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Sulawesi Island is known as the island with the gorgeous underwater scenery. One among them is the Togean Islands. The Islands are administratively within the Regency Tojo Una-Una, Central Sulawesi. The Island is usually known by the name as Togian Islands or Togean Islands National Park.

Togian Island Sulawesi 

It is hidden away within the Gulf of Tomini, Central Sulawesi; Togian Islands isn't only a paradise for lovers of underwater sports only. Togian Islands could be a national park with two acres of the ocean within the form of ecosystem area 292,000 hectares, and 70,000 hectares of its land mass, a part of the Sulawesi island has clusters of Islands more or less 66 separate islands within the central region of the Gulf of Tomini. The wealth of nature is a paradise for all beings. Togian Islands could be a popular vacation destination for tourists from abroad. Togian islands landscape panorama is really excellent.

Togean National Park contains the wealth of the Coral Triangle. With white sand beaches and amazingly smooth water, Togian Island’s exotic beauty and charm create it one of the key traveler destinations of the area. The islands are a very remote paradise.
Togian Islands
Togian Islands Sulawesi (source

Only a little statistics, the Coral Triangle is a triangular zone of tropical waters of more than 500 types of coral bunches. Regional waters around Sulawesi Island are incorporated into this triangle. The territory of the Coral Triangle is the focal point of the natural abundance of the whole undersea world biodiversity. Furthermore is the primary preservation region on the planet, under the sponsorship of the WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature).

As a significant aspect of The Coral Triangle, the Togian Islands save submerged biodiversity wealth is spectacular. There are 4 sorts of coral reefs in the waters of the Togian Islands to be the particular Coral ring (atoll), Patch Reef, Fringing Reef, and Barrier Reef. Different coral reefs with an assortment of hues you can discover in the ocean. Around 262 types of coral reefs from 19 Families scattered in the waters of the Islands. 7 types of which are endemic species Togian Islands.

There is a great style of fish of various sizes and shades, you can likewise find in the Togian waters. Around 596 types of fish (from 62 Family) can be found, where the fish held up in delightful coral reefs. You can see the butterfly fish (around 35 sorts), Pilot Whales, Manta Rays, Reef Sharks, dark Fish bigeye Trevally (Trochus Niloticus), monster Clams (Tridagna Gigas), Lola (Trachus Niloticus), and Dugong (a kind of Mermaid). Not just that, in case you're fortunate you may also see a turtle species categorized as endangered, for example, Hawksbills (Eretmochelys imbricata) and green turtles (Chelonia Mygas). The turtles frequently stranded on the bank of the Islands to generate.

What's more, there are additionally mangrove backwoods with 33 sorts of mangrove from 26 genera and 21 Family. Apparently, you will discover some kind of flying creature settling around the shoreline. 

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Going to the Togian Islands National Park, you will go too far Islands. From different points, you will locate the timberland air with lavish trees, obviously with the air new and cool. The Togian Islands, the Mainland has additionally turned into a safe house and rearing different creatures. Like deer, Cuscus, Tarsiers, the coconut crab (Birgus latro), and so forth.

Even as you're inside the Togian Islands tourist location, you may carry out the dive with the clear waters to the base of the coral. For folks who do no longer like the global of diving, you could swim in the waters the use of snorkel and enjoy the beauty of underwater with its biota.

Togian Islands Diving 

The most famous dives area inside the Togian Islands is on Kadidiri Island. Water waft on this area quite calm and has a beautiful seaside with white sand and a row of rocks by using the beach. As for the dive web sites on the Kadidiri Island, there's a reef wall vertical elongated form from North to South. That is where you'll revel in the stunning perspectives inside the shape of sea life and exquisite coral reefing with colorful. Ocean currents are pleasant with version 5 to 30 meters into the daylight; it makes you glad to play at the base of the water.

For individuals who do not like diving and playing at the bottom of the sea, we are able to walk down the beach while you pamper yourself with activities capture the great perspectives. The citizens are friendly and hospitable nearby lifestyles is a precise and delightful second for us to forget while you travel tours to the Togian Islands and Kadidiri Island.

Togian Islands Accommodation

Within the Togian Islands is available numerous types of accommodation, guesthouse, and cottage. The rate presented could be very varied, all ranging from Rp 200.000 ($18) up to Rp 500.000 ($48)/day. All of the charges are corresponding to the centers that you will get. The more expensive the cost is whole the centers on providing. But, it is able to be inexpensive relying on where your choice. Even supposing the budget you are minimum, then you can live at the home of local citizens freed from charge.

How to Get There 

From Palu toward the Togian Islands by street you can visit Ampena thru Poso which is set 375 km, and a tour time of about 10 hours via the road experience through the vehicle. Throughout the experience, we are able to be spoiled with the splendor of the gardens and perspectives of the mountains and the beach at the equator.

Attending to Togean Island is a difficult mission, and ought to not be tried except you have time to spare. There are numerous ways to get to there, every taking at the least some days, but the first step is usually to fly to the Manado global Airport in North Sulawesi. From Manado, seize one of the two times weekly flights to Luwuk, accompanied by an 8-hour bus journey to Ampana, relevant Sulawesi. Ampana is the same old port to the Togian Islands.

As an alternative, one may go via Gorontalo city, which can be reached from Manado by using the bus, chartered vehicle, or plane. From Gorontalo, ferries leave as soon as a week on an arduous 12-hour voyage to Wakai. Once in Wakai, you should take a speedboat to Togian Island. Sanctioned speedboats are likewise accessible from Marisa in North Sulawesi and Bunta in Central Sulawesi.

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