with other countries like the USA and Denmark.

You can also try paragliding play and enjoy views of the hills and also the coast from the highest of the sky, challenge your adrenaline to seek to do paragliding, don't worry for beginners who wish to ride paragliding are amid mentors who are already experts.

How to get to Secret Beach Bali

The journey from I Gusti Ngurah Rai airport to Pandawa Beach takes just for about one hour. If you use your own vehicle, you'll arrive earlier in the Kuta area. From Kuta/Denpasar is via the road to Garuda Wisnu Kencana. After 1 kilometer from the scene of the Garuda Wisnu Kencana turns left to the path towards Nusa Dua/Bali cliff can take you to the T-junction with signs that direct instructions to the Pandawa Beach.

Pandawa beach entrance fee is little cost. You simply need to pay Rp 2.000 per person for local tourists and Rp 5.000 (less than $1) for foreigners run by the local populations. The value is just too cheap to see the wonder of the white sands of the Secret Beach Bali.

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