Sulamadaha Beach in Ternate Maluku Indonesia

The Ternate Island, an island in eastern Indonesia is very famous for its beaches and natural scenery. It is a bit of an idea of beauty that is owned by a beautiful island called Ternate Island. Ternate Island surrounded by a sea of beautiful and fascinating. Ternate is already reasonably fit in the ranks of the location name in Indonesia you should try to visit and can be used as your vacation destination agenda together with the family.

There are such a lot of attractive vicinity options on the island of Ternate, one of the tourist attractions which can be worth traveling is a great beach known as Sulamadaha Beach. The splendor of Sulamadaha Beach regularly preached by way of many overseas media and is commonly determined on the internet as an area that might make every person interested and enraptured with its beauty.
Sulamadaha Beach
Beautiful Scenery with Mountain Background (source
Sulamadaha Beach is the seaside this is still very extraordinary natural placed on Ternate Island, North Maluku province. This beach is called the Beach Glass.  The Beach Glass is suitable for the seashore because the Sulamadaha beach is a beach with crystal clear sea water, crystal clear water as glass. While you see the boat/ship above its water, you will be bowled over to look it because the delivery looks like soaring. The water is so clean as glass which may be very clean.

Things to do in Sulamadaha Beach

Sulamadaha Beach has beautiful natural shades, although no white sandy beaches. Sulanadaha Beach has many species and marine life which is very mesmerizing, pristine coral reefs in the sea waters, free of garbage and pollution. You can perform a wide variety of water sports activities such as diving and snorkeling.

In addition to the beautiful Sulamadaha Beach, on the opposite coast of Hiri Island is clearly visible which is shaped like a hill that emerges from the surface of the sea water? You can cross over to the Hiri Island off the coast of Sulamadaha with motor boat hire with rental fees of Rp 20.000. Travel by motorboat will be fleeting because the natural beauty under the sea in this beach can be clearly visible from the boat. If you intend to hike the hills on the Hiri Island, we recommend that you prepare yourself with supplies, and adequate supplies, such as tents, shoes, food, and so on.

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 To the left of the West from the coast of Sulamadaha, there is a Bay named Saomadaha Bay in the shape of a truncated pyramid. The beach is located in the Gulf of Saomadah has white sand, and at the base of its waters, there is a marine park so you can do the activity of snorkeling and diving. If you like to dive, unfortunately, you have to bring your own equipment. Because on this beach, there is no rental equipment for snorkeling and diving.

Best Time to Visit Sulamadaha Beach

The perfect time to visit the Sulamadaha Beach is in the dry season from April to September. In the months that you can enjoy the blue sky and the beauty of Sulamadaha Beach water. If you want to choose a holiday mood quiet and deserted, please avoid holiday season. Because on the weekends, this beach will be crowded with visitors.

How to get Sulamadaha Beach

If you want to try to enjoy the beauty of the beach of Sulamadaha, then you just need to drive a car or motorcycle to reach the Sulamadaha Beach. The Sulamadaha Beach is located only approximately 14 kilometers from the Centre of Ternate city you could use public transport, or a taxi ride will take about 1 hours heading into this Sulamadaha Beach area.

For those of you from outside Maluku can choose direct flights to Ternate. Usually, aircraft will transit shortly in Makassar or Manado, before continuing the flight to an airport Sultan Babullah, Ternate.

A little note for those of you who want to try crossing towards the Hiri Island is right across from the beach of Sulamadaha, then you could use a canoe or boat is widely available on the beach Sulamadaha. For the price of a vessel that can take you to the Hiri Island ranged in the price of Rp 20.000/person.

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