Ujung Kulon National Park Banten

Ujung Kulon National Park could be a national park placed within the west-most tip of the island of Java. Exactly in the district of Sumur and Cimanggu Pandeglang Banten Province. A broad area of Ujung Kulon parkland is 122.956 Ha, and 44.337 ha of the entire area is that the Ujung Kulon national park waters. Ujung Kulon national park is additionally home to the Javan Rhinoceros that is incredibly famed and vulnerable. In 1992, United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization World Heritage Commission set the Ujung Kulon national park as a natural world Heritage site.

Ujung Kulon National Park Reviews

Ujung Kulon National Park offers a unique natural charm seldom found in different places. A range of the individuality and wonder of nature you'll realize, from waterfalls, streams, white sandy beaches, marine parks, and hot springs. State of nature is, therefore, pure you'll be able to find within the traveler area of Ujung Kulon. The only supply of power is there only exists on the island of Peucang. This can be as a result of you would be troubled to use electronic devices within the area, together with communication tools.

Natural is usually maintained, vegetation that grew freely additionally as its lovely beaches can cause you to forget the fatigue of daily activities. In some areas, you'll even see the wildlife living freely. A number of the areas visited by tourists within the area of Ujung Kulon national are Mount Honje, Ujung Kulon land, Peucang Island, the island of Panaitan Island and Handeleum.

Mount Honje, is one area of Ujung Kulon National Park enclosed by seven buffer, either the village borders directly or not. One in all the communities that became an entryway is that the village Tamanjaya. There’s a traveler attraction around the Tamanjaya among alternative Cibanua fishing village, Curug Cipanis hot spring source, Cibiuk, and Curug Cikacang as an area of Ujung Kulon National Park animals to view Owa Java that is endemic. The Ujung Kulon land region is that the environment of Rhinos, therefore management of tourism to the immediate area terribly restricted once therefore as not to disturb the environment of Rhinos. The tour will be worn out the region is trekking, wildlife viewing, and encampment.

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Javan Rhinos
Java Rhino at Ujung Kulon National Park (source flikr.com)

Ujung Kulon National Park Beach

You can enjoy the spectacular natural scenery there, also as its beaches and nature. One among the great traveler activities on the island is Peucang diving and snorkeling. You’ll be able to additionally notice dead coral and huge perforated there, precisely the Copong reef is located within the northern a part of the island. Peucang Island is that the most visited by tourists. A large stretch of white sand also extends as clear waters became an attraction for tourists to come back.

Handeleum Island consists of large and little islands. On the Handeleum Island, there's a river named Cigenter. You’ll be able to follow the watercourse using a tiny small boat (canoe). Numerous species of wildlife you'll be able to expect on the way, such as birds, snakes, and various types of fish. A sight of Ujung Kulon is additionally presenting the wonder of a beautiful terraced waterfall. Additionally, to row down the river Cigenter, you'll be able to go visit the different islands, such as Handeuleum small, middle, large and Kalong Island.

Be careful during this island as a result of this island could be a haven for wildlife deer and snake Python. Panaitan Island different tour placed within the westernmost land of Ujung Kulon. Panaitan hills shaped by the mixture of mangrove vegetation, coastal forest, and lowland rain forests. The native forest is populated by a spread of wildlife such as deer, boar, monkeys, crocodiles, lizards, snakes and numerous species of birds. You have got to be a touch cautious as a result of some wild animals there are within the island of Panaitan.

Panaitan Island, if you water sports lovers, visiting Panaitan Island in Ujung Kulon is an interesting one. The island is located in the Northwest of the isle of Peucang. In General, favorite activities did travelers within the tourist area of Ujung Kulon this one is surfboarding. Nice waves for surfboarding here is known as "one palm point," popular among the lovers of surfboarding and you'll be able to snorkel at Panaitan Island.

Entrance Fee of Ujung Kulon National Park

The entrance fee of Ujung Kulon National area for foreign tourists concerning Rp 150.000 ($13)/person on weekdays and Rp 225.000 ($20)/Person for a weekend. These costs would be cheaper if you came up with the group. For groups of minimum ten individuals, you only pay Rp 100.000 ($8)/person on weekdays.

On the official website of Ujung Kulon national park traveler activities like encampment, searches the forest, wildlife viewing, diving, snorkeling, kayaking, surfboarding and fishing have rates that varied range from Rp 5.000 to Rp 25.000 ($2) one day.

As a protected area, in fact, you have to abide by the rules that apply to the traveler area of Ujung Kulon. A number of them, as an example, you're prohibited to bring the seed plants, chemicals, firearms, also as pets. As well as adding a prohibition to arrest and hunt animals or cutting down a tree.

How to get to Ujung Kulon National Park

To reach the Ujung Kulon National Park, you'll start by heading to Serang Banten and stopped at the terminal next to Pakupatan towards Tamanjaya by bus. From there, you'll charter a boat fare is around Rp 2.500.000 ($195) with the maximal capability of 20 people and costs subject to change without any notice. Therefore, you must raise regarding the worth for chartering the ship.If through ocean routes, the traveler area of Ujung Kulon is aboard the charter. The boat rental places are usually found at Labuan and Tamanjaya.

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