Liang Beach Ambon Indonesia

The city of Ambon, one of the towns which are located in the eastern region of Indonesia has many charms of nature. Moreover, the beauty of the marine tourism he will make your tour experience in Ambon would not be forgotten. Not only the Ora Beach is famous in Ambon City, but there is also the Liang Beach who also has the beauty that so perfect as well as the other beautiful beaches in Ambon. The Liang Beach is one of the favorite beaches for domestic tourists and foreign tourists.

Beautiful Sparkling White Sand Liang Beach Ambon

The Liang Beach or also called Hunimua Beach is one of the recommended marine tourism places in Ambon. The Liang Beach is located in the village of Liang, Salahutu Sub-district, Central Maluku, Maluku Province. This beach was once crowned by UNDP to the UNITED NATIONS as the most beautiful beach in Indonesia in 1990. The Liang Beach waves not too large, so anyone can relax or play water with comfortable and quiet. Due to the clear water of the Liang Beach, you can see coral fragments that exist in the sea.

When you enter the Liang Beach attractions, you will be welcomed by a sparkling white sand is presented to daylight, appearing to be the passageway to the amazing of blue ocean water degrees. It is incredibly enticing to go for a swim or simply play water. The sparkling white sand under the Sun seems to be the door to the beauty of the sea water gradation ready waiting to enshrine. If you are a hobby of photography, you can develop your hobbies here because every corner of the beach is charming for the enshrined. On the shore, there are the leafy trees, which you can take advantage of to rest for a moment. On the beach are not many available water sports facilities such as in Bali or Lombok Island. But the Liang Beach natural beauty is not inferior to the beaches in other islands.
Liang Beach Ambon
Liang Beach Ambon

Best Time to Visit Liang Beach

The Liang Beach which has a length of approximately 1 kilometer is always crowded during the holidays. So for those of you who do not like the hustle and like to be alone should avoid on vacation. The ideal time to go to the seaside of Liang when sea shade and now not windy, keep away from journeying while the wind is West or East wind because at that time the sea uneven and made the murky shore. Choose quiet months like September-November or April-may additionally if they want to pay a visit to the Liang Beach Ambon.

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Due to its location adjacent to Liang Beach with others, you can plan a trip to the Natsepa Beach and Suli Beach on the same day. If you intend to stay, lodging Natsepa Beach just around the only option for the beach of Liang is not available. However, if you still insist on staying on the beach, simply set up a tent and ask for permission from the local guard. Or, you could try to rent rooms in local houses around the coast of the Liang Beach.

Liang Beach Accommodation

Like other attractions in Ambon that minimal facilities, beach Liang also impressed look very dull, and Liang Beaches need more delicate handling of local government so that the optimal development of the beach as an object of tourism in Ambon, moreover, this beach has been crowned as one of the most beautiful beaches in Indonesia. This beach is handling should be like other famous nautical tourism in Indonesia.

How to get to Liang Beach

The Liang beach is only approximately 35 kilometers from the Center of the city of Ambon and takes approximately one hour. Access to the beach is indeed quite difficult because of Liang although public transportation is available but very limited in number. Then only operate at certain times. Now, with the presence of Trans Amboina Hunimua route, tourists can freely visit the beaches of Liang with only Rp 8.500/person.  You can also use the services of a Taxi from the center of Ambon to Liang and costs Rp 50.000 ($5)/person.

If you are traveling with family or groups of highly advised to use your own vehicle or renting public transportation for sightseeing Ambon because other than cheap, also because you can visit more places without worrying about the limitations of transport. One car can usually be rented with Rp 150.000 to Rp 200.000 ($20) a day and can accommodate up to 10 people. The price of admission to the Liang Beach Ambon is Rp 15.000 ($1)/person.

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