Waduk Sermo

Waduk Sermo - Yogyakarta is an area that is identical with many interesting sights. Many tourist attractions in the area of Yogyakarta and Gunung Kidul Regency most have beautiful natural attractions. Gunung Kidul presents various tourist attractions such as Parangtritis Beach, Indrayanti Beach, Kampung Edukasi, Tubing in Pindul Cave and so on.

Waduk Sermo

Waduk Sermo Kulon Progo

But this time we will discuss one of the tourist attractions located in one city in Yogyakarta that is Kulon Progo Regency. Natural attractions in Kulon Progo is Waduk Sermo ( Sermo Reservoir ). Location or location of this nature tourism is located in Dusun Sermo, Hargowilis Village, Kokap District, Kulon Progo Regency, Yogyakarta.

Waduk Sermo Kulon Progo was initiated on November 20, 1996, by then President Soeharto. The construction of Waduki Sermo conducted by the local government and cost up to 22 billion rupiahs. The construction of Waduk Sermo itself to supply the irrigation system of an area of 7,152 hectares in Kalibawang area. In addition, the construction of Waduk Sermo Kulon Progo also had to migrate as many as 100 families to Tak Toi Bengkulu area and 7 families to the Core Plantation of Riau Palm Oil. Bedol Desa (term transmigration bulk) is done by local government Kulon Progo Yogyakarta.

Natural Beauty Waduk Sermo

Waduk Sermo Wates really is a natural tour that is a very natural beauty. The beauty of Waduk Sermo Jogja you can enjoy along the 21 kilometers in the form of a circle and paved. In addition, you can also enjoy the beauty of Waduk Sermo Yogyakarta by water boat tour.

Many things can be done to just enjoy the natural beauty. You can express yourself by biking, jogging or even fishing at Waduk Sermo. You can also sit back with friends or lover to enjoy the view of the plateau that is there. Enjoying the coolness of the chilly air can also be done by sitting relaxed in the hovel around the reservoir.

The local government utilizes Waduk Sermo not only as a family vacation spot. But also as irrigation to irrigate rice field or place of the area around. There is also a management office Waduk Sermo who can provide complete information related this reservoir, whether it's history and so forth.

How to Get There

To go to Waduk Sermo is not difficult. Route. If you are planning to Sermo Reservoir and use public transportation, it is advisable to leave in the morning. This is because public transport has to wait a long time. The easiest route you can take to get to Waduk Sermo is via the Wates road. You can take a bus or rural public transport from the Wates market to get to this reservoir. Here we describe briefly some routes that you can go through.

Travel from the east: Jogja City - Wates Highway - Wates City Center (Wates Kulon Progo Square) - Go west through Wates Road Kokap. - To the location of the Sermo Reservoir (about 15 minutes)

Travel from West: Highway Purworejo Wates south path - Then Wates terminal turn left - Crossing railroads turn left - Wates Road toward Kokap - To Sermo Reservoir location (about 15 minutes)

By the way, if you are also traveling from Jogja to Jakarta or Bandung, Waduk Sermo can also be a resting place because Waduki Sermo Kulon Progo is very close to the main road and only takes fifteen minutes.

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