Gedong Songo Temple Java

Candi Gedong Songo (Gedong Songo Temple) is one of the attractions located in the Darun village, precisely the village temple Bandungan District of Semarang regency, Central Java province. The reason is called the Gedong Songo Temple is a term of the Java language that means a building or temple of nine.
Gedong Songo Temple
Gedong Songo Temple

Gedong Songo Temple has a strategic location, precisely at an altitude of 1200 meters above sea level on the slopes of Mount Ungaran Semarang. The tourists from different corners easily able to access the sites, enjoy and feel the scenery and amenities provided in the tourist area around Gedong Songo Temple so that the visitors were satisfied and reluctant to leave Gedong Songo Temple tours.

Besides the natural beauty, the cold air with the breeze can be enjoyed by tourists in the Gedong Songo Temple building for about 19 ° up to 27 ° Celsius from the existing situation capable of making the soul of visitors quiet, peaceful, comfortable and enjoyable.
Gedong Songo Temple has a different layout from one temple to another temple. To get to the temples are the visitors can travel by foot, can also be reached by riding horses, both can be done while enjoying the atmosphere of outstanding natural beauty of the exquisite.

History of Gedong Songo Temple

Historians explain the results of research that Candi Gedong Songo is a heritage building of the Hindus In 1740 AD, the temples were discovered by Sir Thomas Raffels. Gedong which consists of nine buildings of the temple was previously found only amounted to seven so-called the Java language is Gedong Pitu temple.

The mention of the name of Gedong Pitu has long been known and lasted a little over a thousand years. In 1908-1911, Van Stein Callenfels was an archaeologist who came from Holland doing research around Gedong Pitu. Three years in his research he finally discovered two more temples located around the temple pitu. The addition of two Gedong (temples), combined with the seven temples seen by Raffels making the total to nine and officially named Gedong Songo temple until today.

The temple building one with the other temples located in Gedong Songo temple tourist spot has a distance that is not too far so that the visitors quickly cover and surround the nine temples. Each temple of Gedong Songo temple has a history, as well as the uniqueness of different shapes.

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Gedong Songo Accommodation

In the area around the temple, there are campground facilities and thermal baths. There is a horse transport service that you can use to go to the location of the temple or to the site of the thermal baths for a fee of course. Some lodgings and food stalls also can get around the temple area.

How to get to Gedong Songo Temple
To reach the tourist attractions, Gedong Songo can pass through various channels both from Semarang, Solo, and Jogjakarta.

From Semarang, you can walk on track towards Solo or Yogyakarta, on the way you will find a gas station Lemah Abang. In front of which the T-junction and then turn right to take the path to Bandungan, straight road and will find a T-junction in the second. And then take a turn to the left, straight road until you finding a gas station in Palbapang Sumowono and there is T-junction and then retake a right, straight road, and you came in the tourist area of Gedong Songo temple.

If you are in the town of Jogjakarta and Magelang, take the path to Semarang, after arriving in Ambarawa there is a junction located not far from the tourist attractions Ambarawa. At the T-junction take the road to the left and walk straight until you find Bandungan T-junction, retake a left and go right to find a gas station Sumowono then take the straight road directions to the right and you will see the tourist area of Gedong Songo temple.

If you're in the city of Solo to the tourist attractions Gedong Songo temple follows the path to Semarang. After arriving at the terminal Bawen, there is the T-junction take the left path to Ambarawa. From Ambarawa there is T-junction take to the right, straight road to the T-junction Bandungan then turn left and continue until you find a gas station Palbapang Sumowono, there is a T-junction in the road take a right straight then you will come to the tourist area of Gedong Songo temple.

Entrance Fee Gedong Songo
For local travelers sized adults or children over 5 years of Rp 6.000 on the weekdays and Rp 7.500 on the weekend. As for foreign tourists is Rp 50.000.

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